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Labor's future Asia plans to deepen Asian relations and expand

Today, the Labour Party confirmed its commitment in this regard through the FutureAsia strategy.

The Labour Party Shorten government will take the lead in changing Australia’s attitude and promote nationwide efforts to deepen and broaden Australia’s relations with Asia.

Prior to this, the Liberal Party had not been able to propose a comprehensive strategy or measures to expand Asian relations after many years of policy swings.

Expanding relations with Asia requires more than words. The government is required to work hard with businesses, education departments, industries and communities to deepen our ties and improve Australia’s capabilities in Asian affairs.

The Labor Party will implement a set of measures to realize the future Asia plan.

Whether it’s adjusting school curricula to improve Asian cultural level and understanding of cultural aspects, jointly formulating economic strategies with neighboring Asian countries, or conducting annual visits to our most important Asian trading partner countries, the Labor Party has formulated detailed and will bring real The results of the plan to effectively improve our relationship with the region.

A series of detailed measures in the future Asia plan will help achieve the following main goals:

•Building capacity reserves for Asian related issues, especially in our school system.
• Build deeper economic partnerships with neighboring countries.
• Build the ability to do business with Asia in Australia and expand our exports.
• Increase Australia's diplomatic footprint in our region.
• Build cultural understanding and related communication.
The Labour Party Shorten government will ensure that we fulfill our promises by submitting an annual report to Parliament.

The main policy measures of the future Asia plan include:

• The implementation of a nationwide Asian-related competency school program will support 5000 principals to understand the economic power of our region and what kind of workforce enterprises will need in the future.
• New Australian Asian Diaspora Program.
• Reinstate the Liberal Party’s cuts to the Asian Education Fund.
• Establish Australia-ASEAN Research Center.
•Improve economic and trade ties with the region through the regular Asia-Pacific Finance Ministers’ Meeting and the 2+2 Australia-Indonesia Finance and Trade Ministers’ Meeting.
•Cooperate with the Australian Institute of Company Directors to improve the Asian-related capabilities of Australian directors.
• Establishment of four new diplomatic institutions in the Indian Ocean-Pacific region.
• Provide 1500 million Australian dollars to strengthen the art and music exchanges between Australia and Asia.

Only the Labor Party can realize the strategy of creating better results with neighboring Asian countries, establishing foreign relations on the basis of mutual understanding and respect, and realizing the best interests for Australia and the region.
Authorized by Noah Carroll, Australian Labor Party, Canberra