Squeezed past narrow open-air tables and chairs, the mellow coffee aroma and low talk and laughter make you on the road distracted from time to time, as if you are inviting you to sit down and have a drink and talk. Here is a leisurely lane full of cafes and bars. Passing through the mosaic tiled floor on one side, fashionable models in the floor-to-ceiling windows on both sides of the street are beckoning to you, as if they are tempting you to buy the latest styles of this season. This is the fashionable alley where brand flagship stores gather; With the low eaves of the shops, the mouth-watering taste deep in the alley stimulates your senses and taste buds, as if you are announcing to you that the most delicious soup in the world has just been made, and here is a hidden gourmet restaurant. Laneway; stepping on the extremely slippery gravel road that has been polished for decades, the walls full of art graffiti and the faint classical music from the gallery seem to tell the history of the city, here is decorated with art and Literary alleyway for books.

The beauty of Melbourne's city lies in these lanes.



Food alleyways filled with coffee aroma, art alleyways lined with galleries and bookstores, fashionable alleyways full of brand flagship stores, modern art alleyways full of graffiti... have you ever been to these unique alleyways?


If you haven’t, let’s follow the official and Weijun to find those hidden alleys that are not known to everyone~


Rankins Lane

This art lane is located in the center of Melbourne CBD. You may have walked through it before you heard of it. Through the wall of creepers and graffiti, you will come to Manchester Press. There are always delicious coffee and snacks in this industrial art cafe, looking forward to those who understand her. Take a few more steps and you will smell the fragrance of Brother Baba Budan's coffee-this is a shop operated by the top bakery Seven Seeds.


■ ■■■■

Or, want to eat something to fill up?Let's have some spaghetti. Tipo 00 This shop is named after the high-quality Italian flour they use to make pasta.They not only provide delicious pasta, but also Italian cheese, macaroni and other delicacies, just around the corner of Little Bourke Street.After eating delicious food, you can also check out the luxurious cotton thread in Bassike, or order hair styling or makeup at Billie Jean to dress yourself up beautifully.


Guildford Lane

This is an old alley from the industrialization period of Melbourne CBD, but it has been gradually renovated. But don't worry, it is refurbished into a better look. The recent "Green Your Laneway" renovation project introduced green vegetation potted plants and artistic murals.

What followed were cafes. Just like Krimper, this cafe was originally a sawmill and then turned into a furniture factory. Now, it is no longer the smell of wood or paint, but the aroma of coffee beans. There is also Cat Café Melbourne, which brings together the blue-collar workers who gathered here before with delicious food.

Presgrave Place

I promise you will linger here once you have been here. People who come here for the first time will be attracted by the square picture frame on the wall. Walking on the street is like being in a small street art exhibition.

 Here is Melbourne’s smallest bar, Bar Americano. There are only 10 places in the store, so if you want to taste their exquisite old-style cocktails, come early.

Ridgway Place

On one side of this alley is an old red brick wall, and on the other side is the secret garden of Melbourne Club. Although it is difficult for most tourists to enter this membership club to find out, it can still be welcomed in other places here.

In a fun little cafe called "Liaison", you can quickly get sandwiches and coffee. In Sensory Lab, you can learn about many different coffee beans, brewing methods, and tasting records. Or in Lupino, you can also enjoy a relaxing glass of wine with a plate of snacks. Or, walk a minute from here to Mcllwraith Place to admire the parrot mural created by artist Scottie Neoh for 8 days.


Hardware Street

This one-block laneway has a cool atmosphere. If you want to explore it, I suggest you start with White Mojo. This is the best place to take photos of Ins style around. There are seasonal menus, such as Princess Hot Cake, which is a double feast of vision and taste.


Hardware Street Café is also a shop that caused a sensation on social media based on food.There are freshly baked Belgian waffles, scented bacon, and the most popular maple syrup/chocolate/strawberry ice cream. Hash Specialty Coffee and Roasters' marshmallow covered hot chocolate is also well received.


The Viking-themed restaurant and bar, which is very popular in Sydney, went south to Melbourne earlier this year. Mjolner Melbourne is named after Thor's powerful hammer. Here, you can drink mead with horns like a Viking, and you can also experience Scandinavian-style cocktails and whiskey. The food is mainly meat, and all meals are decorated with Nordic themes.


Do these secret but charming lanes arouse your desire to explore? If you want to find out, don’t miss the food and wine hidden deep in those alleys~


Asian cuisine at A'Beckett
■ ■■■■

In this literary and artistic district of Melbourne CBD, you can experience exotic cuisine. HWKR is a creative food gathering area.Here, you can order food with APP and experience Southeast Asian cuisine.There are day cafes and night bars, as well as four kitchens that rotate tenants every three months. You can experience one-stop Asian cuisine.In particular, the pop-up booth opened by the popular international food brand Indomie Instant Noodles will release the latest and exclusive flavors of noodles.


The legendary bar on Crossley Street

 Meyers Place is one of the pioneers of Melbourne's laneway bars. Unfortunately, the bar closed for some reason in 2017. Now, this legendary bar is back! About 200 meters away from the original shop site, a Meyers Place that looked very similar to the original was reopened. Most of the decorations are the same as before, even the huge concrete bar is reproduced. Such a rare rebirth of a legend deserves support.

Hot pot at Bourke Street

Eating hot pot on cold days is a great joy in life. At Mrs Zan's Kitchen, you are sure to find your favorite flavors and ingredients. The price is also very affordable, with meat, tofu, and lots of fresh vegetables. The thick soup base is endless.

Cafes in Katherine Place

After Hardware Street became the most popular cafe for ten years, The Hardware Societe extended its business to Katherine Place, where it opened a larger branch. Breakfast and lunch are served here, and dinner is served on Friday. It is a good choice to spend a leisurely weekend here.


Japanese cuisine in Degraves Street

Want to taste a wide variety of Japanese cuisine in Melbourne? Then come to Yuzu at Degraves. There are a wide variety of Japanese side dishes, Japanese dumplings, edamame, wakame and so on. Once here, you will fall in love with it.


Laneway activities of Yirramboi Festival

Melbourne’s aboriginal art and culture celebrations-Yirramboi Festival, held every two years, will be held in the streets and lanes on May 5. In Royal Lane, Aboriginal youth will show their latest collage culture, or you can go to the Freshies Block party in Hosier Lane. Designer Jaeden Williams is holding a fashion parade and looks forward to your visit.


Refreshments at Midcity Centre

Recently, the charm of milk tea has swept the city. At Heart of Tea, take a sip of a mixed drink of watermelon and white tea, or traditional teas such as green tea and oolong tea, and you will surely succumb to the fashion of this taste bud.


At Royal Custard Puff, you will taste the fragrant and soft snacks that surprise you. This small shop is hidden in shopping mall cosmetics shops and dumpling shops, you have to pay attention to find it.


Fine wine in Flinders Lane

Those who love wine should not miss this newly opened wine tasting venue. Denton Wine Bar is located at Flinders Lane 1, offering European flavors and excellent wines. Call three or five friends, let’s enjoy together~


Korean snacks on Sutherland Street

For those who want to taste Korean snacks, let Rainbow Toastie’s food to fill your meals with happy rainbow colors. It offers sweet potatoes and pizza, as well as raindrop cakes and baked ice cream. The small and fresh food style is very suitable for Ins style photography.

Food feast on Fulton Lane

In this newest food area near Queen Victoria Square, you can find food from all over the world. Jojo Little kitchen’s Malaysian noodle soup, Plus Eight FiveTwo Café’s bento and porridge, Oh My Brew’s milk tea drink, Mansae Korean BBQ’s barbecue and Korean side dishes... you have everything you want here.


Bagels at Punch Lane

Sit at the window table of Bobby's Coffee & Bagels, order a bagel appetizer, order pastrami, and taste the specialties here, accompanied by blackberry/thyme soda drinks.Experiencing food in the sun, put aside your fatigue and spend a relaxing day.


Through the maze-like nebula alleys, you will always encounter unexpected surprises, or strange and interesting graffiti on the wall, or a shop full of eccentric groceries, or a touch of book fragrance of romantic literature. Or a delicious meal with endless aftertaste. You will find that the cultural atmosphere of Melbourne is hidden under the eaves of the shops, among the cracks of bricks.


*Some images in the article are taken from the official website of the merchant mentioned in the article.