It is said that in daily life, it is inevitable to get sick occasionally. and soA common cold, runny nose,Coughing and sneezing, For many people, it is a common thing, not a big thing.

"These minor illnesses, drink plenty of hot water and take some medicine at most. It won't be long before they will get better."This is probably the Buddhist philosophy that many people have upheld.

However, it’s our not-so-correct concept,

It may cause serious consequences to our body.

No, according to a report in "YAHOO! NEWS", a young girl in Australia who was only in her 20s was just because of her usual thoughts.Caused his ordinary wind and cold to be out of control, and finally lost his voice overnight and became mute.

"Daily Mail": why youCan't ignore a common cold: After a 28-year-old girl caught a cold, she became a dumb for 8 months...

"YAHOO! NEWS": Women inAfter a common cold, 8Can’t make a sound...
A cold that lasted for a few months

This time the cold has to start in 2016,One day in May, Kaitlyn Grace, a young girl who was only 5 years old, felt that she had accidentally contracted a wind chill.As always, her nose was blocked and her nose kept running, so Grace didn't take this cold to heart.

So I got a cold,Grace continues to stick to her job, Occasionally my throat is dry and itchy, so drink a few more glasses of water. Because I am busy at work,She didn't take any medicine, and resolutely felt that it would not take long for her cold to get better.

But things are not that simple...

The persistence of this cold,It's been a few months. Grace still kept coughing, mucus, and occasionally dizziness. Even myself, who was not worried at all, started to be a little worried.Why hasn't the cold been cured for so long this time?

However, she did not expect

More terrifying things are yet to come.

Suddenly lost my voice one day

It’s been a few months and the cold is not over. Suddenly one morning, Grace just woke up to speak.I found that I had to work hard to suffocate a few words, and my voice completely changed, deep and hoarse...

"I tried very hard to say what I wanted to say, but everyone couldn't hear it, and I can't blame them. I really felt very discouraged at that time."

After a few hours,

She found that she was completely speechless...

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