languageFor this matter, the students did not even go to class!

A major event for human survival

Today, more than 5000 people flood into Melbourne CBD

"Lying Dead"!

Students skipped classes to participate!

Traffic is completely paralyzed!

The scene was very shocking!

They only do one thing!

That is "environmental protection"!

Today, thousands of demonstrators came to the streets of Melbourne to protest and demonstrate, and a series of "tough" activities were held in the middle of Bourke St, which caused the government to take action against them.Tougher measures.

"Stand up, fight back" is the slogan of many environmentalists.

This slogan rang in London for a week, and was finally1065Was arrested, and the same thing happened on the streets of Melbourne today.

There are as many asMore than 5000 environmentalistsDemonstrations were assembled, and they caused a huge disturbance to the traffic of the entire city from 12 noon.

This protest mainly hopes that the federal government will declare a climate and ecological emergency, andReduce greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2025.

The organizers said in a statement: "The climate emergency is not a political issue, it is a scientific fact."

The protesters showed that they had walked from the parliament building to the intersection of Bourke St and Swanston St, and then lay down on the busiest section of Melbourne and began to pretend to be "dead" to represent extinction.

These protesters lay on the wet asphalt that was raining today and stretched almost towards Russell St.100 meter.

After about five minutes of silence, a gong sounded and aroused applause, indicating that the protests were going on again.Then they walked in the direction of Carlton Gardens and continued to protest.

Earlier, priest Bob Macquire gave a speech, and then the organizers of the event said that they "acted independently and resisted the global event of extinction"Unity. "

Alex R, a member of the organization, said that although the ground was wet, he was very concerned about the event.Very satisfied. "

In addition to ordinary protesters, many students even skipped school to participate in this event.

Although they are not old enough to vote for political activities, they still want to express their political views through protest.

10-year-old Elizabeth and 8-year-old Florence are a pair of sisters. They joined the protest with slogans drawn by them in their hands, which read "Because we worry that the earth is dying. "

Zeo, Jai, Ebony and Charlotte took part in the protests by skipping school.

Ebony said: "If we have nothing left on earth in a few years, what's the point of going to school on Friday?It’s not too much to skip a day of class to do something meaningful. "

Jai also believes that such protests are the only way to convey climate change messages to politicians.

"If they don't intend to listen, then we will at least convey the message like this."

There is also a 10-year-old Mimi Vale and her motherTook the train for three hoursJust came to the protest scene.

They live on a drought-torn farm in the small town of Toora. Mimi said she has witnessed the effects of climate change.

The grass doesn’t grow on her farm,She can only help her mother feed the cow by hand.

And she was born in the first two weeks of Black Saturday in 2009 and has experienced countless bushfires.

"If we don't act quickly, the world will end."

The 43-year-old artist and writer Abbie Harman said that she was disappointed by the results of the federal election and could only be forced to move forward to protect her children's future.

"I have two children under 10 years old, I only see oneNot suitable for their growing up environment. "

Residents north of Fitzroy say Australians need "Political decent"It is important for people to march to express their feelings.

"This is very important, but we need more support and action."

Six weeks ago, the evening rush hour traffic paralysis caused by the vegetarian protests in Melbourne was still vivid.

At that time, they did not notify the police in advance and jumped onto a truck, causing traffic chaos, 11 tram routes were directly paralyzed, and ambulances from 5 hospitals had to make detours.

Eventually, the police arrested39.

Victorian Police Commander Tim Hansen said the main concern for their troops in Melbourne was about "Fringe groups"May try to get into the protest team.

He said that after the victory in the federal election, the police have planned to improve their political activities.

The police warned in a statement that they wouldTake action against any offender.

"The Victorian Police are well-equipped and ready to deploy resources, respond and intervene when needed."


It seems that environmental protection is really important in the eyes of Australians!