Big news!

Just now, the Victorian Minister of Transport officially announced

Melbourne Flinders St will be closed soon!

This one is three years!

From July 9 this year

Between Elizabeth and Swanston St

All two eastbound lanes of Flinders St

Will be completely closed!

Pedestrians and private cars are all impassable!

A copy of this main road in the CBD,

Melburnians are miserable

Nearby businesses have decided to close their doors.

Commuters must detour in advance!

And all this,

All for the cost of 110 billion Australian dollars

The Metro Tunnel project gives way...

The Age:

Flinders St will be closed for three years

Three roads in CBD have been sealed for three years!

According to the latest report from The Age, the Victorian Minister of Transport has just released the official news:

In order to make way for the Metro Tunnel project, two east-bound lanes on Melbourne Flinders St (between Elizabeth and Swanston St)

Will be completely closed from September 9nd!

Pedestrians and private cars are impassable!

The editor originally thought that it was not a big problem to close the two roads, but after checking the map, I was blinded.

There are only two roads eastward along Flinders St!

It is equivalent to saying that there are only two in total, and they are all sealed, and I think about it later!

But in fact, road closure is not the point. The point is that the government has not announced a clear reopening date...

The government expects that if the construction goes well

Flinders St eastbound will reopen at the end of 2020.

If the efficiency is not high and the construction is not going well

It may not open until the end of 2022 three years later...

This time, the editor thinks that the Victorian government may be "smart", and I know that the efficiency of Turkey and Australia is not very reliable.

So I didn’t boast that Haikou promised everyone the opening date

To avoid that the work is not finished when it is time, the original date has to be delayed again and again...

Up to now, together with the newly announced Flinders St eastbound road, in order to construct the Metro Tunnel project in Melbourne CBD

There are already three main roads in central Melbourne

It has been closed for at least three years!

The specific information is as follows, commuters must pay attention!

Flinders St east

Road closure information:

Between Elizabeth and Swanston St

All 2 eastbound roads

Road closure time:

July 2019, 9 – July 2, 2022

alternative plan:

-Pedestrians can use Degraves St

-Private cars need to detour in advance

-Tram runs as usual

Flinders St West

Road closure information:

Between Russell and Swanston streets

1 west turn left road (2 in total)

Road closure time:

July 2018, 10 – July 9, 2022

alternative plan:

Use the remaining left turn road or detour ahead of time

Literature Lane

Road closure information:

East entrance

Road closure time:

2019年7月10日 – 2020年6月15日(预计)

alternative plan:

Enter from west entrance

Cost 110 billion Australian dollars,
What will CBD look like in three years?

Anyway, in recent years, Melbourne Flinders Station is expected to extend to a large part of the State Library

Will keep repairing

It is initially expected to toss until 2025!

Because the Melbourne Municipal Government is doing its best to dig pits in the CBD underground!

Just to quickly complete the mega project Metro Tunnel, which cost 110 billion Australian dollars!

You must have never imagined that the current underground of Melbourne CBD has been dug like this...

The Melbourne Transport Minister claimed in a recent interview:

At present, 7 giant excavators have been put into use underground in the CBD

Four are used for the State Library Station, and the remaining three are used for the Town Hall Station.

The entire Metro Tunnel project will excavate more than 500,000 tons of soil, rock and other materials in total

It is equivalent to digging out nearly 70 Olympic swimming pools!

When the entire project is completed, an additional 10 commuters will be transported during the morning rush hour!

Official data show that the Metro Tunnel is about 9 kilometers long, extending from South Kensington to South Yarra.

In the middle, it will pass through five stations: North Melbourne, Parkville, State Library, Town Hall and Anzac.

The government promised to use the latest security black technology in the station platform to monitor station safety in real time in 360 degrees without blind spots.

But in fact, this big Metro project has been prepared since 2016...