The "life-thinning" devil pool with a dangerous index exploded, but there are still so many people vying to "kill"!

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!

If you like "playing in the water", then you must check in Zambia's Devil's Pool! This oneThe most spectacular, scariest and most dangerous natural infinity swimming pool in the worldIt's really exciting and fun!

The Devil’s Pool is at the top of the 110-meter-high Victoria Falls. You must know that Victoria Falls is not onlyThe largest waterfall in Africa and one of the largest and most magnificent waterfalls in the world, as well as this world-famous waterfall wonder, It’s so cool to be able to swim freely here, put the vast abyss under your feet, and feel the majestic momentum brought by the waterfall!

The Devil’s Pool is a naturally formed rock pool. For most of the year, it is filled with surging water flowing straight down the cliffs. It is only when the dry season comes from September to October when the water tends to be flat. Will gradually appear.

Whenever the water level drops, the natural rock walls on the cliff side will become a barrier, blocking the water flow and preventing tourists from being washed down the waterfall. At this time, you can try to stand on the edge of the Devil’s Pool and feel that you are above the waterfall and the cliff. The shock above.

How exciting and dangerous is Devil's Pool? Tourists who have been there describe it like this:Being in the Devil’s Pool makes me feel excited, thinking that I might be swept away by the waterfall at any time, I feel dizzy and terrified, and at the same time I have to protect myself from this danger.

How interesting is Devil's Pool? someone said:When half of the body is on the edge of the waterfall, it will feel like flying above the waterfall. It is quite thrilling and exciting. This is more exciting than bungee jumping..

In the Devil’s Pool, you can choose to scream and jump into the pool and play with it in a variety of "unrestrained" gestures. You can also soak in the cool water and quietly watch the unique scenery around you. When you are lucky, you can still Saw the rainbow refracted by the splashing water mist from the waterfall.

But remember, the water flow here from March to May every year is 3 times that of the dry season. Don't choose to take risks during the peak of the current.

Pool coordinates: Victoria Falls, Livingstone 20100, Zambia

There are many natural swimming pools of the same type as the Devil’s Pool. If you want to "swim" all over the world, then quickly include them in your travel list~

Hamilton Pool

Hamilton Pool in Texas, USA is known asOne of the most beautiful and unique lakes in the worldOriginally an underground river, it collapsed on a large scale due to the erosion of the dome, forming this paradise on earth. Now it has become a desirable natural swimming pool.

The emerald-like turquoise and clear lake water will reflect different colors with the sunlight, which is very attractive when it is bright and dark. There is also a 15-meter-high waterfall pouring down on the cliff next to it, creating a scene of water, moon and cave sky. It can be said that swimming here is a very pleasant thing.

Pool coordinates: 24300 Hamilton Pool Rd. Dripping Spgs, TX 78620

Poetry Cave

In southern Italy, there is a very beautiful swimming resort called Poetry Cave. Legend has it that once a beautiful princess used to bathe here, her noble elegance fascinated many people, and many poets wrote about her one after another. Object, so here has the reputation of "Poetry Cave".

Poetry Cave is not only a beautiful natural swimming pool, but also an important historical monument. It has a very holy charm of blue crystal. The sparkling water waves are rippling in the clear, plus the natural sunlight. "Lighting board", it will transmit a dreamy halo.

Pool coordinates: Sp 366, Roca Vecchia, Melendugno, Italy

Queen's Bath

On Kauai Island, Hawaii, there is a natural swimming pool that resembles a bathtub—the Queen’s bathtub. It is made of volcanic rock and is surrounded by rocks on three sides, communicating with the sea.

But the current here is volatile, so there is also "Pool of deathThe title of "", whenever there are huge waves in winter, it is very thrilling, and summer is the safest period, the waves and tides are relatively gentle, so if you want to play here, it is not enough to have the courage, and it needs to be very good. Of water.

Pool coordinates: located on the north shore of Kauaʻi in the town of Princeville

Nanda Blue Hole

Nanda Blue Hole is a veritable blue paradise. It has magical colors and incomparable clarity. The bright crystal blue has a breathtaking magical power, which can make you feel deep when you step into the lake. Attracted by.

This pure blue is enough to make you forget yourself in the water for a whole day without getting tired, and it is also enough to let your vision get infinite soothing and enjoyment, and let your body and mind get the greatest degree of relaxation.

Pool address: Espirito Santo Island in Vanuatu

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