On Sunday morning, around 9:55 Sydney time, a middle-aged Chinese man jumped off the top floor of Chatswood Chase.

Blood stained the ground near the exhibited vehicles on the first floor of the mall.

However, just a few minutes ago, he chased a 14-year-old girl a few streets full of anger.

And stabbed the sharp knife in his hand into the girl's body.

This man is a Chinese father, this woman,It was his daughter.

And just a few days before the accident,The daughter fought against her parents!Arguing loudly with his father, breaking his mother’s forehead, domestic violence parents, pleading guilty in court...

What is going on here?

The head of the family committed suicide by jumping from the building

This sensational Chinese family tragedy in Sydney occurred last Sunday morning. There is no father who does not love his lover in his previous life. I don’t think there will be a father who is really willing to pierce his own daughter with a sharp knife.

But the 52-year-old father did it all.

"Help me, help me, he wants to kill me." A sharp cry for help resounded through the morning sky of Chatswood, and a young girl struggling to run on a street that was not very busy.

She pulled the passersby around and desperately called for help,

While seeking help, while constantly looking back and watching, while continuing to try his best to escape, wishing to put a pair of rearview mirrors on his shoulders.

Behind her, a middle-aged man was chasing after holding a sharp knife, shouting something in Chinese continuously.

The girl at this time has been injured by a knife,

Blood ran down from her neck and her body. There was bright red blood everywhere on her hands, clothes, and face, and even her hair was glued together by the gushing blood.

The surrounding residents heard the call for help and hurried out of the house to help the girl. With everyone’s concerted efforts, they finally calmed the girl and controlled the middle-aged man.

The girl was sent to the hospital for treatment.

After understanding the whole story, everyone could not believe this fact. This middle-aged man who hunted down the girl,

It turned out to be the girl's biological father.

While people were still immersed in the comfort of the girl’s salvation and the surprise of the father’s murder, on the other side of Chatswood,

A bloody tragedy happened.

Soon after, in the Chatswood Chase shopping mall, a loud "boom" frightened people shopping on the first floor and fled. A middle-aged Chinese man was lying in a pool of blood in front of the car booth.

like a statue.

The crowd hurriedly called the police and called an ambulance. After the rescuers arrived, they checked the man’s body and shook his head towards the surroundings.

The man was killed on the spot.

This man is 52 years old from China. After preliminary investigation, it was found that the deceased was the father who chased his daughter in the morning. After chasing his daughter a few blocks, he chose to be in the Chatswood Chase mall.

Ended his life.

Why did a 52-year-old Chinese father turn his criminal desire to kill his daughter? Why did he commit suicide just a few hours later? Rather than saying that this is a tragedy of contradictions between father and daughter, it is better to say,

This is a collective tragedy of Chinese family education.

After coming to Australia for ten years, Chinese families are in fragmentation

According to the investigation, the major tragedy of the father and daughter of this Chinese family has been suppressed for a long time. The daughter failed to become the way the father imagined, and the father failed to win the love of his daughter.

The father finally extended the knife to his daughter.

Ten years ago, the family moved across the northern and southern hemispheres and immigrated to Australia. For this day, my father devoted all his energy,

Just for the family to come abroad to live a better life.

However, when I first came to Australia, my life was not so good.

My father was hitting a wall everywhere in his life, and occasionally he was discriminated against by the locals. The pressure of life never overwhelmed him. He set his hopes on him.

It was all pinned on his daughter.

Children in Chinese families, almost without exception, have inherited this hope. Study hard, top grades, respect your parents, behave and sensible,

This is what the father asked of his daughter.

It is not difficult to see that these four requirements have formed a prerequisite bottom line——

Don't fight against your parents.

But is father's hope really so easy to realize?

As my father continued to struggle in Australia, the family's life finally improved. Six years ago, his father earned 170 million Australian dollars through labor with both hands.

Bought a house in Chatswood.

In the past four years, he "moved bricks" day and night in order to make his family more prosperous. Of course, to make his daughter live happier and get a better education, but everything, because of this " Bundled family relationship,

It became counterproductive.

The daughter who received a Western-style education in Australia did not lose resistance as her father had hoped. On the contrary, she became more self-aware and more independent thinking. According to the parents, the daughter began to resist with a standpoint. Seeing that her daughter did not listen to the old man’s words,

The father began to force his daughter to carry out his "instructions",

But my daughter is now half of a young Australian, who will make things worse, will lie, will run away from home,

Only will not obey.

Just last Wednesday, July 7rd, my daughter even fought with her mother because of a trivial matter. Unintentionally,Cut a hole in the mother's forehead!For a while, the blood flow on the mother's forehead continued, and her family was rushed to the hospital for medical treatment.

The daughter's behavior chilled the confused parents. No one ever thought that his own biological daughter would put such a cruel hand on him. In this quarrel, the girl turned the house upside down and smashed many household items and utensils.

Let father and mother stand on the brink of collapse.

Because of this quarrel, the 14-year-old Chinese girl was also charged by the community. She was charged with “actual bodily harm” and “destroying or destroying property”. Last Friday, the girl appeared in the Surry Hills Children’s Court.

And pleaded guilty to the two charges.

The police applied during the hearing to "prohibit or restrict" the girl's behavior towards her parents.

However, the court rejected the application,

But on the fourth day after this incident,

The resentment of the family broke out.

On the morning of Sunday, July 7, the father again had a serious argument with his daughter at home.

And this time, he pulled out a sharp knife.

One sword, two swords, three swords... The mad father turned so many years of grievances into murder, and kept stabbing his daughter. The daughter screamed frantically and escaped from the house, passing through the park at the door, with blood dripping all over the floor.

Keep asking others for help.

(The park where my daughter called for help)

The irrational father held a blood-stained knife and chased him after him until his neighbors called the police to stop him.

Only then was he willing to stop.

After the impulse of blinding his eyes dissipated, his father looked at the sharp knife in his hand and looked at his 14-year-old daughter who was lying in front of him. He was stupid.

He cried bitterly on the street and immediately fled the scene.

A few hours later, the scene at the beginning of the article happened. This 52-year-old father, who had struggled with his hands for ten years in Australia, jumped off the top floor of Chatswood Chase.

I ended my life in a foreign land.

The editor personally came to the site of the incident and the scene has been cleaned up.

The 14-year-old girl is now in stable condition after receiving treatment in the hospital. But it is impossible to imagine that when he learned that his father had committed suicide after attempting to kill him,

How does this affect his life?

People can't help but wonder, what is the cause of this tragedy, is it a disobedient daughter? Or a stubborn father? Of course, this cannot be blamed on an individual, this is a collision of thoughts,

This is the extreme sadness caused by the disintegration of traditional Chinese families and modern society.

This kind of education destroys more than a family

Tragedy of Shanghai Lupu Bridge

Some time ago, the tragedy on the Shanghai Lupu Bridge was unforgettable. A 17-year-old boy rushed out of the vehicle his mother was driving.

Quickly ran to the bridge and jumped off without thinking!

The mother who followed him hugged her child,

Watching his death under the bridge.

The teenager has not yet walked out of the minor protection law, but has retired from his life.

The moment the mother opened the car door, the child rushed out,

He didn't hesitate to run to the bridge.

This leap, how many grievances, grievances, and collapses it takes to do so in one go,

On the edge of death, he seemed to have no fear at all,

It seems that death is a relief.

After the child jumped off, the mother witnessed the whole process of the death of her son, she collapsed on the side of the road,

With both fists grabbing the ground, she couldn't cry.

According to news reports at the time, the 17-year-old boy was criticized for having a conflict with his classmates at school. After being criticized and accused, his mother quarreled and argued on the way home to pick him up. He was impulsive.

This led to the tragedy happening today.

Some netizens said that the child's mother did not know how to educate, and the perennial "Chinese-style criticism" made the child choose to commit suicide. Some people also say that children are ignorant, do not know how to cherish life, and do not know how to be considerate of their mothers. So, who is responsible for educating children to be sensible and who is responsible for guiding children to understand their mothers? Who has the responsibility to educate children to cherish life?

Such mistakes are never unilateral.

Daughter married, father committed suicide

In China, the concept of many families is,

If a child is not good, it is not filial.

The son is not filial, the father's fault,

This father did it for nothing.

Before, a XNUMX-year-old old man in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, because his daughter had a boyfriend from another city, might leave him to marry another country.

Jumped off the building and died.

According to reports, the old man never allowed his daughter to make foreign boyfriends at first, but for the sake of her life’s major events and her happy life,

Rebelled against the "will" of his father.

In this regard, after the two got married, the father even threw all his daughter’s belongings from the seventh floor.

In the end, she chose to commit suicide because she couldn't stand her daughter marrying away...

Can these be called "education"? I don't think it can. This is just "education", there is no "teaching" at all. Such a tragedy is not derived from the contradiction between one day and two days, it is slowly bred out by years of misunderstanding and estrangement.

Does Chinese-style education really treat children as children?

In Chinese-style education, there are no children

Due to the Confucian culture, the Chinese people's awareness of patriarchy and filial piety is very heavy, which also makes the people lack of public spirit.

The biggest drawback of Chinese education is intolerance.

Without tolerance, there is no freedom.

Without freedom, what about critical thinking and creative thinking.

No matter what goal you achieve, there is always a higher goal waiting for you. No matter what results you have achieved, someone will always come out and tell you: You still have room for improvement. Look, it's there. You just feel that since childhood, parents and teachers have never been satisfied with you from the bottom of their hearts.

These are the burdens that many Chinese parents place on their children.

All features are shortcomings, and all signs are dangerous.

In fact, they don’t want to prove anything, they only want to prove,

You are "good".

At present, there is a big misunderstanding in family education in our country-teaching children to be "behaved".

When evaluating children, always say "you are really good" or "you are not good", and regard "be good" as an education benchmark, specifically to be obedient.

Do things as required by teachers and parents.

But it’s worth mentioning that

There is no corresponding word for "good" in English.

But will children really be deprived of their independent thinking?

I don’t think it will go so smoothly. As a result, many Chinese families have conflicts between parents and children. When tragedies happen again and again, many Chinese-style parents don’t know when they will realize this. Your child is a living child.

Not just a student.

On July 7, a Chinese family that had been in Australia for ten years was broken. The father stabbed his daughter with a sharp knife and committed suicide after attempted murder. The collision between Chinese-style education and Western-style thinking was vividly demonstrated in this case, but in the end, the father was still entangled with the child’s "unbehaved".

Cause the entire family to collapse.

Whether it is a Chinese child, a European child, or an American child, they are all children. They are not tools, dolls, or programming instructions.

Of course, it's not just students.

I hope that parents can give their children a certain tolerance and freedom. Don’t want to be good for your children at the same time.

But let this era ruin a child's life.

— END —