The Tasmanian state government updated the state guarantee official website one day before the start of the new fiscal year. From the perspective of the updated content, the Tasmanian state responsibility policy for the new fiscal year is stillrelatively stableYes, there is basically no change in application invitations, etc.The policy is still more favorable.

Relatively speaking, in the new fiscal year, Tasmania has made changes mainly for 489 visas, whether it isGraduate channel.Working channelstill isRelative Guarantee Channel.Change in size, There are joys and worries.


You must also check 190 when applying for 489

The state government requires 190 applicants to check 489 visa at the same time when submitting the application. Otherwise, once the 190 is rejected, the entire state will not be considered! In other words, if the 190 application is rejected, the visa officer will not give an additional opportunity to ask whether to consider 489.

In the past state responsibility process, the submission process of Tasmania 190 is basically that if you meet the basic requirements of 190 (such as study, residence, etc.), you only choose option 190 in the EOI when you submit it. If the state government After reviewing your application, if you think that your conditions, such as competitiveness, commitment, etc., do not meet the conditions they want to give you 190, but it is possible to consider giving you 489, usually the state government will review your application. Send you a letter similar to the following, asking if you consider accepting 489 or withdraw your existing application. If you are considering accepting 489, you need to update your EOI to select 489, and then the state government will send you an invitation for 489.

However, the state government believes that such a process requires communication back and forth. Because they have a lot of applications on their hands, and they also hope to review everyone's applications as much as possible before 491, so that everyone can catch up with the last train of 489.

新的改变意味着童鞋们在递交申请的那一刻就要确认自己是否也愿意被考量489(如果州政府不给190的话),直接在递交申请的EOI里面同时选上489和190 EOI。如果你不愿意接受489的话,则你在申请的时候就只递交190的EOI,政府不给190的话就会直接拒掉你的申请。当然之后如果你认为自己更有竞争力的话,也可以再次递交190的申请。


Prioritize the three shortage occupations

The government has said many times before that Tasmania now has a clearer need for occupations, and they will give priority to them. The current list of occupations in Tasmania is still the version of March 2019, 3. However, the government now clearly stated the followingApplicants with 3 major occupations will be given priority :

1.Health and medical Health and medical professions (generally mainly refers to nursing, etc.)

2. Construction related Construction industries

3. Agriculture related Agricultural professions

Priority mainly means that there is a possibility of priority in the trial. Applicants including these occupations may be processed faster in individual cases, including that they may have a higher probability of directly getting 190, but the state government itself actually accepts Many applications are from other popular occupations, and they have no indication that they treat applicants from these other popular occupations differently, such as accounting, computer, engineering and other occupations. We still have many applicants from related occupations approved 190 this week.

The government has not elaborated on how applicants in these occupations enjoy priority. It may be that these applicants with the same score are given priority to be invited, or given priority for trial, or given priority to 190 and so on.

At present, Tasmania's scores are not high, many of them are 70 or even 65, including popular occupations such as accounting and computer. And if you belong to one of these 3 categories of applicants, Tasmania may be the place where you can get PR faster!

Tasmania’s guarantee policy generally maintains a very loose and stable attitude, especially for the stream of local graduates. Applications for admission to Tafe University in July, as well as applications for Tafe courses are still open. Children who are considering shoes are welcome to contact us at any time. Everyone submits applications. Of course, there are also children's shoes that will be applied for state guarantee after graduation in July. Welcome to contact us to assist in submitting the application. Especially 7 may close the application in mid-September and try to catch the last train of 7.


489 Working stream

No longer recognize some areas of work

Everyone knows that Tasmania 190 and 489 both have Category 2 working in Tasmania stream. Basically, you need to work full-time in Tasmania for at least half a year before you can apply. The 190 requirement is related to the nominated occupation, and the 489 no requirement is related to the nominated occupation.

However, this update clearly states that for the application of the 489 visa work branch, then the work in the following fields will not be considered as effective work experience. (Regardless of the nominated occupation)

Supermarkets (woolworth or Asian supermarkets, etc.), gas stations, limited-service restaurants (basically mainly refer to takeaway shops, small restaurants, barbecue shops, milk tea shops, etc.), massage shops, taxis and uber.

Everyone remember that this is specifically for the work stream. There is no change in the requirements for local graduates to read the stream. For example, if you are a local graduate, then having a job in these industries is also helpful to your application itself.

It can be seen that the state government will have higher and higher requirements for the work stream and more and more restrictions.

In particular, the requirement of having no working hours at the beginning has been gradually increased to 3 months and now 6 months. In addition, the industry has begun to be restricted. In the next step, I think it is even possible to further restrict occupations, such as popular occupations such as accounting and IT. It is obvious that the state government still gives priority to supporting local graduates.

Note: This is currently only for the branch that has jobs in Tasmania.

The most affected are 489 applicants, because 190 requires a nominated occupation but 489 has no requirement. If you have been engaged in any job before, as long as you meet the basic requirements, you will have the opportunity to apply for a 489 guarantee. When you look for a job in the future, everyone will have to spend more money Up.


Have relatives in Tasmania

The branch clearly requires that this relative must be the applicant’s own direct relative,Can notBeBased on marriageThose who come, for example, are relatives of the spouse.

Anyway, there are no subversive changes in Tasmania this time, especially for graduates in this state, the policy is still loose.

Especially for those who left 489, only the last few months are left. If it is not true that the requirement of 190 cannot be met in a short time, let's grab a quasi-PR quota as soon as possible!

Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia and NSW

New fiscal year state guarantee opening hours



We contacted the state government to confirm that they asked everyone to try not to contact them to confirm the opening time. They are negotiating with stakeholders and will be announced on the official website after confirmation.

New South Wales

In addition, we were told by the NSW state government that 190 will only be opened in September, and 9 in other regions will be opened independently by each region.

South Australia

South Australia SA should open applications in the first week of July. The first round of WA WA invitations will be issued on July 7, 2019.