They eat human flesh, suck human blood, and gnaw bones

They make peopleLife is better than death

Finally even"Eat people completely"!

These are not the plots in the zombie movie

It's real, it exists in our real life!

(The news pictures in this article will cause unpleasant viewing,

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In the first two days, when countless Australians were enjoying their weekend holidays, the health department in Victoria, Australia was still working overtime. Everyone was anxious!

They asked the media to issue an emergency notice to the public!

this year,

It's making a comeback again!

163 cases have been confirmed!Two new cases have been confirmed recently in Melbourne's West End!

It is expected that in the coming months,Their spread will reach a peak!Australia is in a hurry!

It refers to what makes Australians frightenedFlesh phages!


How fierce is the flesh-eating bacteria? After eating a bite of oysters, the Chinese aunt can only save her limbs by amputation!

The 68-year-old Aunt Wang from Shenzhen usually buys oysters from the market and makes them home to eat.

Last time, after she finished eating raw oysters, she had redness and swelling in her calf. At first, she didn't care about it, thinking that she had accidentally injured her.

However, the situation began to deteriorate the next day, the whole leg was red, swollen and black, and the whole leg was terrible and shocking! Symptoms such as diarrhea and abdominal pain also appeared.

The family rushed her to the hospital for treatment, and the doctor diagnosed her as a Vibrio vulnificus infection. Because the infection was very serious, the doctor decided to amputate Aunt Wang!

Aunt Wang was able to save her life after the emergency operation.


Australian woman took a bite of raw oysters, bloody and bloody after 48 hours

The natural waters make Australia's seafood world famous, especially the tender and juicy oysters. Many people who visit Australia will choose to go to the Fish market to taste the freshest oysters.

In October 2017, Janet came to Sydney to visit relatives and friends, and by the way, he feasted on the local marketAte some oysters, I didn't expect to feel uncomfortable after eating, and itchy.

Then start on the legThe rash is a bit like an allergy, Rash part after 48 hoursSevere festering, Like in the movie "Travel to Busan"Bitten by a zombie, Flesh and blood, pain unbearable.

At first Janet didn't notice, he thought it was a general allergy, and it was fine after two days. Seeing that the situation was not right, Janet went to the hospital for treatment immediately.

According to the doctor's diagnosis, her condition is Flesh eating bacteria infection, which is a marine Vibrio vulnificus, which is not uncommon in recent years. Once infected, her life is worrying!

Jenite fought a desperate battle with carnivorous bacteria in the hospital. Although the doctor injected her with large doses of antibiotics, it was ultimately because the bacteria had spread throughout the body, causing multiple organ infections and necrosis.

The 55-year-old Janet finally passed away... It was originally a good day to enjoy the free time of life, but suffered such misfortune.

According to Dailymail, Australia’s official CDC stated that eating raw oysters will causeSarcophagus infection, This highly lethal "human-eating" bacteria has beenRages across Australia, even "eaten" the infected, Causing panic across Australia!

Meat phages are pervasive

Swimming, bathing, playing barefoot, handling seafood...

If you think that this deadly bacteria is only infected by eating raw oysters, you are quite wrong. The usual details in life may be the scene where it encounters us. It will enter the human body with the help of multiple sources of infection.


Go barefoot into the gym, and get skinned by meat!

In Australia, a particularly popular fitness place, many men are keen on sweating in the gym.

In 2016, a man in Queensland, after going to the gym to exercise, was going to take a shower first. After he washed off his sweat, he went home and rested. However, he forgot to bring his shoes and took a barefoot bath.

Not long after returning homeStart to itch, There were lumps on the soles of the feet, and he didn't care too much at first.Thought it had corns(plantar wart), based on the experience posted on the Internet, bought some over-the-counter medicines and tried some earthwork to try to remove the "corns."

After half a year, there was no effect, but more and more, he decided to see a doctor. The doctor checked that it was not a normal skin disease, but an infection.Human papilloma virus (HPV), Due to the delay of the previous illness for too long, he did not seek medical treatment in time.

As a result, the wound has changed from one to five, and the wound is 1 cm long. Not only is it unable to walk normally, but the whole foot is swollen.

Until February 2017, he underwent surgeryCut off the infected part, And carried out skin grafting, and implanted part of the cod’s body directly on the soles of the man’s feet. After a month in bed, he finally moved around normally.


Mosquito bites, skin rot and ulcers, bones!

A few years ago in Melbourne, Australia, there was also an outbreak of a suspicious mosquito-borne sarcophagus. After the patient was bitten by the insect, the skin would slowly rot and sometimes even ulcerated to the bone.

The patient is not unusual at first, but as the condition worsens, severe cases may even require amputation.


The tattoo went swimming in the sea for five days and died of organ failure two months later!

In the summer of 2017, Tasmania was experiencing high temperatures. A 31-year-old man could not stand the heat. He was on his right calf.After getting the tattoo, I didn’t listen to the advice of the tattoo master, and went swimming in the sea five days later.

A few days later, he began to have a fever and chills all over, the tattoo and other parts of his legs began to flush, and when he went to the hospital, the erythema turned purple.Grow big blisters.

Although he was treated with antibiotics, he still caused septic shock, a complication of hypotension caused by infection.

The hospital carried out further treatment for him-raising blood pressure and cleaning the wound. The man's condition has improved and he has gradually improved after a few weeks. But after that, the condition deteriorated again,Two months later, he died of liver damage, kidney failure, and skin tissue lesions.

In addition to Australia, other parts of the world are also suffering from this cannibal bacteria!


Flesh-eating bacteria swallows the body, legs become "zombie legs" amputated to save lives

Moore, a 2016-year-old boy in Detroit in 12, loves sports and is active and active. After participating in baseball that day, he felt that there was something behind his knees.Strange swellingAnd the calf is tight,

Then he developed fever and aGreen rash, It didn’t take long for the calf to start blistering and the condition began to deteriorate rapidly...

Meat phagocytic bacteria spread on his legs, eating his meat and bones, his feet became"Zombie Legs", All turned black,Like wood burned by fire, The doctor recommends rapid amputation to prevent the spread of sarcophagus,

Seven days later, his parents reluctantly agreed to the doctor's amputation in order to save the life of their loved one.


The cold is heavy and the physique declines, cannibal bacteria eat the nose and mouth

In 2014, a 34-year-old British man, Louise, was infected with beta-hemolytic streptococcus A due to a bad cold. This bacteria is a type of sarcophagus. Streptococcus causes Lewis sepsis and toxic shock syndrome.

Directly let his organ failure coma for a week. The germs not only swallowed his arms, legs and face,

Even more unsightly is that he "eaten" Louis' lips and nose.

The doctor tried his best to treat him. For a 20-hour operation, the doctor used the skin and flesh on his shoulder to help Louis"Reshape" the lips.

Meat phagocytic bacteria can not only ulcerate the skin and swallow organs, but in more serious cases, it can quickly kill you. Flesh phages favoriteEnter the body through the wound, The infection speed is extremely fast!


What is a meat phagocytosis

After seeing so many horror cases, then this one will eat peopleWhat is "cannibalism"? How terrible is it?

Flesh eating bacteria is not a single bacterium, but refers to some that cause "necrotizing musculitis"Mixed bacteriaThe most common ones are Streptococcus pyogenes, Vibrio vulnificus, Staphylococcus aureus, etc.

Because this bacteria "eats" fat and fascia and has a strong ability to reproduce, it can quickly produce a large amount of toxins and erode the body tissue. If it is not removed in time, the bacteria will "eat" the patient from the inside. A terrible name "meat-eating bacteria" or "meat-eating bacteria"

Peak outbreak period:Flesh phagesIn May to OctoberIs the high outbreak period

Clinical illness

Early stage: The symptoms are similar to flu, including fever, muscle aches, and sore throat. The skin is red, swollen, hot, hard, swollenFuchsia flake, The boundary is unclear, and accompanied by strong pain.

Mid-term: The skin wound of the patient will become more and more painful, and the body temperature will become higher and higher. The infected part becomes more bright red and the skin color graduallyPurple, black, Bloody fluid blisters and bullae are gradually increasing due to the destruction of blood vessels.

Later stage: Symptoms such as diarrhea and fever occur, slow response, loss of consciousness, multiple organ failure, and necrotic black eschar with flushing around the skin, similar to a third degree burn. When the poisoning cannot be cured, it will be caused byDeath from sepsis or shock.

way for spreading

Raw seafood:Meat phagocytic bacteria are very easy to appear on seafood, and most of the cases involved are related to seafood. Fishing, diving, or buying seafood in the market and hurting your hands with seafood can all be infected with carnivorous bacteria, but among the many ways of infection,The highest risk of eating oysters.

Warm offshore bacteria: High water temperature is easy to breed bacteria, bacteria enter the human body through wounds, and then destroy body tissues and cause life-threatening situations.

Large wounds on the surface of the body:The flesh-eating bacteria love to drill into the wound and devour human life step by step by invading the wound!

surgery:Cesarean section, hysterectomy, small incision salpingectomy, laparoscopy, etc.

Easy to get infected in these cases

1. A wound was drawn when weeding the garden

2. Stabbed while fishing, diving, washing shrimp or crab

3. Bitten by tiny insects or animals

4. Subcutaneous injection of insulin

Vulnerable population

Uncontrolled diabetes

People who have kidney failure and need continuous dialysis

Those who take cholesterol medication for a long time

Patients with blood diseases such as leukemia, thalassemia, etc.

The elderly or those with weakened immunity


Intravenous drug use

Long-term use of glucocorticoids

Chronic skin ulcers

Men over 50 are at greater risk of infection

Children with chickenpox

Adults infected with shingles


How to avoid deadly carnivorous bacteria?

(Very important, it is recommended to collect!)

According to the Australian Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Australian Centers for Disease Control and Prevention),Approximately 100 people die of vibriosis in Australia every year, and vibriosis is just one of the more common types of bacteriophages.

It can be seen how many people's lives are eaten by flesh-eating bacteria each year, so how do you protect yourself from deadly diseases?

Don't do these easily infected things!

1. When there is trauma on your body, do not touch water that may carry germs, especially warm sea water, swimming pool water, etc.

2. Don't handle raw seafood when there is a wound on your hand.

If you are scratched by seafood, immediately wash the wound with clean water and disinfect the wound with alcohol and saline in time.

3. Try to avoid going barefoot into the gym, steam room, public bathroom, etc.

If you have a wound on your body, it is best to use a sterile tissue to disinfect it before using public fitness equipment.

Don't eat these foods that carry germs!

1. Tap water

2. Raw rice

3. Oyster

4. Vegetables and fruits that have been cut/washed outside

5. Raw bean sprouts

6. Semi-cooked meat and uncooked eggs

7. Unpasteurized milk and juice


What should I do if something is wrong?

(Very important, it is recommended to collect!)

For example, in the stage of decreased resistance, or in the case of wounds, exposure to the high-risk environment of meat phages. Afterwards, skin redness, pain, fever, etc. appear,

Don't be lucky, seek medical attention immediately, and don't delay, otherwise your life will be in danger!

With the increase in cases of meat-eating bacteria, the editor recommends that everyone must be vigilant, and must not underestimate meat-eating bacteria, seek medical treatment in time, and take care of your health!

At the same time, in summer, try not to eat raw shellfish. If you have a wound, you should avoid swimming in sea water.

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