Melbourne developer Zealous Group went bankrupt, and many unfinished apartment and townhouse projects have been abandoned.

The company has projects in Bentleigh, Brighton and Hampton. Last Friday, the company was appointed by the Federal Court as a liquidator for liquidation. Zealous has stopped trading and employees have been fired.

The work stoppage started a few weeks ago, and buyers will have to cover their losses through insurance claims. The dream of buying a home needs to be postponed.

The group also won the first prize in the 2016 Housing Industry Association of Australia (HIA) terrace house/villa development category.

Steller, another real estate development company, is also selling assets because the company's two co-founders decided to disband. Steller has many medium and large apartment building projects in Melbourne's southeast. Last year, projects worth 40 billion Australian dollars are in preparation.

Now, as many as 76 construction team employees have been fired.

A few happy couples.

Eight owners on Shipley St, Box Hill, Central Melbourne, jointly sold real estate.

It was finally bought by Alex Zhang of Zynergy Property for A$1410 million.

These 8 red brick houses occupy a total area of ​​2061 square meters and sell for nearly A$7000 per square meter.

The population of the City of Whitehorse, where Boxhill is located, will increase from the current 2036 to around 1.25 by 22,850.

Recently, real estate developer Golden Age Group's Sky One apartment building project in Box Hill is about to be completed.

Another new project called "Sky Village" that they plan to complete here in the next three years has caused concern and opposition from some local people and city councilors.

Whitehorse City Councillor Blair Barker said that after seeing the introduction of this project, many residents thought that some of the new uses of the project proposed by the developer were very different from the plan approved by the city government at the time, and they needed to restart their planning permit (planning permit). Application.


The twin towers will have three floors and a total of more than 3 square meters of retail space; a "Hawker Hall" (Hawker Hall) will be built on the basement floor to sell Chinese food. In addition, the project also includes the construction of new Chinese schools, bookstores, Chinese and Western medicine clinics and nurseries in the surrounding area.

Shengshi Group named this commercial and cultural area "New Tangli", plans to build it into Melbourne's second Chinatown.

The Baima Municipal Government issued a planning permit for the "Sky Village" project in July 2017.

But now some people think that the original plan "completely did not" mention the intention of the development project to become a new cultural landmark.

Some residents worry that the additional plans will bring parking and traffic problems, and feel that the future Box Hill will be even more lacking in "rich cultural diversity."

A survey report recently received by the Whitehorse City Government showed that when a large number of interviewees talked about the Box Hill area, they “believe that several cultural groups dominate the area and obliterate Melbourne’s cultural diversity. They hope that local shops and restaurants can showcase a variety of cultures.

Shengshi Group said that for additional construction projects not included in the permit, they will seek additional approval.

On June 6th, there were not many real estate auctions on the long weekend. In terms of clearance rate,

Sydney 54%, total auction price $77,425,999

Median price $1,206,000

Melbourne 60%, total auction price $45,660,900

The median price is $750,000.