Airport shady exposure! Why is the boarding luggage always overweight?

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!

Friends who often live and travel in Australia must have this experience:

Many airlines have a free luggage allowance of only 7 kilograms. If you exceed the weight, you need to purchase them separately. The price is not cheap!

But at home weighing less than 7 kilograms, at the airport, it is always overweight?

When traveling by plane, everyone holds the attitude of saving while saving. For the baggage that needs to be checked, it is calculated carefully. The article finally has the ultimate money-saving trick.

I calculated the free weight at home, and when I came to the airport, I was overweight every time, which caused more than a little trouble.

Recently, Australia's airports are being renovated and rebuilt. Someone discovered an amazing fact when testing some old luggage scales! These claims are all heavily weighted! 30% heavy!

According to Australian media reports, a carry-on baggage weighing 7 kg was measured by an analog scale as 9 kg and the other weighing 7.7 kg.

A full 2 ​​kilograms more, no matter which scale, it is a lot heavier than the actual one!

This is simply pit money! Many tourists also discovered this operation in actual operation and complained!

Some passengers said that they weighed at home to ensure that their luggage was within the required range, but when they arrived at the airport, they were overweight.

An airline spokesperson said that if passengers are not sure about the weight of their luggage, they can ask staff to weigh their luggage at the check-in counter.

And A&D sales manager Brian Johnston said: “When you want to weigh something under 10 kilograms, the bathroom scale does not work.” This company is responsible for supplying and checking Jetstar’s hand luggage portable scales.

To put it simply, he said: The name of the people at home is not allowed! Because the method you called is wrong!

Johnston said that the best way to weigh your carry-on luggage at home is to measure your own weight on a bathroom scale, and then put your luggage on the scale. The difference between the two values ​​is the luggage weight.

This is the most accurate method of measuring with a bathroom scale.

How can we save money in this area?

Method XNUMX: Apply for airline credit card.

Many airlines offer free consignment discounts for passengers holding credit cards of this airline, but these credit cards usually have annual fees. However, savvy consumers can still take the following measures: Many credit cards do not charge an annual fee in the first year, which means you have nearly a year to enjoy the free shipping discount, and then cancel this before the start of the second year Credit cards.

In addition, many airlines will have a reward mechanism for credit card spending. If you apply for its credit card, you may get a free ticket. Using this card to spend can also accumulate credit card points, which can also be redeemed for air tickets.

Method XNUMX: Join the airline's loyalty program.

In fact, you don't necessarily need to apply for an airline's credit card to enjoy the benefits of free checked baggage, as long as you join the airline's loyalty program (loyalty program) can also get this benefit.

All you need to do is to register on the airline's official website. The more you fly, the more benefits you have. The highest-level members can enjoy the benefits of up to 3 free shipping boxes.

Method three, compress your luggage.

If you have done your best to control the weight of your luggage, but still cannot avoid the need for an extra bag to store things, you can consider using a vacuum compression bag at this time. Compressed quilts, compressed pillows, and compressed clothing are essential companions for home travel.

Method XNUMX: Weigh the luggage before going out.

If you think your luggage may be overweight, be sure to weigh it before going out. According to industry sources, the scales at the airport are inaccurate.

If you confirm that your luggage does not exceed 7 kg, but the luggage scale at the airport shows that it exceeds 7 kg, you can ask the staff to change the scale and re-weigh. At the same time, you must also know clearly what items can be taken out and put into the boarding suitcase if the checked baggage is overweight.

Method XNUMX: Don’t take it for granted that the fees reported to you are correct.

The airline’s baggage charging standards are very confusing, so sometimes the staff may make mistakes about the fees. Industry insiders suggest that passengers do their homework in advance, print out the baggage charging standards of the airline they take, or store them in their mobile phones for easy verification.

Ultimate Method Six

This is a "super-saving coat" designed by an Australian designer! Passengers can easily load 15 kilograms of luggage on their bodies, witty avoiding high overweight charges! !

According to the designer, when all the clothes are put down, two laptops, one iPad, two pairs of shoes, two pairs of jeans, 5 T-shirts, 1 pullover and 1 camera can be put in! ! !

In this way, no longer be afraid of overweight luggage!

Part of the information source: The Herald Sun

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