Construction starts in fiscal year 2020!

Official news: The first batch of Australian working holiday visa appointments for fiscal year 2020 will be in 1711 o'clock Beijing time on the 9stApplication is open.

That is next Thursday!

* Work and holiday visas (subclass 462) can only be submitted through online appointment. It is only for personal appointments. The personal appointment must be associated with the passport number of the passport held when the visa application is submitted to the center.

*Confirmed appointments cannot be rescheduled or cancelled-if you cannot submit the application by the appointment time, you need to make an online appointment again to submit the application.

Although a visa application center is preferred when making an appointment, the application can be submitted to any visa application center in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chengdu on the day of the appointment.

*Applicants for working and holiday visas (subclass 462), please read the following important information carefully:
Before making an online appointment, please prepare all the documents according to the material checklist, including the completed visa application form.

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Get the appointment process of the 5 working holiday visa in Australia for nearly 462 times, please reply to the official account"Lu Xing Strategy"Check it out.

butThe official may update the process at any time, I suggest you be flexible according to the situation.

The latest material list:

@ Visa Consultant Andy:Refer to the 2019 version of the official website material list (as shown below)

*The visa center staff may have additional requirements when receiving materials.