"Please fasten your seat belt and put away the small table,

The plane is about to take off"

As the broadcast of the final notes in the broadcast ends,

An international flight enters taxi to take off

The critical stage!

Acceleration acceleration acceleration,

The plane is about to take off,

At this moment, an accident happened.

1. The cabin safety door opens wide

After the aircraft has entered the critical state of taxiing to takeoff,

All passengers are ready to take off.

at this time,

Suddenly there was a loud "bang" on the flight!

And accompanied by a gust of cold wind blowing into the cabin.

Let everyone shiver!

All passengers on the plane were taken aback, something went wrong on the plane?Is it going to explode? Everyone fell into unprecedented despair.

When the flight attendants heard the noise, of course they rushed to the scene at the first time. They were dumbfounded at the scene:

It turned out to be a young Chinese male passenger

A safety door on the left side of the fuselage was opened!

As the aircraft is accelerating,

high speed,

The cold wind from outside the aircraft poured into the cabin.

The crew immediately took emergency measures,

The plane stopped.

This is an international flight from Don Muang Airport in Bangkok, Thailand to Wuhan Tianhe Airport. There are 186 passengers at the airport, mostly Chinese.

A passenger on the plane said that when he turned his head inadvertently, he saw a tall and thin young man sitting in the back row who suddenly stood up during the takeoff of the plane.

Reach into a gap in the safety door,

And pulled it down.

Then, the security door opened!

After the door opened, nearby passengers immediately shouted: "What are you doing with the door open?" The flight attendant also hurried to the safety door.

At this time, the young man was also frightened, and kept apologizing to the flight attendant, "I'm sorry, I don't know."

The tour guide of a tour group on the plane said that he was sitting in the fifth row and the man who opened the security door was sitting in row B of the plane 12.

At that time, he heard a "bang" and then saw the flight attendant hurriedly rushing to the middle of the fuselage. He looked back and realized that someone had opened the safety door.

"Fortunately, the plane has not yet taken off. If the safety door is opened at an altitude of XNUMX meters, everyone on board will be in danger.

Because of the unbalanced high air pressure,

186 passengers will be sucked out of the window instantly!

After the fruit is unimaginable!

Soon after the plane stopped taking off, a local Thai police boarded the plane and took the guy off the plane.

Maintenance personnel at the airport also immediately started repairs to the security gate. About an hour later, the aircraft was repaired and flew back to Wuhan Tianhe Airport.

2.There are thousands of reasons to open the door

Such a thrilling scene,

It makes people deeply afraid,

However such a dramatic thing,

It's not the first time it has happened.

It is not uncommon for ignorant tourists to open the safety door when taking a plane, causing damage to the plane, and delays. Although repeated emphasis and focus, there are always some people who never listen carefully.

Reason XNUMX: "Go to the toilet"

On March 2012, 3, when a flight from Sanya to Chongqing was taxiing, a female passenger in her 30s wanted to go to the bathroom. She walked from her seat to the exit of the safety door at the rear of the plane and opened the safety door as a toilet door. , Resulting in the release of the aircraft emergency slide.

Reason XNUMX: "Get off the plane slowly"

During the May Day holiday this year, a Shandong Airlines flight SC8823 flew from Jinan to Zhoushan Putuo Mountain in Zhejiang Province.

Song was so anxious that he didn't want to wait in line to get off the plane because of the first flight, so he wanted to go out through the "side gate" (actually an emergency exit).

He even opened the safety door and planned to "find a shortcut" to get off the plane directly from the safety door.

As a result, the passenger not only caused huge economic losses to the airline, butDetained for 10 days.

Reason XNUMX: "Curious"

A female passenger in Xiamen heard the flight attendant's reminder that "can only be touched in an emergency" and wanted to try it, so she opened the emergency door and emergency slide.

After the incident, the flight was cancelled. The 113 passengers on board were transferred to other flights in the afternoon in two batches.In the end, she was detained for 12 days, and she also faced the airline may demand compensation of up to 10 yuan from the passenger for economic losses.

Reason XNUMX: "a little bored"

In 2014, on a flight about to take off at Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport, a passenger with a hat pulled open the safety door of the emergency exit of the cabin. The stewardess who came after hearing the news asked him the reason. He hesitated for a long time and said: "The plane is too boring, I want to open the door to breathe."

All passengers who have been on an airplane know this door. In an emergency, when the safety door is opened, an inflatable slide will automatically pop up to help passengers escape the airplane safely and quickly.

Most people are curious about security doors and want to know what happens when they are opened. Isn't it just a door? What's the big deal... But the door on the plane is really not something you can open as you want.

3.The cost of opening the security door without authorization in Australia

Don't think that violations of aircraft safety are only strictly controlled in China. In Australia, uncivilized flights and violations of aircraft safety regulations face punishments of deportation or even imprisonment!

According to Australian media reports, on a Qantas Airways A380 flying from Los Angeles to Sydney, a man tried to open the cabin door during the flight! Fortunately, the staff found and stopped him in time. He was also quickly arrested after the plane landed...

(Image source: Daily Mail)

It is reported that the American man named Manuel Victor Gonzalez, 49 years old, was sitting in seat 32A, which is the seat near the hatch.

Then, he suddenly wanted to open the door, and the passengers sitting around him were dumbfounded... But what was even more surprising was that when someone stopped him from asking him what he was doing, he said: I want to go out

(Image source: Daily Mail)

Then the crew successfully stopped him and called the police. After the plane landed safely, he was arrested by the police immediately.

Gonzalez, who was finally refused bail, was sentenced to 12 months in prison.

(Image source: Daily Mail)

Is it okay to want to go out in the air?

I didn’t expect Qantas to have more beautiful ones.

(Image source: News)

On a plane to Brisbane, a 25-year-old passenger from the Sunshine Coast was unwilling to wait for the last 15 minutes and tried to open the emergency exit after 10 hours of flying.

While the plane was still flying, he was pushed to the ground by another passenger and then arrested in Brisbane.

(Image source: Daily Mail)

After getting off the plane, the police are continuing to investigate the matter.

It is reported that the police in Australia open the emergency door at will, and the police will be charged with endangering the safety of the aircraft, which carries a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison.

At last,

Don’t be capricious on the plane,

Once danger occurs,

Your life is small,

Can you pay for the lives of others?