The day before yesterday, at 5:3 pm on May 1, a serious crash occurred in Tooradin, southeast of Melbourne. The light aircraft was about to land at Tooradin Airport 15 minutes after taking off from Moorabbin Airport. A gust of wind caused it to deviate from its course and finally fell. He fell into a ditch next to the track.

Fortunately, the flight, including the driver and two Chinese tourists on vacation, was fine. Even more surprising is that after the female tourist escaped from the dead, she immediately took out her camera and took a picture with the wreckage of the plane. She couldn't help but sigh: "Really so optimistic!"

At present, the two Chinese tourists have been properly placed by the Victorian Ambulance Center.

An eyewitness said in an interview: "When the plane landed, it was not stable. The left wing hung on the lawn and then fell into the ditch."

A Victorian Police spokesperson claimed in an interview: "It was a miracle that the three of them survived. They did a great job."

The cause of the accident is still under investigation.

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