Why is it called China,

Most explanations are related to Jingdezhen porcelain,

Of course

After reading this article

I was speechless...

People eat for food.

How much do the Chinese like to eat? Feel it together:

Why do you think China is called china?

(chi na)

Maybe so many universities in the world,

Only at the gate of Chinese universities

There will be a street for snacks.

Regardless of Taiwan, or Tibet and Xinjiang,

An inch and a centimeter of land cannot be used,

Who knows what delicious food can grow on top

I love eating to describe everything:

Work is not called work, it is called rice bowl.

Dismissal is not called dismissal, but fired.

Jealousy is jealous,

Take advantage of tofu,

Was sued and called a lawsuit,

Taking advantage of others is called rebates,

I didn't meet anyone who asked to stay behind closed doors.

When I have no money, I want to describe it as eating soil!

Tell yourself, do Chinese like to eat?

As an invasive species,

Crayfish are sweeping across China,

Actually reduced to rely on artificial breeding to survive...

If foreign species successfully invade China,

It must be because it is not tasty.

In my life,

The only thing that can't be put down,

It's chopsticks.

One person in the dormitory woke up at night,

All the people in the dormitory are hungry.

I rummaged through the dormitory and couldn't find food, and the supermarket closed again.

We can't help it

The remaining three packs of Banlangen rushed, and the six drank among them.

There must be no mermaid in the world,

Otherwise, its practice and taste will be recorded in history.

In order to celebrate the Spring Festival, the Chinese invented dumplings.

To spend the Lantern Festival, the Chinese invented glutinous rice balls.

To live Qingming, the Chinese invented the Youth League.

To spend the Dragon Boat Festival, the Chinese invented Zongzi.

To celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival, the Chinese invented moon cakes.

In order to survive Laba, the Chinese invented Laba porridge


How many people take cheese trap

Looks like a cheese pie...

There was a website that said

There is a beach jellyfish flooding abroad. Ask what to do.

Chinese netizens looked very anxious: cold salad!

I believe that the texture and taste of the corner of the red scarf,

Many people can't forget.

The Chinese characters for cooking are the most.

Steam, boil, torture, boil, boil, boil,

Shabu, boiling, blanching, broiling, braising, sauce,

Wind, wax, smoke, bad, drunk, stuffed...

And the Chinese characters beside the series of fire characters:

Stir-fry, stew, cook, burn, explode, deep-fry,

Braised, braised, braised, braised, braised, braised,

Blanch, simmer, bake, stew, stir, roast.

For Tang monk meat,

The monsters starred in a Journey to the West.

There are many excellent documentaries in China,

However, only "China on the Tip of the Tongue" was dug out.

Every street and alley,

In everyone’s mouth,

The first sentence of the meeting, have you eaten yet?

After all, a crayfish has:

Spicy, spicy, stir-fried, deep-fried, oily, soy sauce,

Stir-fried shallots, salt and pepper, steamed, sautéed, boiled, braised in brown sauce,

Boiled, iced, brine, tomato sauce, fish fragrant, garlic fragrant,

Wine aroma, five spices, thirteen aroma...

Various ways of eating.

Open a pack of snacks in the classroom,

It's like feeding pigeons in People's Square.

In our country, things are divided into three categories,

Eaten directly,

It looks edible,

You have to find a way to eat it.

I am a person of uncertain temperament,

Asked me to borrow nine yuan, it doesn’t matter if I don’t repay it.

But if I take a piece from my nine-dollar maltese chicken wings,

I have to fight you forever...

"Say, what else can you do besides eating?"

"I will still be hungry."

Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit the snake gave them,

Was punished by God!

Was expelled from the Garden of Eden, so there are humans.

If Adam and Eve are Chinese,

That being eaten...

It should be the snake.

A scientific report said:

Crater near the Cayman Islands

A white blind shrimp was found, which can heat up to 450°.

My first reaction was:

The boiling water must be undercooked,

It can only be fried.

Introduce a few Chinese songs to everyone:

Tao Zhe: Kung Pao Chicken

Jolin Tsai: The taste of popcorn

Yu Chengqing: Egg Fried Rice

Wang Rong: Boiled fish

Jay Chou: Maltose

Supremacy: Cotton Candy

Gigi Leung: Please eat cookies

Even "ugly" can be said to be "eat lotus root",

Do you think the Chinese are obsessed with eating?

I started counting sheep at night when I couldn't sleep:

One sheep, two sheep, three sheep,

Pleasant sheep, beautiful sheep, lazy sheep,

Boiling sheep, little sheep, Haidilao,

Sesame sauce, small ingredients, enoki mushroom, shrimp paste, wide noodles,

Kelp, bean sprouts, large conch, chrysanthemum, spinach...

TMD, go downstairs! Don't sleep anymore! ! !

Lick the lid with yogurt,

Eating potato chips and licking hands,

Eat spicy strips and lick the bag.

Nothing in the world

It is a barbecue that cannot be solved.

If so, then two meals.

The pictures I often see in the news are:

The leaders visited the countryside,

Then went directly into the kitchen of someone else’s house,

Open the lid to see what others eat.

You eat to live,

We live to eat.

Look at the lives of Europeans and Americans,

Our gap is still quite large.

People are plagued by carp at every turn,

Crayfish are plagued, river crabs plagued...

In our country, locusts dare not gather together,

Because more than ten will be fried into dishes.

There is a sentence in "China on the Bite of the Tongue"

Unforgettable so far:

After eating morning tea,

Her main task is to prepare dinner.

"Imperialism wants to carve up the land left by the ancestors."

"Wait, why do they divide sweet potatoes..."

In the dormitory, money will not be lost on the table.

The potato chips disappeared when they came back from the table.

National problem

What to eat for lunch! ? what's for dinner! ?