61 simulation stocks competition is coming again~
The excitement of the first simulated stock trading competition is vivid
This competition is an extra upgrade

MT5 trading platform
More than 200 ways to play in the top XNUMX Australian stocks
Should not be missed
...... ..

This is a big hunt among the masters
This is the best choice for novices
Looking forward to the outstanding talents!

Only 50 investors can participate! ! !

"Sign up": From now until June 2019, 6
"game": April 2019-June 7, 1
"Result announcement": Three working days after the game

competition rules:
1. Through a simulated trading account, use the pre-charged $50,000 virtual start-up fund to trade Australian stocks
2. The end of the event period will be ranked according to the earnings in the participant’s account
3. The right of final interpretation belongs to 61Financial & Go Markets Pty Ltd
4. Participants will receive a demo account and specific entry terms provided by GO Markets

Prize setting:
1. The top three winners will receive real trading accounts with pre-recharge values ​​of $500, $300, and $200 provided by GO Markets.
2. The fourth to tenth places will each get two movie tickets worth $40
3. All participants can get account points recharge worth $61 provided by 61Financial

Registration ends on June 2019, 6! ! !
Don't hesitate, hurry up and act duck!

Scan code + reply "61 Stocks Contest"You can sign up↓↓↓text

Summary: The second 61st simulation stock trading competition is hotly registered! This competition has been upgraded with extra code, MT5 trading platform, Australian stocks top 200 game methods... Only 50 investors can participate! ! ! Looking forward to your stand out!