The most comprehensive inventory!

From July 7st!

Australia will usher in these major policy changes!

The minimum wage has risen, electricity prices have fallen...

Political members of Congress raise their salaries...

The fine rate of some departments will be cut...

Even the new deal

Will affect our bank deposits!

At the beginning of the second half

Many new Australian policies have been implemented!

From the high-profile minimum wage increase,

When the electricity bills that the masses are concerned about have fallen,

Every policy is closely related to us living in Australia

And these new policies will be officially implemented today!

So what specific new policies will be officially implemented today?

Xiaobian counts for you one by one!

Minimum hourly wage

From today,

Australia’s minimum wage will be raised by 3%,

The hourly salary is as high as 19.49 Australian dollars!

This growth,

This is even more generous than last year's 3.5% increase!

Australia therefore

Become the country with the highest minimum wage in the world!

It will increase revenue for nearly 200 million people across Australia!

The weekly salary will be 21.6 Australian dollars more!

Salary increase for civil servants

Not only "popular salaries",

Federal politicians also collectively raise their salaries!

Members of Congress and Senators

The current basic annual salary is A$207.

In the new fiscal year season,

Their salaries will collectively increase by 2%.

Estimated annual income for Prime Minister Morrison

Will be in addition to the current A$538,460,

Earn 1 Australian dollars in income every year!

This also means that currently all Australia

Highest paid officials:

Prime Minister's Office and Cabinet Minister Martin Parkinson

The annual income will exceed 91.4 thousand Australian dollars!

Overtime pay reduced

From April 7th,

Overtime pay in Australia will be paid by

1.8 times the original salary dropped to 1.65 times,

More than 70

Those engaged in fast food, shopping malls, pharmacies and accommodation

The staff

Overtime pay will be cut on Sunday.

The salary cut this time will be between 10%-15%.

Reduce electricityprice

Southeast of Queensland,

Electricity prices in New South Wales and South Australia will fall,

This is also for troubled families

Brings good benefits.


In Western Australia,

Electricity prices will rise at a predicted inflation rate of 1.75%,

The cost of water supply and sewage treatment will increase by 2.5%.

Merchant loan

The Australian Bank will have certain reforms:

Start to operate a new "Code of Conduct".

the first,

You can know more information about your bank account.


When small businesses apply for business loans,

Restrictions and requirements will be greatly relaxed.


When small businesses apply for business loans,

Often make things difficult,

The final loan is often not approved.

Now I feel that I am in this respect

Merchants who have been treated unfairly,

Can ask

AFCA (Australian Financial Appeals Authority) filed a complaint.


Small businesses who were bullied after January 2008, 1 can file a complaint.

Successful business

You can receive up to $100 million in damages for damages,


(Such as steel mill owners, farmers,

Merchants who produce goods like fishermen),

The maximum amount of compensation available is $200 million.

The Australian Banking Association stated:

"This reform represents a more moral sense,

Loans are more responsible,

It can also better protect property,

And greater transparency. "

Pension reform

Australia’s pension system must also be reformed,

Since many people have more than one pension account,

productivity commission found

They will therefore be

26 billion Australian dollars was wasted on unnecessary expenses.

Because they need to pay

Additional account management fees and insurance fees.

The pension reform is to "clean up" these duplicate accounts.

Pension account within 16 months

If it is inactive,

And the balance is below 6000 Australian dollars,

Life and disability insurance will lapse,

The balance inside will be automatically transferred to ATO.

Tobacco entry

Except for the tobacco carried by passengers within the duty-free limit,

All tobacco imports require a permit,

From July 2019, 7,

Whether it is ordering or online shopping

Or any tobacco products shipped privately to Australia

(Cigarettes, molasses cigarettes, loose leaf tobacco)

All need to obtain permission from the Ministry of the Interior.

Imported tobacco

Are required to pay all duties and taxes when importing,

Individuals must declare to bring tobacco into customs

And pay the required taxes on arrival in Australia.

People who are 18 years old or above,

The tobacco tax allowance is divided into the following two situations:

XNUMX. Can carry an unopened cigarette box,

Contains up to 25 cigarettes

(Equivalent to 25 grams of tobacco products).

XNUMX. A box of cigarettes that has been opened.

If you bring tobacco and cigarettes in excess of the tax allowance,

You need to pay taxes on all tobacco,

It's not just about paying tobacco taxes that are higher than the allowance.

You can carry up to 1.5 kg

Smokeless tobacco (chewing tobacco or snuff) for personal use,

If the carrying amount exceeds 25 grams,

You must pay taxes on smokeless tobacco.

If you want to carry more than 1.5 kg

Smokeless tobacco entered Australia,

You need to

The Competition and Consumer Commission filed an application,

To get permission.

Nursing home reform

Due to the publicity of bad incidents in some nursing homes,

The government will introduce a series of controls,

Reduce what appears in nursing homes

Improper personal restrictions.

Background situation: There have been some bad incidents where employees of nursing homes restricted the personal freedom of the elderly. The new policy will try to reduce the occurrence of such incidents.

New immigrant waiting period

The Australian government has added a waiting period to new immigrants.

Before the waiting period ends,

Immigrants will not be able to get the social benefits of subsistence allowances.

Background situation: After some skilled or business immigrants come to Australia, they do not work and mix with minimum living allowances.

Cashless debit card

The Australian government will extend the existing cashless savings card activities,

And promote it to more regions.

Background: The cashless savings card is a form of social security currently being experimented by the Australian government. The government will provide these people with social security with a savings card that cannot withdraw cash. In this way, the government can determine that these subsistence allowances are spending their money on necessities (not on alcohol, gambling, and drugs)

Increased taxation of investment funds

The government will hold the investment fund

Real estate, land and farm income taxes and

The value increase tax is adjusted to 30%.

Background situation: The government has increased taxes on property held by investment funds, but this move will not affect ordinary farmers and property owners

Victorian e-waste recycling

In order to protect the environment from potentially harmful substances,

The Victorian government will

It is forbidden to throw e-waste in the trash can,

To prevent eventually entering the landfill.

E-waste includes

Mobile phones, TVs, radios, batteries and fluorescent lights.

Victorian residents need to

E-waste brought to

Designated community e-waste point.

After unified processing,

E-waste will be recycled safely.

How to find the nearest e-waste collection point to your home?

You can use the following websites,

Enter the residencepost code.

You can find the e-waste collection point closest to your home.

Changes in the repayment of the Higher Education Loan Program (HELP)

Changes to the Higher Education Loan Program (HELP)

Will take effect on July 7 this year.

The repayment threshold will be from

Last year's pre-tax annual salary of $51,957 fell to $45,881.

That is,

When your pre-tax annual income after employment reaches $45,881,

You need to start paying back the student loan.

The repayment rate is 1%.

But your annual income before taxes is

From $52,974 to $56,151,

Your repayment rate will rise to 2%.

It is reported that,

Lower repayment threshold

Can be for the Australian government

Annual income of 3.457 million Australian dollars.

Increase in work bonuses for seniors

The Australian government implemented a

Elderly retirees

"Work Bonus"

(Work bonus) system.

This system

Can allow retired employees

In the case of receiving pension benefits normally,

Can work legally,

Earn a salary of $250 AUD per week.

From January 7 this year,

This system will increase from 250 Australian dollars to 300 Australian dollars.

Changes to the Pension Loan Scheme (PLS)

Want to apply

Pension loan plan

(Pension Loans Scheme)

Must reach pension, bereavement allowance,

Eligibility for caregiver allowance etc.

And also to test personal assets and income,

Repayment amount

(Payment rate)

Both must be higher than 0 Australian dollars.

But from July 7 this year,

You can also apply for pension loans if the repayment amount is 0 Australian dollars.


Singles can get a loan of $11 per year,

Couples can get a loan of $17 per year.

Power company reform

From September 7th,

The power company must give

All small businesses and residential households

A'default market price' set by the government.

At the default market price,

Electricity companies cannot charge electricity prices higher than this default market price.

This highest price will be in South Australia,

NSW is also enforced in Southeast Queensland.

As long as it is lower than this highest market price,

Power companies can still set prices freely.

Background situation: In the past, in some cases, due to various reasons, power companies may charge electricity fees much higher than market prices for certain regions or individual businesses. This new policy means that power companies cannot do this.

Victoria needs to pay "luxury car tax"

From February 7nd,

The Victorian government is ahead of other states,

Victorian luxury car owners will have to pay

"Luxury car tax" this new tax.

The price of the vehicle is

A $100,000-$150,000 car owner,

Need to pay 7% "luxury car tax"!

Car owners with a vehicle price of more than $150,000,

Need to pay 9% "luxury car tax"!

The implementation of this new policy is to encourage new energy,

So if the owner drives an energy-efficient luxury car,

Then there will be no need to pay the "luxury car tax."

Victorian land transfer fees rise

Victoria will increase land transfer fees from July 7.

The specific charging standards are as follows:

Details can be viewed on the official website of the Victorian Government:

Tax increases for Victorian overseas investors

Starting on September 7,

Victoria will raise the tax rate for overseas investors to pay taxes on property purchases!

Increase from 7% to 8%!

Victorian land idle tax

(Taxes paid by non-present landowners) tax rate

Will rise from 1.5% to 2%!

It is adjacent to a private house, but there is no land for building,

The tax exemption once enjoyed will be cancelled.

To prevent land mergers.

Australia visa fees increase

The Australian government has decided that starting from July 7,

All visa categories in Australia

(Except for the 600 category visitor visa) application fee will beIncreased by 5.4%.

From today,

  • Business immigrant visa: entrepreneur: from $3,755 to $3,958;
  • Business immigration: important investor visa: from $7,310 to $7,705
  • Skilled immigration visa: from $3,755 to $3,958;
  • Spouse visa: from $7,160 to $7,547;
  • Employer sponsored visa (TSS-STSOL): from $1,175 to $1,238;
  • Employer sponsored visa (TSS-MLTSSL): increased from $2,455 to $2,587;
  • Employer sponsored immigrant visa (ENS/RSMS): increased from $3,755 to $3,958;
  • Student visa: from $575 to $606;
  • Temporary graduate visa: from $1,535 to $1,618;