More than 10 years ago, there was a movie called "Human Skin Inn".

It is about an underground killing club in Slovakia that specializes in kidnapping tourists

For the rich

Killing for fun.

After seeing it, many people are terrified, their backs are cold, Slovakia's tourism industry

Was a devastating blow.

Some people think that the psychology of the director of this film is really abnormal.

But director Eli Roth said that all of this is

Based on real events.

On a Thai website, there is a transaction that makes money by killing people.

As long as you pay $1, you can kill anyone at will.

If you need, you can even record the killing process into a video for later collection.

In this worldReally existsMany dangerous corners that you don’t even know,

Unimaginable evil acts. .

The NCIC report released by the FBI shows that

The number of missing persons registered every year exceeds 60!

These people who disappeared suddenly out of thin air

Where did they go?

Some of them were kidnapped andOrgans removed;

Some were put on the dark web and marked prices,

Are sold all over the worldWork hard, sex slaves. . .

In the dark web,

Only you dare not think,

I dare not do it without them.


The truth about Zhang Yingying's case is revealed, the suspect is a deep-net user

On the 734th day of the murder of Chinese scholar Zhang Yingying, this case has affected countless Chinese people.

Finally the truth came to light.

More and more details of the murder were revealed. . .


In June 2017, Zhang Yingying rushed to sign the lease of the new apartment, but because she missed the bus, she was very anxious.

At this time, the long-planned suspect Christensen took the initiative to step forward.

Pretending to be a policeman, he said he could take her to the destination.

The kind-hearted Zhang Yingying believed him credulously.

She couldn't think of a huge danger

Was approaching her silently.

Subsequently, she was taken back to the apartment by Christensen.

There, he cut Zhang Yingying's clothes and raped her,

To prevent her from screaming, also

Strangling her throat,

Up to 10 minutes.

During the whole process, Zhang Yingying fought fiercely.

Even more cruel, after venting the animal desires, he pulled her to the bathroom.

Crack the skull with a baseball bat,

Last alive

Cut off Zhang Yingying's head,

I don't know where the body was thrown.

Afterwards, I also bought a lot of cleaning supplies (Drano, a chemical product used to clear the drain, and a 13-gallon (equivalent to 2.6 barrels of water volume) kitchen garbage bags.)

After making such a cruel act, the police discovered that he actually

No fear at all. .

I went to Zhang Yingying's memorial service if nothing happened.


Walking in the crowd. .

In the parade looking for Zhang Yingying, someone also photographed Christensen.

No one has the answer to how ruthless a person can be.

What kind of environment is it

Nourish such a terrible heart?

The police investigation found that before the incident, Christensen had browsed one on the dark web several times

"Perverted social networking site",

Checked the posts about "perfect kidnapping fantasy" and "concept kidnapping".

This website is full of

Information on sexual abuse, perversions and fetishes,

There are also various extreme, cruel, abnormal videos and pictures,

Completely subvert the perception of human nature.

It’s just such a website that played a role in "helping the abuser" in the case of Zhang Yingying's disappearance.

Provide a "full set of theoretical tutorials" for suspects committing crimes.

Zhang Yingying is just

One of countless dark web victims,

In the dark web world, innocent victims like Zhang Yingying,

There are countless.


The main business of the dark web: human trafficking

On the surface, the dark web is like a dark version of a shopping site.

Provide gun purchase, money laundering, assassination, drug trafficking and other services.

But in fact, human trafficking is the main business of the dark web.

Many people on the dark web, especially women and children

Clearly marked for sale.

In 2017, a 20-year-old British model named Chloe received a photography announcement from Milan.

This is a well-known studio and invited her to film in Milan...

Chloe thought it was a rare opportunity and went.

The agreed place is near Milan’s Central Station,

Located in the bustling city,

Very lively.

That's it, ChloeUnguardedEntered the "studio".

As soon as she entered, she was dumbfounded. The light inside is dark, without any shooting equipment, and empty,

Like an abandoned warehouse...

As soon as Chloe reacted to escape, she was held back by two big guys.

One person covered her mouth from behind,

Another person with a mask on her right arm

An injection of anesthetic,

She immediately lost consciousness, was tied up, stuffed into a sack, and thrown into the trunk of the car.

When she woke up, her mouth was sealed with tape,

Both the wrists and ankles were shackled.

A week later, her nude pictures appeared on the dark web,

And was auctioned off at a price of 30 euros.

"Global shipping,

Free shipping in Europe,

Can be used for any purpose".

She is like an object, marked with height, weight, measurements, race,

Let anyone trade.

Fortunately, the police arrived in time and rescued Chloe who had been handcuffed to the closet for 6 days.

But not everyone

Can be so lucky.

According to the estimates of the United Nations International Labor Organization,

Globally, the number of people trafficked each year is

Between 80 and 400 million.

It’s no exaggeration to say that every minute, there are people

Missing in the dark,

Become a slave.

Many people who were auctioned on the dark web were sold to various regions

Hard work. . .

Be a sex slave, or become a fertility machine. . .

Even the organs were removed. . .

According to data released by the World Health Organization, as many as 7000 kidneys are illegally harvested every year.

An illegally trafficked heart can cost up to $290000.

Some people are bought back by buyers to use

To beat and abuse, to mutilate the body,

Satisfy those abnormal sensory and psychological stimuli;

What awaits them is the dark future, long or short, until death.


They look human on the surface, but behind them are demons who have killed countless people.

Some people are curious, what kind of person can do these cruel things?

In fact, a person doing transactions on the dark web may be an ordinary person in real life.

They seem decent,

Behind the scenes is the devil who has killed countless people.

This is known as Australia"The most vicious"Of

Child molester Ruecha Tokputza. ↓↓↓

On the surface, he is a very caring and considerate

Kindergarten teacher.

Secretly, it's one of the dark web

The administrator of the pedophile website.

For 6 years, he used the convenience of his career to contact children,

13 children were raped, the youngest of them

He was only 15 months old.

On his mobile phone, the police found a large number of videos taken by him sexually assaulting children.

These videos were uploaded to the dark web by him and shared with 63000 pedophile users.

The scary thing is that such beasts are all over the world,

It is hard to prevent.

This Matthew Fuld, on the surface, is an outstanding geophysicist,

He was only 29 years old and taught at the University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom.

He was born in a wealthy family, and he has never worried about food and clothing since he was a child.

Like other children from wealthy British families, they passed the entrance exam to Cambridge University from a private school.

Then he studied all the way and successfully obtained a doctorate degree,

It's what everyone thinks

Life winner.

In daily life, Fuld is not a rigid nerd or a sloppy Frankenstein.

He is sociable, a very popular person, and a girlfriend who loves him deeply.

If he weren't caught by the police, no one would have thought,

This beloved university teacher is actually the notorious "666devil" on the dark web—

One of the worst pedophiles in the world.

Although Fuld was caught in the end,

But there are countless demons like him in this world, dressed in glamorous clothes,

Looking for the next prey...


The dark web is not far from us

You may think that these are too bizarre, too unreal, and too far away from yourself.

Is it really the truth?

In 2016, based on clues provided by the US, the Chinese police successfully eliminated a group that used the "dark web" to spread child obscene information!

One of the suspects is a sophomore at a university in Beijing, only 19 years old.

He taught himself the "dark web" technology and often used the Internet to buy and spread child pornographic videos.

His accomplices have long lured and sexually assaulted children and produced obscene videos and pictures of children.

According to the police, more than 30 children have been violated, and the children are young.

Seeing this, the Chinese Internet police who handled the case could not restrain their anger:

"Seeing that so many Chinese children have entered a nightmare since they were young, each of our policemen handling the case is both angry and sad, beyond words."

On August 8 last year, the user information of a chain hotel under the Huazhu Group was leaked.

Sellers package and sell 5 million pieces of guest data on the "dark web".

At that time, Huazhu Group also called the police to deal with it.

The house you opened with, how expensive the house is, as long as someone wants to buy it, you can buy it.

Thinking carefully, terrified,

Think about it and get a cold back!


There is more than one dark web: one falls, the other rises rapidly

Even more frightening is that there is more than one dark web.

One fell, and the other rose quickly.

In July 2017, the United States announced that it had successfully closed

The world's largest dark web platform "AlphaBay".

Its founder and administrator Alexandre Cazes was in a Thai detention center before being tried for extradition

Hanged himself with a towel and died.

Soon, "Dream" became the largest dark web trading platform.

In April this year, "Dream" was also permanently closed by the police.

As a result, a large number of users of the site quickly moved to the second-ranked "Wall Street Market (Wall Street Market)." .

Just last month, the German police announced that they had successfully destroyed the "Wall Street Market" and its platform servers have been controlled by the police.

However, this platform has more than 5400 sellers and more than 115 million customers.

As long as these people are still there, they will soon build another platform.

After all, the accumulation of millions of customers proves that there is a market.

These people are like magic claws, active in every corner of the world,

Like an invisible cancer,

Harm the people around him.

Today's Conclusion

We live in a complicated world,

Many in the dark corner

What happened is far beyond our knowledge.

After reading this article,

Hope you understand,

protect yourself,

Protect those you love.

Believe in the justice and kindness of this world,

Also convinced of the darkness and horror of this world.

Editor: Alishan

Editor in charge: Naxi

Sources of materials: Dailymail, Red Star News, China Daily. This is the United States, Lie Down Duck