If the materials provided are true and the EOI score reaches the invitation line, do I have to get a permanent resident visa?

Actually not necessarily!

All students of independent skilled immigrants

Should know"Add points"Those things!

Be careful with work experience to add points!

Ian and his girlfriend applied for the 189 visa together, they were on July 2018, 7Submit by yourselfThe visa application, they believe that the80 points EOI should be PR in seconds, But after 4 months, on November 2018th, 11, they receivedVisa refusal letter from immigrationBecause they only reached65 points, And the score invited at the time was at least 70 points.

As a deputy applicant, Ian did not have a career assessment, and IELTS did not have four 6 points, so he did not give his girlfriend an extra 5 points for his spouse.

In ANMAC’s assessment, Ian’s girlfriend was a surgical nurse, and her career assessment only recognized her 2.5 years of overseas surgical nurse experience, but Ian’s girlfriend had more than 8 years of overseas medical assistance (HCA) experience, and they thought it was OK Plus 15 points of work experience.

Although whether HCA's work experience is related to a profession is still controversial, Ian believes that his girlfriend's profession and employment direction are in line with the career development path. And 2.5 years of surgical nurse experience has been recognized by ANMAC.From their perspective, no information is false or inaccurate.

The Immigration Bureau replied to the couple that Ian’s girlfriend was in the pastWork experience bonus points are invalid.

Ian believes that the rejection of the final score of the EOI by the Immigration Department is actually a rejection of ANMAC's career assessment decision.

According to Ian’s extra points to see if her girlfriend has

39 years old

25 points

IELTS four 8

20 points

Studying in Australia for 2 years

5 points

Graduate degree

15 points

More than 8 years of work experience overseas

15 points

Total score

80 points

But in fact, more than 8 years of HCA-related experience is not related to surgical nurses and cannot help them add points. And2.5 Overseas surgical nursesexperienceIt does not meet the three-year requirement, and no points can be added.

So they have 189 work experience plus pointsActually 0 points. In the end only65 points total EOI score.

Learning bonus

Another example is the two-year study bonus that we often talk about. Many applicants don’t know exactly how two years are counted. They think that they will study in Australia from the very beginning to the final graduation. Naturally, after more than two years, they think they can get this. 2 points, it is not.

Is there anyHanging branchRebuilt, is thereDrop out of school, Are there moreCourse overlayCalculation, is thereCompleted ahead of scheduleWait, all need to be considered.

If you are not sure whether you are satisfied with the 2-year study bonus, or if you do not understand any other bonus items, please consult an immigration consultant in detail.

Impact of miscalculation

In fact, when calculating EOI scores, some items are not as simple as imagined or seem so simple.

Like age, English, PY, NAATI, etc., the extra points are as many points as they should be. It is easier to calculate, and as many points as the extra points are! You can see your English scores for extra points, and you can see your passport to prove your age. These extra points cannot be tampered with. There is just there, there is as much as there is, there is no complicated identification or calculation.

And like work experience and 2 years of study bonus points only according to the scoring table set of numbers! You think time is enough,The Immigration Bureau does not recognize it, everything is zero!

For example, for work experience, you seem to have worked for N years, but whether the actual work content of these N years is consistent with the requirements of the nominated occupation is not up to you. If you make a mistake, you can only delay your immigration plan!

For example, Ian's girlfriend thinks she can get 15 points because of work experience! As a result, although the career evaluation recognizes her work experience, the relative length of service and whether it matches the nominated profession will cause the work experience score to not be added.

If Iran’s girlfriend continues to make up points, it will eventually increase to 70 points this year, but she will submit the visa now, butThe situation is not what it used to be!

The 70 points needed at that time may need 85 points now

Last year, Ian’s girlfriend’s age was 39 and added 25 points, but this year, when she submits after her birthday, she can only have 20 points, 5 points less than in the past.

Here and inside, Ian’s girlfriend is away from submitting a visa15 points difference!


Nowadays, everyone is busy collecting points, but don’t forget to calculate the declared points accurately, otherwise it is very likely that all previous efforts will be lost!

The current immigration situation in Australia really does not allow us to be sloppy, one month or even a few days late, the delay may be a fiscal year!

If you have any questions about the calculation of your own score, including various ways of scoring and immigration, please feel free to contact an Australian immigration consultant for assistance.