The wealthy Chinese lost $4320 million in Australia. The background is exposed, "I am not bad at this money"

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Refusal to pay because of the flop issue. Is this reason a bit far-fetched?

In recent days, some Australian news media have been reporting a piece of news about 4320 million Australian dollars arrears:

The media broke the news that the 55-year-old Singaporean Wong Yew Choy (Wong Yew Choy) lost 4320 million Australian dollars at The Star Casino on the Gold Coast but refused to pay.

In late July 2018, Huang Yaozhe came to the Gold Coast to play baccarat at The Star Casino, which was recently renovated by Broadbeach. At the beginning, Huang Yaozhe handed the casino a cheque. The amount on it was huge enough to pay for any gambling.

During the few days in the casino, Huang Yaozhe lost an average of 860 million Australian dollars a day. However, when The Star Casino tried to pay with a cheque, he was told that the cheque was cancelled.

The reason is that Huang Yaozhe believes that the croupier of the casino violated the rules he specified when issuing the cards.

As usual, the croupiers of the casino must abide by the special playing rules of these rich men. Huang Yaozhe believes that only he can decide when to reveal his hole cards, but the croupiers of The Star Casino help him in advance without his permission. The flop.

After Huang Yaozhe expressed his dissatisfaction, the senior casino official apologized for the behavior, but Huang Yaozhe said,A senior casino official promised him that he would forgive his gambling debts.

This was denied by The Star Casino. The casino table believed that although the croupier's flop did not follow Huang Yaozhe's preferences, it did not cause any loss to his money.

Huang Yaozhe’s refusal to pay gambling debts has caused great losses to the casino. The Star has now filed a legal action in the Singapore High Court.

Huang Yaozhe is a rich man in Singapore and the chairman of Celton Manx. He has a large number of industries in the Philippines and runs an online gambling platform. He has sponsored the Premier League and is very famous in the local area.

Many people said,4320 million Australian dollars is just a small number for Huang Yaozhe. What he is not satisfied is that the casino has broken his own rules.

Huang Yaozhe’s attorney also stated that his employer is a businessman with a high reputation. He has his own gambling habit. He will only turn over the cards on the poker table when he is willing, but the casino staff destroyed it. This rule. Therefore, Huang Yaozhe refused to pay for gambling.

At present, this case has entered the trial stage. The gambling debt of 4320 million Australian dollars was refused to pay because of the flop issue. Is this reason a bit far-fetched?

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