The news of Guo Degang's immigration to Australia has been heated up again recently.

Since February 2013, 2, Guo Degang has posted on Sina Weibo,"As a Chinese citizen with Tianjin registered permanent residence, I officially announced that the Australian branch of Deyun News Agency has been established and the first overseas Deyun Society will settle in Melbourne.". The news about Guo Degang's immigration has never been cut off.

Later, there were news reports that Guo Degang bought wineries and mansions in Melbourne, and more and more people questioned Guo Degang's admission of Australian citizenship.

And he himself only responded, and he is still of Chinese nationality. Later, someone said that Guo Degang may have obtained the status of permanent residence in Australia, and he did not respond positively.

Over the years, this "mystery" still exists.

Recently, some netizens came to the conclusion that after some research,The probability that Guo Degang has become an Australian citizen is zero, but the probability of holding Australian permanent resident (PR) status is almost 100%.

Well-known bloggers broke the news a long time ago on this matter:

Guo Degang's luxury villa in Melbourne exposed

It is reported that the registration information of the company named DEYUNSHE PTY.LTD. and simple information of the company holder can be found on the official website of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission.

The page shows that one of the company's registrants is Hui Wang, and according to the birth place (Tianjin, China) in the information, it should be Guo Degang's wife Wang Hui.

The page also shows HuiWang's address in Melbourne.This property is located in the Templestowe district and occupies an area of ​​4009 square meters.The house covers an area of ​​600 square meters. There are 2 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms and 4 parking spaces on the second floor. There is also a standard tennis court, an open-air swimming pool and a large open grassland outdoors.The last time it changed hands was in 2012, and the transaction price was 222 million Australian dollars.

It can be seen at the scene that this property is located on a small hillside together with the surrounding households. The environment is quiet and the view is wide. It can overlook the famous scenic spot of Melbourne Dandenong Mountain.

In fact, Templestowe is a low-density area with upper winds in Melbourne.

Some real estate managers even said: “Those who are willing and able to buy properties in this area are real local tyrants. If the family does not have one or two tennis courts, no swimming pool, and no two horses, they would be embarrassed to greet their neighbors when they go out.” .

According to the size of the plot and the infrastructure configuration, Guo Degang's property belongs to the middle level in this area. Its current market price should be around 250 million Australian dollars (about 1250 million yuan).

Guo DegangXNUMX% has become a permanent resident of Australia

Here is the first to popularize Australia's housing policy:Australia has relatively strict regulations and review mechanisms for overseas people (that is, not Australian citizens or Australian permanent residents) buying properties in Australia.Overseas residents can only buy new houses or off-plan properties (off-plan) and cannot buy so-called second-hand houses.

And the property mentioned earlierBuilt in 1987 and changed owners several times——This alone is enough to prove that when Guo Degang and his wife bought a houseAlready have permanent residency in Australia.

So what kind of permanent (long-term) residence (stay) visa did Guo Degang get?

There is news that points to the legendary "tyrant visa", that is, the Significant Investor Visa (Significant Investor Visa). This visa requires applicants to make major investments in Australia with a total amount of not less than 500 million Australian dollars. Given Guo Degang's wealth, it is natural to come up with this number. The problem is that this visa was issued slightly later than Guo Degang's purchase of real estate in Melbourne, so it is not acceptable.

It's another way of saying-Distinguished Talent Visa, More reasonable.This visa mainly requires applicants to have outstanding achievements in professional occupations, art, sports or academic research, and can be proven.

With Guo Degang's influence in China's cross talk market today and his activity and exposure in various media, it is not difficult to meet these two points.

Having said that, in recent years, more and more domestic well-known and high-net-worth individuals have chosen to immigrate to Australia.

I have to explain that Australia does have its unique charm and value.

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