Two years of waiting

Eight days of tense trial

The case of Zhang Yingying

Finally ushered in the moment we have been waiting for

Christensen was formally convicted

Just now, the conclusion of the case of the prosecution and defense has ended. After a separate discussion by the jury,12 jury members reached a consensus, Found the defendant Christensen guilty on 3 charges, including"Kidnapping and Murder" and 2 "False Statements".

 12 people pass unanimously

This result was hard to come by!

In the previous article, Mr. Homepage mentioned that after the prosecution and defense have issued the closing statement,The jury will come to a room dedicated to discussion and decide whether to convict Christensen.

And this conviction is not as easy as we thought, even though we all know clearly how cruel and abnormal Christensen is, and how inhumane the girl Yingying has been before.

However, according to The Paper,Because the United States adopts the principle of "presumption of innocence", Which means that the suspect is presumed innocent before convicting the suspect.

And, criminal cases like this,The "burden of proof" is entirely on the prosecutionThe suspect does not need to prove himself innocent at all, as long as he tries to show that the prosecution’s evidence does not meet the conviction standards.

Finally, the standard of criminal conviction in the United States is "beyond reasonable doubt." If the jury has any reasonable doubt-the suspect may notCommitted the crime as certified by the prosecutor, Then they cannot convict the suspect.

Only when 12 jury members reach a consensus can the suspect be convicted.

AndNow, the suspect is finally convicted, Enough to show the brutality of the suspect, so that the 12 members of the jury found him guilty without exception!

 The future will enter the sentencing stage

There is also a "hard battle" of "death penalty" to be fought

Now the suspected crime was established,Next will enter the sentencing stage, This link will start in early July and will last for two weeks. It determines the suspect ChristensenThe final outcome is death penalty or life imprisonment.

For the suspect to be sentenced to death, the jury must again agree. If one person disagrees, the suspect will not be sentenced to death.

And this difficulty is quite high.

First of all, Zhang Yingying’s body is still missing. Even though Christensen admitted to the murder and his murder was convicted, he himself not only refused to plead guilty, but also insisted not to explain the whereabouts of Zhang Yingying’s body.The fact that there is "no corpse, no confession" in this case.

This means that although conviction is easy, the death penalty is difficult.

Secondly, although the defense lawyer decided to give up the defense of mental illness before, during the trial, the defense lawyer repeatedly emphasized Christensen’s mental health status, saying that he was involved in the crime.Serious drug and alcohol abuse in the first three months, often accompanied by thoughts of murder and suicide, Has repeatedly consulted at the school counseling center.

This was also testified by the suspect’s ex-wife.

In addition, the night before the incident, the suspect’s ex-wife and lover told Christensen separately,Dating with another man by oneself stimulated Christensen double.

In addition, the defense lawyer, when the client said (assault) these thingsIn a drunken coma, And there is no evidence that he killed anyone other than Zhang Yingying.

Not only that, the suspect in the recording claimed to have beaten and killed Yingying in the bathroom. However, the police did not find Zhang Yingying’s DNA and blood stains in the bathroom, only the bedroom exists.Unable to prove that the suspect's statement is true.

It can be seen from this that the defense lawyer believes that “the recordings and surveillance in courtUnfairly point to Christensen. "

In summary,Whenever one of the jury believes that Christensen should not be sentenced to death, he can escape the death penalty.

 The past 8 days is the countdown to the suspect’s conviction

It's also a moment of suffering for Zhang Yingying's parents

At this point, the conviction phase of the Zhang Yingying case has ended.

In this trial,We heard too many heartbreaking details of the case, I also saw the indifference and cruelty of the suspect Christensen.

Just now, Zhang Yingying’s father issued a public response:

"On behalf of our dear daughter, my wife, son, and myself, I thank the jury for the first step towards justice.

We thank the prosecutors, police officers from the University of Illinois, FBI agents, and all those who helped in the investigation and trial of this case.

weThanks to friends who have helped and supported us in China, the United States and around the world, Especially thanks to the friends of the Champagne and Peoria Chinese Association and the church for their help in our lives.

For two years, we have missed Yingying every day. To this day, we cannot imagine how to spend the rest of our lives without her. Words cannot describe our pain and suffering.We hope and believe that the trial will eventually bring justice to Yingying and us. Our wish is always to find Yingying and take her home. We will not give up. "

The homepage has compiled the key information of the eight days of court trials, so that everyone can understand the ins and outs of the case more clearly.

However, there are still many doubts that have not been resolved during the eight-day trial.

such as,What we care most about: Where is Zhang Yingying?

Christensen said that she hid her in a place where no one else could find her. Are the knives and sewer dredging agents in his apartment prepared for the disposal of dead bodies? His ex-wife testified that the suspect had driven a car for about 200 kilometers. Was it to hide the body?

And, what Christensen said in the recording, "Zhang Yingying is the 13th victim", do the first 12 victims really exist?

We don't know this yet.

In order to help the suspect escape the death penalty, the defense lawyer called "Christensen’s loneliness and frustration" in his opening speeches.Will it affect the course of the case and Christensen’s sentencing?, How much will it affect?

These can only be known in the next trial.

In any case, the homepage gentleman will continue to pay attention to the latest developments of this matter, because the past two years for the Zhang family are not only the changes in the seasons, but also "the days are like years."The experience of the girl Zhang Yingying made everyone heartache, and her strength also moved us.

Homepage Jun sincerely hopes that the laws of the United States will give Zhang Yingying, her family and people who care about her a fair trial result.

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