How troublesome is divorce in Australia?

Once it gets divorced,

A series of issues such as the division of property will be involved.

In order to defend their rights,

Will hire lawyers to work for their own benefit.

But how expensive are legal fees in Australia?

I believe that even if you haven’t hired a lawyer before,

Also heard!

The cost of a lawsuit is more expensive than the property you get!


Australia is preparing for a new law

To control those

Lawyers who maliciously delay the case to get more attorney fees...

So what should a lawyer do for divorce in Australia?

Please look down

Divorce became a rally

A woman from Australia,

In divorce proceedings,

To prove that her ex-husband concealed property from her,

A divorce lawsuit lasted for 14 years...

16 law firms involved...

Legal counsel alone has

There are 8 senior legal advisers and 14 junior legal advisers...

As for divorce lawyer fees...

More than the final compensation!

The couple married in 1994,

Separated since 2005,

A few months later they started a lawsuit.

The judges all sighed for this:

"The time the two of them spent on divorce,

It took longer than they were married. "

It is reported that,

This woman’s ex-husband is a card player,

Belongs to a global gaming group that is not publicly announced.

The woman said,

Before their marriage broke up,

The former husband told the court in a testimony,

He owns A$1.5 million worth of shares in this gaming group.

She insisted on the existence of these money,

So in divorce proceedings,

The woman asked her ex-husband

Provide her with spouse support of 27.8 yuan per month.

Including the necessary expenses of $1573 ​​per week,

$1560 clothing fee,

Gifts, beauty and cosmetics fees of AUD 615 per week

And a weekly entertainment fee of AUD 350,

But they were all rejected.

At last,

The court did not find that her ex-husband had hidden any property.

And her maintenance expenses,

Is also making her give up

The interests of family businesses and trust companies,

And after giving up ownership of several properties around the world,

In exchange,

Give her 200 million Australian dollars,

800 properties for $5 million

And another $100 million in company stock.

The woman finally received a total of about 1500 million yuan in cash and assets.

But this 14-year legal dispute,

But let the lawyers who took over the case become the biggest beneficiaries!

Two dogs fight, play off

The woman gave a deductible lawyer's fee as high as 4000 million Australian dollars!

Chinese students spend 22 in divorce lawsuits

In October 2017,

A piece of news about a divorce lawsuit in Melbourne,

Hotly discussed by people...

Two students in their early 20s,

Divorced after a short 19-month marriage...

Because of financial entanglements,

Both parties began to ask lawyers to go to court...

And they have to get a lawyer

Mainly for a car

The German luxury car is now $7 AUD from the market,

And a house...

It is reported that,

This car was bought by the woman’s family for 12 Australian dollars.

The man’s family offered 6 Australian dollars when buying the car.

And 38 yuan of funds for the house came from the woman,

4 from before the divorce

Income from joint business of both parties.

This lawsuit lasted for 26 months...

The man thinks:

"The car is registered under my name, it should belong to me"

The woman thinks:

"Our family accounts for most of the money, so everything should be given to me"

For this reason, the two parties have been arguing,

At last,

Both parties on the attorney's fee

$225,000 has been spent,

Far exceeds the value of the car 3 times!


The woman spent 16 on lawyer's fees and got $34,520 from the car.

The man spent $66,000 on lawyers' fees and got $42,480 from the car.

The two parties could share more than $120 million for the car and the house.

But in the end because of the long lawsuit rally

Let the lawyer earn a lot of money!

Sky-high divorce lawsuit fees will be rectified

Australian Law Reform Commission


Recently said

In divorce lawsuits in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne,

"Each party’s litigation costs usually exceed 30 yuan,

Sometimes even more than 100 million yuan"!

but now,

The Morrison administration is ready to rectify

Those lawyers who deliberately delayed the proceedings,

And severely crack down on high-priced litigation fees.

And ask a lawyer

As fast, cheap and as possible

Effectively promote the fair resolution of disputes,

And bear the litigation costs.

this way

Will help Australian families

Spend less time

Deal with expensive and lengthy legal disputes.

ALRC Chairman Sarah Derrington said,

Some couples spend all their property on litigation fees.

And what the official needs to do is,

Quick decision,

To prevent lawyers from raising costs.

How much does the lawyer's fee cost?

They all say:

In a lawsuit, the "win" is the lawyer.

Is it really?

Once you hear the word "lawyer",

Most people might think

Expensive litigation and expensive legal fees,

But is this really the case?

Know the fees of Australian lawyers

Will help ensure that you are

You can confidently know how much you will pay:


The price of hiring a lawyer

When you need a lawyer,

It is also the time when you need help most in your life.

Maybe your safety, property, freedom

Or other human rights are violated,


You are in an unfair situation

Lost money or property.


How much should you pay for this help?

You need to know:

*About 70% of the lawyer price

Controlled by the 2015 "Uniform Fee Act"

*All lawyers should give you a price agreement in advance.

A lawyer must:

1. Tell you clearly how much his charge is or how it is calculated.

2. Provide you with a "price agreement".

3. Answer all questions related to legal fees.

*The hourly salary of most lawyers is between $350-$650,

The minimum will not be less than $200 an hour.

You don’t need to pay for the lawyer’s time to study your case.

But other miscellaneous events,

Such as calling, copying documents, etc.

May cause additional overhead.

*Specific lawyer hourly salary,

It should be determined by the qualifications of the lawyer and the size of the firm as well as

The nature of the case and your location will be determined.


Price agreement

You need to know:

1. Make sure you can receive a price agreement that can be used as proof.

Same as other forms of contract. Everyone must first write down the price agreement in literal form and keep it in order to avoid future disputes.

2. The structure of attorney fees may be difficult to understand.

The calculation method of attorney's fees may be difficult for many people to understand, especially when it comes to knowing which things are a one-time payment, and those things are calculated on the hourly salary. Moreover, many lawyers may add some working hours that their clients do not know to the final price.

3. Even if you win your case, you may still have to pay your attorney's fees.

Winning a case in court does not mean that the losing party has to bear all your attorney fees. In many cases, the attorney fees they pay are only a small part of your general attorney fees.

4. The cost of going to court may reach tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of Australian dollars.

Attorney fees in court often amount to tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of Australian dollars. Without the certainty of victory, this huge cost may be very unbearable.


Hourly wage vs one-time payment

When you hire your lawyer on an hourly rate,

You want them to be fast at the same time,

And make no mistakes.

But sometimes, it is difficult to have both.

Adam Long once hired a lawyer

Go help him customize the contract.

But his lawyer is not only slow,

I often make mistakes.

Adam said:

"When we met,

I found him typing with only two fingers!

When he wrote my name and address,

Very slow! "

"I realized then that his work efficiency is definitely not fast!

of course,

He makes $550 per hour!

He probably didn't plan to type fast! "

"after that,

I was desperate to find

In that completed contract,

Not only the names of the lawyers and other clients,

There are still many typos.

What's more outrageous is that

I have to pay for the lawyer to correct the wrong time. "

And when Adams finds a lawyer next time,

He insisted on oneFixed price agreement

You need to know:

1. Fixed price agreement

May allow you to avoid unnecessary risks and expenses.

But in complex cases,

A fixed price agreement may not be realistic.

2. If you do not use a fixed price agreement,

You should always monitor and check current expenses.

3. A fixed price agreement means,

You don't have to worry about the lawyer wasting time at will to make your money.

This price agreement generally applies to:

Prepare suicide note, write contract, lease agreement, real estate transfer, etc.


Is "no money for not winning the lawsuit" worth it?

Price agreement

It often appears in cases where the win rate is high.

The firm may because of the risks they have to take,

And take away more compensation for you.

Even in this case,

You may still have to pay for medical reports, court fees, etc.

Payment of third-party fees.

If you lose the lawsuit,

You may be asked,

Pay a portion of the other party’s legal fees.


Less expensive option

Government legal service agency

Can be by phone

Help you solve some simple legal problems for free.

They may also help you for free or at a low price

Solve slightly complicated legal issues or cases.

But it depends on a series of factors,

Including: your own financial situation, the nature of your case.

Non-profit organizations may be able to provide you with legal services,

But often they only provide basic services,

Or only provide services for fixed disadvantaged groups.

Certain DIY methods may allow you to bypass the huge legal expenses.

But it may also cause

The results you get are not recognized by the law

(Such as contract, suicide note)


Attorney's fee dispute

If you are dissatisfied with your lawyer's fees,

You should communicate with your lawyer first,

Try to reach a mutually satisfactory agreement first.

If you can’t agree,

Every state in Australia

Each has its own official organization that can help you solve the problem:

* NSW Office of the Legal Services Commissioner.

* Victoria Legal Services Board + Commissioner.

* Queensland Legal Services Commission

* SA Legal Profession Conduct Commissioner.

* WA Legal Practice Board of WA.

* NT Law Society NT.

* Tasmania Law Society of Tasmania.

* ACT ACT Law Society.

If you are newcomers to Australia, you really need to spend some time to understand Australia’s legal system, which is very different from China to avoid unnecessary losses. If it can be resolved through negotiation, try to adjust it privately. It takes time and effort, and the results may often exceed what you can afford.