As a very famous state in Australia, Queensland is located in the northeast of Australia. About 54% of its area is located north of the Tropic of Capricorn. It has little rainfall and a warm climate. It is known as the "Sunshine State".

这里经济发展迅速,采矿、旅游和农业是昆士兰州的三大支柱产业。昆士兰州的采矿业 占全澳同行业的24%,牛肉占全澳的37%,澳大利亚的制糖业几乎集中在昆士兰州。

The cost of living in Queensland is relatively low compared to Sydney and Melbourne. For example, Brisbane, which everyone is familiar with, is reportedlyBrisbane consumption is almost 30% lower than Sydney and Melbourne.For example, in terms of food: milk is the cheapest 2L for more than 2 dollars, orange juice is also at this price, 500 grams of beef is 4~5 dollars, vegetables and meat are about the same price, vegetables are more expensive, rice 2 catties 1.5 dollars; transportation cost: one bus trip At $2, it's a district. If you buy a weekly ticket for about 20 a week, the student ticket can be half price. When you buy a ticket in Brisbane, you can take a car, train and boat at the same time. The price of the ticket is divided by zone, and it is also different for different times.

The two largest supermarkets in Brisbane and the two largest in Australia. They are COLES and WOOLWORTH. There are discounts on different things every week, and then some cakes, bread and roast chicken will be on sale before closing every day, generally China People like to go to Chinatown and SUNNYBANK to buy food, the price will be cheaper, and most of the food that can be bought in China are available there.

Queensland also has an excellent education system,Regardless of whether it is a public or private elementary school, or university, there are diversified curriculum areas to encourage students to get out of the classroom and learn by doing. In addition to the very famous University of Queensland, Queensland also has 8 famous universities, Queensland University of Technology, James Cook University, and Bond University are all very famous universities in Australia .

How can Queensland, known as the "Sunshine State", lack the introduction of beautiful scenery~, let me check it out for everyone~


The pursuit of freshness may be human nature. Queensland seems to have a powerful magic power that attracts travelers to explore again and again, and encounter the joy of the unknown.

从北到南,这里的每一站都同样精彩,每一站都是 “你的精彩下一站”,心甘情愿沉浸在昆士兰的每一个地方!

阳光海岸 Sunshine Coast–难以定义的魅力

The charm of the Sunshine Coast is difficult to define. It is colorful and multi-faceted. It is a vibrant seaside city, and people who love the sun and surf occupy long sandy beaches and wide seas.

这里还有造型奇特的玻璃屋山 (Glass House Mountains) 和生意盎然的山林美景,它们在霞光之下熠熠生辉。而马莱尼(Maleny) 小镇上的一树山 (One Tree Hill) 则散发透着一种幽寂与沉着。

布里斯班 Brisbane–一个非常干净的城市

Brisbane is the capital of Queensland and the third largest city in Australia. Brisbane is a very clean city and there is not so much waste paper. The train station is very new and clean, with good lighting. The most distinctive feature of Brisbane should be the artificial beach on South Bank, which is always very lively in the impression. Adults bring children to play in the water. There is also a good green belt around the artificial beach. Although it looks a little ordinary, the utilization rate of this small world is quite high, and the grass is always full of people. Especially when fireworks are set off in the New Year, the whole South Bank is almost to the point where people need to stand in the middle of the needle. Although it is so lively, it does not feel noisy, but feels very community.

In addition, there is the largest subtropical botanical garden in the southern hemisphere in Mount Cootha. It is really beautiful and there are few people. It is really comfortable to walk in. There is also a branch of the municipal library in the botanical garden. When the botanical garden comes out, it is very pleasant to sit in the library. The library does not need air conditioning, and uses electric fans directly. It is very cool and very nostalgic. .

黄金海岸 Gold Coast–处处是风景

Driving south from Brisbane for about an hour, you can reach another vibrant coastal city-the Gold Coast. The 1-kilometer coastline is a treasure that people here are proud of.

The Gold Coast is known as the "surfing paradise". On those charming beaches with excellent surfing terrain, you can always find heroic figures in the waves chasing the wind. From the end of May to the beginning of November each year, whales migrating to give birth will visit the coast of Queensland. The Gold Coast is one of the popular whale watching spots.

除了处处是风景的黄金海岸 Gold Coast、一个非常干净的城市布里斯班 Brisbane、难以定义魅力的阳光海岸 Sunshine Coast,还有满是海岛风情的圣灵群岛 The Whitsundays、袋鼠之家的麦基 Mackay……,小编下期继续为大家献上哦~~

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