//Foreword// :

Australia’s eye-catching general election,

It can be said to be the hottest topic in the city today.

After the victory of the Liberal Party,

Not only Morrison smiled.

Supporters of the Liberal Party even celebrated by drinking all night.

The Labor Party "accidentally" lost the election,

Xueton also resigned from his position as leader of the Labour Party.

In the speech:

Sorry, Hawke.

Let the following Labour Party supporters cry like rain.

Some people are happy, some are worried...

1.The loser is not the heart, but the money

Labour Party Supporters "Unexpected"After losing to the Liberal Party,

They can only cry,

On the one hand, drinking to dissipate sorrow.

(Image source: Daily Mail)

Many people covered their eyes and looked depressed, not wanting to face the result.

(Image source: Daily Mail)

In a Melbourne bar, Labour Party supporters leaned against each other, looking very disappointed.

(Image source: Daily Mail)

Among them, there is a supporter who stands out as the worst loser of the Labour Party:

According to SBS reports, an international gaming agency confirmed on the 18th thatAn anonymous male from NSW bet $100 million on "Labor Party won the election."

This is also the betting agency LadbrokesThe biggest bet in history.

After the general election, the money from this hapless Australian man is nowLost moneyUp...

Also unlucky is the following oneA $85 betAustralian man.

(Image source: YAHOO)

I wanted to make some quick money by this,

But I didn't expect that the huge sums of money would go directly to the water!

These two buddies are now crying in their arms!

But the king of misfortunes and the gaming company Sportsbet:

Because they transferred 130 million Australian dollars in advance,

For customers who can win the Labor Party,

Now I am trying to recover the losses as much as possible.

It can be said that a cool song was given to all those who held the Labor Party to win.

2.Liberal Party's re-election immigration policy continues to tighten

It’s not just the supporters of the Labour Party.

For the Chinese,

The Liberal Party’s re-election also illustrates:

Immigration policies will be further tightened,

It is imperative to go to the mountains and the countryside!

(Image source: Daily News)

According to Morrison’s plan,New immigrants will be forced out of Sydney and Melbourne, Overseas workers will be required to settle in areas outside Sydney and Melbourne for five years,Among them, the Chinese community is most affected.

(Image source: Daily News)

The mandatory visa conditions for traveling to remote areas will be used for skilled immigration applicants that are not related to the region, such as employer-sponsored and family immigrants.

The number of immigrants affected by this new policy will reach 45% of the total number of immigrants!

(Image source: Daily News)

Moreover, those who try to violate the visa conditions will be cancelled if they are found, and even lose the right to apply for citizenship.

To assist"Going up the mountains to the countryside"The implementation of the policy, Morrison introduced a series of immigration policies.

1. In the next 4 years, the annual quota of permanent immigrants will be reduced from 19 to 16;

It will also force some skilled immigrants to settle outside Sydney and Melbourne.

(Image source: Daily Mail)

· In the next four years, there will be only 16 immigration quota (originally 19)

· Two new types of visas for remote areas will be added, which will occupy 2 quotas

· Students studying in remote areas can get a 1 visa for one more year (originally 485-2 years depending on the degree of education)

· The quota loss of 189 independent skilled immigrants was the largest, reduced from 43,990 to 18,652, a reduction of more than 50%.


2. Modify the scoring system for skilled immigrants and add visas for remote areas;

The coalition government has revised the current scoring system for skilled immigrants. Among them, spouses have the biggest change in bonus points. Singles can get 10 points. The state responsibility and relative guarantees can add 15 points, and the STEM degree bonus points are increased to 10 points.

The latest scoring table is expected to be implemented on November 2019, 11.

The most influential is the 189 independent skilled immigration applicants who are trying to score pointsAccording to the current immigration policy, it is recommended that you prepare in advance and start studying or working in remote areas to prepare for the new visa requirements.

3 new visas for remote areas have been added:

· The 491 visa will replace the existing 489 visa.

· The new 494 visa will replace the existing 187 visa.

· Both visas have access to permanent residence-191 visas have been added.


The new remote area visa will require applicantsAfter living in a remote area for 3 yearsOnly then can apply for permanent residence.

The government may introduce more jobs to guarantee the state governments in remote areas.

The government will strengthen the control of visas in remote areas. Those who do not comply with the visa terms will face the dilemma of visa cancellation or even deportation.

3. Introduce the 870 temporary residence visa for parents;


The relevant details mainly include:

· 15,000 quotas per year;

· The visa fee is $3 for 5,000 years, $5 for 10,000 years, and $10 for 20,000 years;

· The guarantor’s tax declaration income must reach $83454.80 Australian dollars;

· Only one pair of parents can be sponsored at a time;

· Cannot renew the visa in China.

4. Assist in "going up to the mountains to the countryside" and encouraging policies in remote areas.

In order to implement policies in remote areas, the government has also added some additional preferential policies to attract foreign students.

If 1000 scholarships are provided, studying in remote areas may receive scholarships of up to 1.5 Australian dollars. In addition, students who graduated in remote areas will receive a 485 visa one year longer than those in non-remote areas if they apply for a 485 visa after graduation.

The 2-year 485PSW visa that most students applied for will be extended to 3 years.

In addition to expand the scope of remote areas, areas outside Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Perth are all remote areas;

Other incentive policies include: additional 15 points for state responsibility and relative guarantees in remote areas; undergraduate or postgraduate courses in remote areas and residence requirements can apply for a second 2 visa;

3.Housing prices are expected to rise, and various proposals will be implemented soon

In the earlier proposal of the Liberal Party,Morrison will increase infrastructure to meet housing requirements after his re-election, and will retain the controversial negative tax deduction.

This policy is extremely beneficial to real estate investors and is also a key target of the Labor Party.

The Liberal Party keeps it in the hope of reversing the downward trend in the Australian housing market.

In addition, the Liberal Party will implement:The first-home loan down payment plan will be implemented on January 1 next year.

Individuals with an annual income of no more than A$12.5 or a partner with an annual income of no more than A$20, if they are buying a home for the first time, only need to pay a 5% down payment instead of buying mortgage insurance.

Instead, the government will guarantee the difference (5%) between the 20% down payment and the bank's 15% down payment;

At the same time, the Liberal Party stated that its policy will not increase interest rates.

It can be said that in order to save the downward trend in housing prices, the Liberal Party will give investors preferential treatment, which will certainly further stimulate the demand for investment and purchase of houses.

In addition, Morrison increased the construction of transportation infrastructure.

Invisibly give more help to rising housing prices!

(Image source: Daily Mail)

From the announced infrastructure budget,Invest 1000 billion to improve transportation infrastructure:

Including Queensland Brisbane Metro, Gold Coast Light Rail, North Coast Railway, NSW Western Sydney Railway, Melbourne Airport Railway Line, Monash Railway Line, upgrade of the dual-track railway line from Frankston to Baxter, Flinders Train in South Australia Electrification of the line and the Adelaide Gawler line, Perth rail network, Canberra Metro.

In addition, the Urban Congestion Fund (Urban Congestion Fund) received a 30 billion grant increase;

With soft demand being stimulated and hard supply strengthening simultaneously, it is possible that Australian house prices will rise sharply in the future!

4.List of other policy outlines

In addition to immigration and housing prices, which are most concerned by the Chinese,

The Liberal Party has other propositions that are closely related to people's livelihood.

1. Medical treatment:

Hospitals: The Liberal Party agreed to increase funding for public hospital services by 45%.

Cancer: I deny that patients in public hospitals are facing the dilemma of out-of-pocket treatment for cancer, but I also proposed that if the budget next year is sufficient, it is not ruled out that the relevant policies of the Labor Party will be considered.

Private medical insurance: Simplify private medical insurance into four categories and provide a 10% discount for young policyholders, but the tax rebate subsidy for private medical insurance has been reduced from 30% to 25%.

Medical subsidies: Starting in 2020, the Liberal Party promised that pensioners must have a prescription to buy free medicines, reducing from 80 types in the past to 60 types, saving 80 Australian dollars a year. The number of drugs that ordinary patients must have a prescription to buy has been reduced from 38 in the past to 36, saving 70 Australian dollars a year. Promise that as long as the drug is recommended by the government's independent drug advisory committee, it will give drug purchase subsidies.

General Practitioner Care: The Liberal Party will end the five-year freeze on Medicare subsidies in July, and will spend A$7 million to support general practitioners in providing collaborative care for people over 4.485.

2. Education:

Funding: 4.53 million will be allocated to extend the 15-hour pre-school education for children for another year.

Private: Religious and private schools will receive 4 million Australian dollars in additional funds within 5 years to upgrade their infrastructure;

Teachers: allocate 20 billion Australian dollars to hire 4600 new teachers;

Schools: 170 schools were built and renovated.

Quota: If re-elected for 3 terms, there will be an increase of 2300 pre-school education quotas for children aged 3 to 4.

Facilities: Spend 5 million Australian dollars to install air conditioners in 5 schools in the next 1000 years;

3. Taxation: A similar personal income tax relief plan will be introduced in the short term:


At last,

The election is over,

Life has to go on.

The promulgation and implementation of the New Deal is imminent,

The Chinese must be prepared!