Just last night,

Darwin, the capital of the Northern Territory, Australia


Enter a hotel with a gun,

Kick open the door and shoot wildly!

As many as"20 gunshots"!

Then the gunman drove again

Go to other 4 places to commit crimes!

Some people have their throats cut!

Currently, at least 4Death!

According to the survey,

The police have arrested

A 45-year-old white man.

This is togetherRandom attack.

The motive for committing the crime is still under investigation.

Australian Prime Minister Morrison said,

"This is not a terrorist attack!"


4 deaths and injuries! Terrorist shooting in Australia!

Just yesterday evening,

A terrorist shooting occurred in Darwin, the capital of the Northern Territory of Australia!

The Australian media's swiping report.

Australian News Group: "Darwin shooting: "The bullet went into the flesh...I heard someone was shot.""

ABC: "Darwin shooting: 4 dead, 1 injured, 45-year-old gunman arrested by police"

9 News: "Four people were killed by gunmen on parole in Darwin"

Daily mail: "The 45-year-old gun suspect allegedly killed 4 people in Darwin. He told a terrible moment..."

The vicious cases also aroused the concern of domestic partners,

According to the Australian ABC report,

At 5:50 pm local time,

Located in Palms Motel, a hotel in Woolner, Darwin.

happen suddenlyGunshot!

People screamed,Fleeing in horror!

According to multiple witnesses,

A man holding a pump shotgun walked into this Palms Motel on Mcinn Street.

Immediately, he started shooting into multiple roomsCrazy shot!

As many as

"20 gunshots"!

Bullets, broken glass, scattered all over the floor,

It is understood that the gunman is very eye-catching,

He is wearing a reflective vest,No expression on face!

Witnesses described: "HeKick open the door in the hotel and shoot at every room! ”

Someone heard that the gunman was looking for a man named "Alex",

Witness Leah Potter still feels terrified.

She told reporters,I saw a woman being shot with my own eyes.

"When I first heard the noise, I thought someone was setting off fireworks.

Then I saw a man dragging a woman towards me,

Then the man threw her on the sidewalk in front of us. "

Matt James said: "I was in the parking lot and suddenly there wasThere was a huge gunfire! ”

"Then I saw a man running towards me with aBloodywoman",

"The man told me that in the hotelSomeone fired, The injured woman was hit in the leg. "

"The injured woman has been screaming",

Matt James immediately got a towel to bandage the woman.

Then againHide in the corner with the injured woman.

"After that, the police came and started chasing the gunmen",

"I can’t believe what I have seen until now, it’s reallytoo crazy! ”


The other 4 places, continue to commit crimes!

After shooting at the hotel, the gunman drove toCrime in four other locations!

Coles Express, Garden Hills Cres, Buff Club and Jolly St area.

Garden Hills Cres

According to Australian news,

The gunman ran away from the motel and came to an apartment building.

Believed to be thereOne more person was killed.

An eyewitness told ABC TV,

"We looked out of the window and there was a man holding a gun. We saw him walking calmly across blocks.

The police came and passed him directly because they didn't know who he was, he was so calm."

Buffalo Club

It is reported that someone saw two men fighting together in the parking lot of the Buffalo Club.

One of the men suddenly took out a pistol and sharp knife,

Another man was cut and died on the spot....

At that time, Maxime Campart was hiding behind the bar with others.

The French chef said,

This thing made himWorried about the future of the child.

Jolly St

The man was also charged with breaking into a house on Jolly St.

Shot another man to death.

He was allegedly holding a shotgun in his hand.

This series of vicious incidents immediately attracted the attention of the police.

More than 100 police officers immediately started the operation,

They will urgently lock down the CBD area,

And set up roadblocks in multiple locations.

After the assault, the man fled for nearly an hour before being arrested by the police.

It is reported that the gunman drove back,

Was arrested by the police after trying to enter the police headquarters,

Police Chief Reece Kershaw said,

He might try to surrender!


The gunman was a 45-year-old white man who was on bail at the time of the attack

Investigation revealed that the police arrested a man named Ben Hoffmann45 year old white man.

According to 7news, this manOnce in jail.

Has been released on parole in January,

TakeElectronic monitoring braceletactivity,

According to the local police, the gunman was aMembers of the illegal motorcycle gang.

The police have himLong criminal record.

According to reports, the gunman once worked for a roofing company.

And a few days before the shootingGot fired.

According to the Daily Mail, Ben Hoffmann’s mother,

Once called the boss of the roof company,

Begging him to give his son another chance, But was rejected.

According to the Daily Mail, Ben Hoffmann was born in

Darwin OneRespectable family.

But he joined an illegal organization.

Currently, the gunman is being held at the Royal Darwin Hospital.

The motive for committing the crime is still unknown.

The police are still investigating this manGun information.

AndIs it related to the local motorcycle gang?.

And all this is familiar!

In June 2017, there was an appalling air strike in Melbourne. A man on bail shot and killed a Chinese staff member at the front desk of the hotel, then took another female hostage, and engaged in a fierce gun battle with the police.

In January 2017, in the heart of Melbourne, a man James Gargasoulas, who had multiple criminal convictions and was on bail, was speeding in a vehicle.Rammed into the crowd,6 deaths and 27 injuries to passersby.

At the time, Paul Coghlan, the then Director of Criminal Prosecutions, stated:

"The deficiencies in the bail system are our fault. This is what we owe the victims and their families..."

However, more than two years have passed, and the tragedy is still repeating itself.

Australian Prime Minister: Nothing to do with the terrorist attack

Australian Prime Minister Morrison tweeted afterwards:

"Tonight, there was a very serious incident of violence in Darwin.

The incident killed 4 people and injured many others.

I have contacted the Chief Minister of the Northern Territory and learned thatNot a terrorist attack. "

Black history of Australian guns

In fact, Australia today has relatively strict gun laws, and shootings of this magnitude are really rare.

However, the history of gun management in Australia actually turned to 1996.

Before 1996, Australia had a long history of black shootings. However, a shooting that shocked the world in 1996 taught the Australian people a bitter lesson, which completely changed the country's attitude towards guns.

April 1996, 4 was a very unusual day in Australian history.

A 28-year-old young man armed with an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle fired at tourists in Port Arthur, Tasmania, causing 35 deaths and 17 injuries.

Port Arthur Massacre Murder Martin Bryan

At that time, the firepower of the Australian police was far inferior to the criminals. In the end, the murderer was subdued by passers-by during the change of magazines, which ended the brutal massacre.

There is no death penalty in Australia, and the killer ended up sentenced to life imprisonment.

The appalling cases have caused panic in the whole society, and the calls for gun bans are unprecedentedly high.

The then Prime Minister Howard took advantage of the situation and promulgated a gun ban.

However, there are no absolutes in the world, and accidents can happen at any time.

If you encounter a shooting case, what effective, reasonable and safe measures should be taken.

Today, I will provide several professional countermeasures as a reference to prevent them from happening.

Thousands of miles away from home, remember that safety is the top priority!

Method one (the gunman is not nearby):
When you hear gunshots, while ensuring safety, take the time to escape and leave the crime scene as far as possible.

If you encounter a terrorist attack with a gun, find a cover as soon as possible, otherwise you will speed up the S-shape to reduce the probability of being shot.

Know the escape route. Before entering an unfamiliar area or unfamiliar space, you must pay attention to escape routes, fire channels, windows, etc. Prepare at least two escape routes in case the murderer blocks one escape route.

Almost 98% of the perpetrators commit the crime alone, and if you stay away from the gunshot area, you are usually safe.

Respond immediately: Don't hesitate or decide on multiple options, find an escape route and start running. If you hear the gunshot not far away, then you can easily escape before the gunner reaches your area. If the shoes you are wearing are not suitable for escape, please take them off without hesitation.

Forget your belongings. For your life, your wallet, school bag, and mobile phone are not important. You must pack light when you escape.

Method two (the gunman is nearby):
If you cannot escape, please hide as soon as possible.

Streets and alleys or buildings with more wall partitions are good escape areas. Reinforced concrete walls and ordinary brick walls can block bullets well. Do not hide behind glass windows, wood, or doors through which bullets can penetrate.

Work together with other friends and call 000 or any emergency number. Another person quickly locked the door and moved a table or chair to block the entrance and exit of the room.

Turn off the lights in the room, and the gunman will generally not enter the room with the lights off.

Lock and block the door to the house to make it as difficult as possible for gunmen to enter. Please remember that the gunmen attacked within a few minutes of the arrival of the police, and they will not spend time dealing with how to open the door.

If the gunman is close to you, leave the door as soon as possible, away from the door and windows. If the door opens outwards, the blockage can only block the gunman for a short time. Please don't waste time building defenses.

If you are in a space such as a toilet that cannot be locked, tie the door handle and door hinge with a belt or T-shirt. Avoid opening the door.

If the gunman is close to you, make sure you turn off anything that can make noise. Please mute your phone and don't make any calls.

Be sure to stay calm and tell people around you to stay calm.

If you encounter a grenade, find a shelter, such as a table and chairs, before it explodes (usually within 2-4 seconds), and take care to protect your head. If there is no shelter, fall on the ground and stay away, shrink as much as possible and face it with your back, and cover your ears with your hands to reduce the area of ​​injury.

If in a mass shooting, if you cannot escape, please pretend to be dead. Pretending to be dead can increase your chances of survival in many cases.


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