The Sydney police issued a wanted warrant, looking for four suspects, including an Asian man, and hoped that the public would provide clues. The four people are related to the illegal drug and gun supply case in Tamworth.

In August 2018, the police established Strike Force Radius to combat drug crimes. So far, 8 people have been charged. As the investigation continues, the police issued arrest warrants for the following four men.

Hayden Lansdown, 23,White, about 180 cm tall, thin body, brown hair, blue eyes;

Phu Van Lam, 32 years old, Asian, about 175 cm tall, thin body, black hair, brown eyes, often appear in Cabramatta and Sadlier areas;

Ashley Hoye, 41, White, about 185 cm to 190 cm tall, strong build, brown hair, blue eyes.

21-year-old Ethan Johnson, White, strong build, brown hair, often appear in Tamworth, Narrabri and Moree.

The Oxley Police Department appealed to the public to provide clues. If you see it, don't approach it, but call 000 immediately.