Wang Sicong consumes 40 yuan a night in KTV, which is considered the minimum configuration. They basically do not see the low-level people who are shrinking for life in their meals. There is no intersection and integration between the poor and the rich.

However, in the live broadcast of YY Entertainment, it is different. The local tyrants and Diaosi pass by in the Republic of Desire. The local tyrants spend a lot of money to buy gifts. Diaosi shouts "Mighty, domineering and handsome", and the anchor flattering and courageous "Dedicated",They consume each other and blend into each other.

Wu Hao, who had studied in the U.S. and served as an executive in a well-known Internet company in China and the U.S., noticed that the poster for the documentary "Void Your Life",The sudden emergence of the Internet has changed the fate of the bottom Chinese people,He was surprised that the colorful anchors, local tyrants, and dicks on the Internet performed sad and happy lives in this virtual country, so he spent 3 years following the filming of China’s first batch of top streaming anchors worth tens of millions, and it was true.Record the rules of the online jungle and the miserable life of the online celebrity anchor.

Can the director Wu Hao and the anchor be so popular that it depends on the simple fanatical pursuit of fans? Internet celebrity anchors worth tens of millions, do they live happily?

The documentary "The Imaginary Life" brings us a real life full of money, desires and rules.


"Three Hundred Man" Shen Man:"If you have money, you are the uncle"

The documentary photography team came to the YY Internet celebrity factory that many people in the industry dream of. The amateur anchor who wanted to become famous overnight, sat in the office of YY entertainment operation trainer Dabao with heavy makeup.

Dabao is teaching how an amateur can become a top anchor at the tens of millions level. She spit out every word:"It's hard to keep fans, but you must desperately maintain fans who pay for gifts and maintain consumers. You are like a god."

Among these new anchors, there is a mid-distribution, amateur anchor Shen Man who can't blink his eyes. Shen Man, who graduated with a college degree in nursing, used to live a life with a monthly salary of 2000 in Chengdu Community Hospital. However, his father's business went bankrupt and he wanted to support his family, so he quit his job and came to the Internet to make money. He became a top anchor with a monthly income of 30.

Poster of the documentary "Void Your Life": Shen ManLet the amateur become an idol, and let Xiuyi become a "carrying artist". Shen Man spent the night and day in the live broadcast room where the sun was invisible.

The YY live broadcast platform is like a magnet, attracting amateur anchors who are constantly wanting to be popular, and the anchors who are well versed in the rules of live broadcast make fans willingly pay for VIP titles, reward diamonds and other gifts, and then draw from it.

The anchor of the documentary "A Life" has a stable triangular relationship with local tyrants and diaosi. The rich and uncultured local tyrants spend a lot of money to find happiness, and Diaosi watched and commented in the live broadcast room: "What a great god." The anchor will show a pleased face and clasp fists. Thanks.Both the anchor and the diaosi will be successfully attracted by the local tyrants, which greatly satisfies the local tyrant's vanity.

Shen Man has freckles on his face and a hormonal beard on his mouth. One day, fans appeared on the screen in the live broadcast room to question her and the rewarding local tyrant's improper relationship. She swears that there is no relationship. If there is a relationship, the chest will not grow.

The goddess started a silly joke, and the fans teased: "I didn't have a chest at first, so how long?

To show that I amCultural man, Shen Man put away his ridicule,Solemnly said: "Some people have good congenital development, and some people develop through acquired nutrition, just like real estate development. The development is still very promising."

After saying that she was so competent, the local tyrant Song Ge gave her another 1314 YY coins.

Song Ge got tired of the real life of being drunk and gold fans, so he spent money online to find a sense of existence.He has currently rewarded more than 1370 million anchors.

For more than 3 years day and night, Shen Man missed the Best Female Artist Award at the YY Annual Festival to prove his "first sister" strength.

This award requires fans to spread money, buy coins, and give gifts during the 15-day live broadcast.

2014 YY degree ceremony Shen Man sits firmly on YY first sister
Shen Man can recognize the current situation. She predicts that the local tyrants and fans will give herself crazy gift contribution rate, and at the same time signed the YY Fish Association. The guild is composed of a lot of local tyrants who are crazy about giving money to reward the anchors. They attract the local tyrants of comparable strength to set up economic companies, which specialize in cultivating artists, do hot promotion, and get a high commission from the income of the anchors.

At the first annual festival, Shen Man won 12 awards including the Best Female Artist Award. Shen Man walked onto the star-studded red carpet, likeWalking at the international Oscars awards ceremony, her self-confidence and demeanor have already made the fanatical fans on both sides scream.
However, she returned to real life holding the prize and profit sharing, but she was not so happy.

She frowned and told reporters: "The family has no income, so they rely on themselves to support themselves.Love, affection, and friendship are nothing in front of money, you are the uncle if you have money!"

In the eyes of her father, Shen Man is the daughter who makes herself proud. andThis daughter is an ATM that can withdraw cash at any time.

Father enjoys the well-off life that Shen Man earned from his “live broadcast talent”, but he stillShowing greed in his eyes. "In addition to being an anchor day and night, Shen Man has to think about it.How to let the family live in the future. Her sister is also going to college, and the burden will be heavier. "

This is always the burden of the brilliant and beautiful anchor Shen Man, and has nothing to do with his parents.

The exposure of the posters of the documentary "My Life" is getting higher and higher, and the temperament is becoming more and more attractive to the local tyrants in the live broadcast room. The local tyrants of those consortia began to harass Shen Man.

Facing the continuous offensive of online tyrants,She can no longer maintain the critical point between online and offline, and be with the ambiguous local tyrant.

The Internet is not an impenetrable wall in real life. The gossip that Shen Man only needs 300 overnight with local tyrants has exploded in the live broadcast industry.

Since then, Shen Man has the nickname "Three Hundred Man", and the anchors have rumored:YY is like a nightclub, you can do whatever you want if you have money, and you can do nothing if you don't have money."

Gradually, Shen Man was hacked more and more seriously,Reputation collapsed, fans lost. However, even if the scenery is no longer good, Shen Man feels lucky from beginning to end, that he can gain such a large exposure and wealth, relying on YY to achieve himself. His father went bankrupt, and Shen Man bought a 20 car for his father. He also paid 40 yuan for his grandfather in a fourth-tier city to exchange for a new house. Soon, his sister will also go to university.

When Shen Man was interviewed by mainstream media, he couldn't help shed sad tears because of the live broadcast..I live at the bottom to reverse my destiny,Achieved the completion of mobility to the upper class of society by means other than reading, and reaped fame and fortune that ordinary people could not imagine in a lifetime. It's just that the loneliness and the warmth of humanity behind it are only those who can realize it.


"Ten Thousand Years Old Second" Old Li:

The law of the jungle with money to satisfy desire

Lao Li, with a monthly income of 40, is the top male streamer of YY. With his big belly, he yelled in the live broadcast with a hoarse voice:"I am a diaosi who can dominate the live broadcast world, but perfectly counterattack from diaosi. I am like the brightest star in the night sky."
The local tyrant, Jin Lao Li, who has blinded his fans, is the idol of many dicks. The Li Jiajun fan group has no feeling for the male anchor who has both talent and beauty, but it is fanatical towards Lao Li who has the same temperament as himself.

Fan Xiaoyong was 3 years old. His father died and his mother remarried. It was his grandfather who raised him. He came out to work and earn money at the age of 14, but he was always lonely.

He has a motorcycle accessories job with a monthly salary of 2600. Renting in a dark room with bunk beds, spider webs hung in the corners, and the computer in the room is Xiaoyong's baby. Every day, I go to Lao Li's live room to check in.

When a local tyrant gave Lao Li a diamond gift, Xiao Yong laughed happily. He is likeWatched a comedy, I hope I can be like Lao Li:"Get rid of despair and own everything. This is the life of my dream."

Xiaoyong works part-time as a waiter in a mahjong hall called "Zuyuntang". YY trainer Dabao is Lao Li's wife."Cars, houses, children, and families" are all exchanged for real money from fans.Lao Li, wearing a Chinese red jacket, took Dabao back to his hometown in the countryside.

How difficult this journey is, only I know. 16 years old, sitting on his father’s tricycle and following the workers to Beijing North Drift,Work as a small worker at the construction site and work as a security guard. Now his fortune is close to that of the richest man in Lao Li Village.

In the presence of his parents in the family, he made a promise:"Today's success is not enough, you can't fall, run forward."

Lao Li returned to the countryside: Ronggui’s hometown carried this kind of belief. During the process of participating in the first YY live broadcast festival, he called on Li Jiajun to go all out. In order to help Lao Li win the top spot, fans rode to the Internet cafe to recharge his tickets. Xiaoyong waited for a year and used the hundreds of dollars he saved for living expenses to recharge old Li's tickets and send gifts.

Pursue "Higher Freedom Price"Li's old Li relentlessly rejected the strength of the guild consortium, and he firmly believed that his iron fan would make him king.

Picasso, who is well versed in the laws of survival in the jungle, knows current affairs and has already joined the guild consortium.

Rival Picasso sits firmly in the first place.

The iron powder all typed on the screen:"Boss, we owe you a first place!"Loss and despair swept through Lao Li's live broadcast room, leaving Li to take the lead in silence.

The wife who was watching the battle in front of the computer shed tears in silence.

When Dabao saw that those low-level fans with a salary of only 3000 yuan used the money they saved for a year to give gifts to Lao Li, "How good is Lao Li, how lucky is it".

In the following year, Lao Li was depressed and depressed. He would divorce if he didn't agree with Dabao. He smashed his computer equipment and ran away for a few months.

Lao Li lay down and played all day, depressedWhen Lao Li's self-deprecating, teasing, and mutual encouragement can make fans happy, and fans approve of himself extremely, that kind of resonance is very happy when you think about it.

"I need to be number one to prove myself."

Lao Li finally recognized the current situation and was no longer upright. He joined the Blue Rain Economic Company and invited Li Jiajun’s iron fans to the five-star Langham Place Hotel in Shenzhen to hold a grand ceremony.

Everything was ready, and Lao Li flew wildly at the YY ceremony in the second year: "There are still a few years of YY, crazy. "

All of Lao Li's fans were desperately charging money and swiping the screen to give gifts, and he also privately took out millions of deposits to recharge and swipe tickets for themselves to send gifts, and the Blue Rain Guild kept swiping tickets.

Regardless of how his iron fan paid for himself, he always lags behind his old rival Picasso and erratic in second place. Lao Li stared nervously at the rolling tickets in the live broadcast world.

He suddenly received bad news, Lan Yu withdrew and ran out of money.

Lao Li screamed frantically. Lao Li made a desperate effort and devoted his last possessions. Picasso of YY fish still sits firmly in the first place, leaving Lao Li a few streets away.

The guild defended itself:"A real businessman has no righteousness and quitting is a wise choice."

The defeated Lao Li completely collapsed. Tiefen asked Lao Li, "Is this a scam to trap money?"

He put his hands together,With tears, sincere and feebleSaid:"I really didn't collect money."

"I miss my son. "At this time, Lao Li felt that the family's affection was the most real. He closed the live broadcast room and went to other places.
/ / /
Nowadays, Shen Man’s live broadcast room still maintains a daily livelihood of 1, but she was originally pristine, but she is getting more and more in the direction of the awl face and apple muscle line network celebrity. After experiencing the money turmoil, Lao Li has seen through the rules and routines. , Often missing, broke the iron fan's heart, no longer the same glory, replaced by newcomers. Batch after batch of newcomers who are more capable of chattering and talking about the Dashan have appeared on the stage, and the anchors who have created countless myths have gradually disappeared in our memory.

In 2012, YY, which was listed on the Nasdaq in the United States, was exploring its live broadcast outlets. It was not favored by VCs, but it ushered in 6 years of infinite glory; subsequently, the rise of Panda TV and Douyu live broadcast platforms were also shared. A slice of the live broadcast market, YY seems to be forgotten by people;Later, short videos became popular again. "North Kuaishou and Nan Douyin" formed a pattern of two tigers in one mountain, and Panda TV began to shut down, and it was completely cool; next time, Xinfengkou might turn one mountain and two tigers. The tiger pattern is broken.

In reality, the rules, money, and gameplay are the foundation that supports the development of the live broadcast era, and elimination, forgotten, curtain call, and replacement are the fate of "you and me" in the online Vanity Fair.

Director Wu Hao once said in an interview: "The Internet is a mirror that mirrors our desires and behaviors in real life and magnifies them."

With the premiere of "My Life" at the South by Southwest Film Festival in the United States, foreign audiences are shocked and sad; "My Life" is like a science fiction film, awakening people, all those who are trapped in it escape But the fate of "myth will eventually be replaced".

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