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"Hold your hand, grow old with your son; have a great bond between life and death, and talk with him"

It is not difficult to accompany for a while, but it is difficult to accompany for a lifetime;

It is not difficult to love for a year, but it is difficult to love for a lifetime.

A couple who have been together for 73 years,

Tell everyone with their stories:

You have to believe in love, and you have to marry love.


Who said that true love is hard to find in the world? Who said that love will be totally different in the end?

This couple who have been in love for 73 years and moved the whole world will tell you that there is a kind of love in this world that is not only worthy of time, but also worthy of life and death.

Time goes back to 1944At that time, George was still a navy, handsome, and popular with the opposite sex.

The second from left is George ▼

Therefore, when he heard his mother arranged a blind date for himself, George's first thought was to refuse: "I am too busy to spare any time."

After all, in the eyes of George at the time, how could such a thing as a blind date meet true love?

But he really couldn't stand his mother's repeated requests, so he took time out and decided to meet the girl named "Shirley".

It was this meeting that opened the prelude to the second half of their lives.

When George saw Shirley for the first time, his whole body was dumbfounded:

The girl is so bright and dazzling that she can't look away after only one glance.

He realized that he fell in love at first sight with the girl he met for the first time.

Maybe love is like this, what is needed is not waiting, but just the right time. There is no one step earlier, and there is no one step late. When you meet, you are right.

George immediately began to act. First, he took the initiative to break contact with other girls, and then began to "stalk" Shirley again, vowing to marry her home.

This is probably, "Before meeting you, I never thought about getting married. After meeting you, I never thought about getting married again."

So, on the 6th day that they met, George and Shirley got married.

In the eyes of many people, a flash marriage is too impulsive and unreliable.

But George and Shirley's marriage unexpectedly exceeded everyone's expectations. Not only did they not separate, they were more loving.

First year of marriage, Shirley and George, like all newlyweds, eat, chat and attend parties. They are always in pairs, wishing to get tired of each other every second.

Tenth marriageEven if he was busy, George would take time to accompany Shirley to go shopping, talk about music, drink coffee, and always have endless words.

XNUMXth year of marriage, The two gave birth to 4 children, and their small family grew day by day, but they had never quarreled once, time went back and forth, and still loved each other as before.

XNUMXth year of marriage, Shirley looked at George's eyes, as if she had seen it for the first time, with unconcealed joy.

Seventieth year of marriage, No matter where they go, two people must tighten each other's hands at all times, as if everything in this world cannot separate the two.


They all say that it depends on whether the couple is affectionate or not, just by looking at their eyes and movements.

Just like George and Shirley, love can be seen everywhere from their eyes facing each other, from the hands clasped tightly to each other, from the corners of their mouths that rise when they see each other, and they can't hide them.

Some people say that marriage is the grave of love, because no matter how you love each other before marriage, once you fall into daily life, you will immediately become inertia and gradually wear away.

But for George and Shirley, marriage not only does not kill love, but also makes love last forever.

Every year’s wedding anniversary is George’s most important holiday.

No matter how busy or tired he is, he always prepares gifts for his wife in advance, and every year has been different for seventy-three years.

This year, he specially prepared a large handful of pink roses he planted, because in his mind, that is the appearance of his wife Shirley.

"Don't worry about the coming of age, because no matter how the years leave wrinkles on your face, to me, you will always look like a girl when you first saw you."

Shirley is the same.

Every year on George's birthday, she would wake up early, make birthday cakes by herself, buy birthday gifts, and have a simple but warm birthday for her husband.

In her opinion, there is nothing in marriage that can express her infinite love more than staying with George for year after year.

Han Han once said that the so-called love is actually companionship, nothing else. Looking at the marriage of George and Shirley, you can understand the meaning of this sentence.

It is not difficult to accompany for a while, but it is difficult to accompany for a lifetime; to love for a year is not difficult, but it is difficult to love for a lifetime.

The best state of marriage is probably that no matter how the years have changed, and the vicissitudes of appearance, as long as you are by my side, I don't need to envy anyone.


Unfortunately, the years have never spared anyone.

As the days passed, aging and disease also began to fall on George and Shirley.

94-year-old Shirley suffered from arthritis. Her hands were swollen to purple. In severe cases, she could not fall asleep all night long.

At this time, George gently put Shirley in his arms, patted her on the shoulder tenderly, quietly comforted her, and said how much he loved her.

But Shirley’s disease has not been spared: In 2016, Shirley suffered a heart attack and was once severe enough to be taken to the operating room for rescue.

George was so frightened that he guarded outside the ward door without eating or drinking, tears crying like a child.

"I beg you not to go, don't leave me alone, if I can hurt you, it will be fine."

Shirley, who was rescued from the death line, was extremely sad when she saw such a husband:

"I dreamed that someone was pulling my body into the bottom of the lake, but suddenly I remembered you. I haven't accompany you for a meal or a walk. I told that person that I would never leave George and go alone."

Finally, after Shirley was out of danger, George began to be hospitalized frequently again.

At that time, the couple who had gone hand in hand for 73 years finally realized that death was approaching themselves step by step.

Are you afraid of death? In the 90-odd years of life, I have experienced everything that should be experienced, and have experienced everything that should be experienced. Thinking about it, there is actually no regret.

I just can’t imagine how much courage and strength the other person should have if one of them goes first to survive the next years...

"Just treat me as a coward, because I really can't live without you. I can't lose you, let alone watch you leave."

George picked a sunny day and took Shirley for a walk.

They walked very slowly, and it was not until the end of the walk that George asked, "If you can, would you like to leave with me?"

Shirley just smiled after listening, and answered him, "Why do you say everything I want to say."

The world is unpredictable. I am really afraid that you will leave me alone, so I decided to leave with you so that we have always been together.


At that time, Canada had passed the "Doctor-Assisted Death Legalization". After evaluation, the two elderly people met the requirements for euthanasia.

This year, George was 95 years old and Shirley was 94 years old.

They decided to hold each other's hands as they did 73 years ago and bid farewell to the world gracefully and bravely.

George took Shirley to their favorite restaurant first. The candlelight flickered and the music fluttered, as romantic as their love.

Life is only a few short decades, and being loved by one wholeheartedly like this is no regrets or regrets.

After obtaining the consent of the children, George and Shirley held a party at home for the last time, and their sons, grandsons, and great-grandsons came back from all over the world.

George and Shirley were surrounded by the children, with contented smiles on their faces.

In this life, I have raised my own children, and watched the children marry wives and children, and have a successful career. The mission of being a parent is finally completed.

When people reach a certain age, they will know that there are many people who will accompany you through this life, but only a few will accompany you through it.

Children will fly far away, friends will drift away, and only the person next to the pillow will stay with them.

But now, George and Shirley are finally able to write the perfect ending for the couple.

George took Shirley's hand tightly and looked straight into her eyes, "Honey, are you ready?"

Shirley kissed him back affectionately, "You are ready, I'll be ready."

Under the blessing of the children, they helped each other into the bedroom, lay down hand in hand, and asked the doctor to inject the medicine into their arms through a vein.

Mozart's music floated in the room, the music the two heard when they first met.

"You know? This is my favorite music in my life, because on my first date, I just listened to this song and fell in love with you."

For more than half a century, every year, every day and every minute I spent with you, I was very happy.

Then George said softly to the standing children, "We love you."

In the sound of music, he turned his gaze back to his wife again, the two clasped their hands and stared at each other, the fragments of each other flashed through his mind, everything was silent...

"Affection does not know where it arises, and it goes deep; the living can die, and death can live."

In reality, there are too many marriages that have not experienced childbirth, aging, disease, and death before they are already shaky. A marriage letter, each oath, is even more flimsy.

And they spent nearly a century in love with a right person;

It took a whole life time to explain what love is, even if it reaches the end of life, it still refuses to let go of holding hands.

Let their stories give you confidence in you who are struggling to persevere, hope for you who once had no choice but to give up, and determination for you who are looking forward to the future.

You have to believe in love, and you have to marry love.

You have to believe that even after all the hardships, there will eventually be someone who will grow old with you until the white head.

The mountains have no mausoleums, the rivers are exhausted, the thunderstorms in winter, the rains and snow in summer, the heaven and the earth are united, but I dare to be in love with you.

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