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It’s a frightening topic,

How many families are due to this disease

Exhausted family wealth, family broke and people died,

What everyone never expected is that

Our specialty in China,

It turned out to be a magical shot...

1.Tea extract becomes a gospel for women

In today's highly developed technology, cancer is still an unsolved problem.

And the new research found that

Oolong tea from China,

Can damage breast cancer cells,

People who drink a lot of oolong tea

The risk of breast cancer is low.

(Image source: medical news today.)

It is reported that a new study shows that Oolong tea may have secret anti-cancer properties.

Despite recent advances in screening procedures and treatments, breast cancer remains the most common form of cancer and the second leading cause of cancer deaths in women.

According to estimates by the American Cancer Society,

More than 2017 women in the U.S. in 25

Got breast cancer,

More than 4 people died as a result.

In this case, researchers still need more effective prevention and treatment strategies. In addition, considering the side effects of chemotherapy, the demand for non-toxic drug substitutes is also very urgent.

With these goals in mind, scientists studied the potential benefits of oolong tea and some green teas for breast cancer, and found that certain compounds have anti-cancer effects. However, few studies have investigated these in detail.

Now, the good news is here!

A study focused on the potential anti-cancer functions of oolong tea was introduced. Dr. Chunfa Huang, associate research professor of internal medicine at St. Louis University in Missouri, started this new research.

Huang and his colleagues published their report on detailed research on oolong tea in the "Anti-Cancer Research" magazine. They believe that in the near future, oolong tea extracts can truly benefit women!

2.Tea is closely related to male reproductive health

Drinking tea is not only good for women’s health,

It is also beneficial to men’s health.

(Image source: Oxford Academic)

A research report published in the American Journal of Epidemiology showed that the incidence of prostate cancer in Asian men is much lower than that in Western populations. This is likely to be related to environmental factors such as eating habits. Researchers at Oxford University show:

As Asian people drink a lot of green tea,

Their chances of a cure for prostate cancer

Greatly promoted!

The JPHC study (a prospective study based on the Japan Public Health Center) was established in 1990 for the first cohort, and the second team of investigators was established in 1993.

Their research objects are49 men aged 920-40These people completed a questionnaire, including their usual green tea consumption habits, and the researchers tracked them until the end of 2004.

During this period, 404 men were newly diagnosed with prostate cancer, of which 114 patients were getting worse, 271 patients had local symptoms, and 19 patients were unclear.

Although there are still men suffering from the disease, what surprised investigators is that drinking tea is associated with a dose-dependent reduction in the risk of advanced prostate cancer.

The multivariate relative risk is 0.52, namely

The scientists compared

Drink 5 cups or more a day,

And the male group less than 1 cup/day,

They found that green tea may reduce the risk of advanced prostate cancer.

Help them turn from danger to safety...

3.The inner link between tea and longevity

If coffee is flowing in the blood of Australians, then tea is flowing in the blood of Chinese people. The Chinese people's love for tea can be traced back to the Shennong period. Lu Yu's "Tea Classic" says: "Tea is for drinking, originated from the Shennong clan, and smelled by Lu Zhougong. As early as the Shennong period, tea and its medicinal value have been discovered and gradually evolved from medicinal use into daily beverages.

According to statistics, nearly 160 billion people in 30 countries and regions around the world have the habit of drinking tea. This means that three out of four countries like to drink tea; two out of five people drink tea.

And its Chinese tea production ranks first in the world!

China produces 198 million tons of tea every year,

566 grams per capita.

Many people will find that Asians age much more slowly than Europeans. Excluding genes and bone features, tea can be said to be one of the best!

A survey on the secrets of longevity for centenarians found that XNUMX% of the centenarians are addicted to tea, and XNUMX% of the centenarians have the habit of drinking tea. Therefore, centenarians who love to drink tea are called "tea longevity" by longevity research institutes.

It is reported that the antioxidant effect of tea is equivalent to 12 bottles of white wine! According to the results of antioxidant experiments, in terms of antioxidant effect,


In addition to being compared with beverages, its anti-aging effects can also compete with vitamins:

Anti-aging ability is 18 times stronger than vitamin E!

The test results of Japanese researchers confirmed that the anti-aging effect of tea polyphenols is 18 times stronger than that of vitamin E.

At last,

Everyone quickly put down the carbonated drinks in their hands,

Throw into the embrace of tea!