With this question, I want to learn some dialectics and psychology, isn't it a good example?

I hope that everyone will stop worrying about washing and cleaning. The few cannot represent the majority. The answer to this question is why this kind of psychology arises, not whether the cleaned bowl can be used.

This question can also be extended to why people are disgusted with shit, how and when did they develop this psychology.

Could have:

Today, I went out to eat fatty intestine noodles with my wife. When I saw the fatty intestines in the bowl, I suddenly thought of this problem.

Then I started my performance, telling my wife about the bowl of feces and the fat intestines of feces. By the way, I casually mentioned the "anchor effect" and other terms that I learned in Zhihu. There are also such things as the "bowl of feces" is a violent girl The cleansing of the chaste and fat intestines is the result of the prodigal son turning around to show the depth of my thoughts.

Unexpectedly, she was not at all impressed by my deep thoughts. After eating a piece of fat intestine calmly, she opposed my point of view with her real name, saying as always that all I was talking about was fart.

She picked up a fat intestine again, pointed to it and said, "Why do we have to work so hard to clean it, remove the taste, and make it into food, knowing that it has been loaded with shit?

That's because it is delicious, so it is worth it!

Why is the bowl filled with shit and no more? Because bowls are cheap now, and if you lose a few dollars, you lose it. Just change something slightly more expensive, such as a watch or something that has fallen into the toilet. Don’t you just pick it up and continue using it?

Why did the prodigal son turn around if there is only one woman in the village, and the others are bachelors, even if she loses her virginity, a bunch of people will lick the dog; if the prodigal son is just the second child of the next door, Wu, he will not answer. Who cares later?

Then she concluded her statement: As long as you have your own unique advantages, even if you still have a lot of problems, everyone will find ways to forgive you and help you improve; but if you can be easily replaced, then you can only pray not to commit a crime Little mistakes.

As always, I quickly defeated the battle and began to bow my head and eat noodles silently...

Strong cat scofield:

If a female college student works part-time in prostitution, you would say that she is extremely depraved;

But if a prostitute spends her free time in college, you would say that she is extremely inspirational.

If a Christian is drunk every day during worship, you will feel that he violates the canon

If an alcoholic worships in an amateur, you will feel sincere

Good people have to go through nine-nine-nine-eighty-one difficulties in order to achieve a positive result

The bad guys only need to put down the butcher knife to become a Buddha

The bowl that has been filled with shit can no longer be filled with food

But food (large intestine) can be eaten with shit

The essential reason is what you think of it in the first place.

Did you treat her as a prostitute in the first place, or a college student

Was she treated as a Christian at first, or an alcoholic

Is it good or bad

Is it food or shit

What do you think of it/she/he mentally, you have different expectations.

Different behavior

This is expectation management.

The reason why the bowl that has been filled with "simple shit" can no longer be called a bowl, because it is far below our expectations.

The large intestine filled with feces can also be called food because it is in line with our expectation that "the large intestine of pigs can be eaten".

For the same reason, why do you still jump off the building after reading graduate students and PhDs?

Obviously they are much better than college students and undergraduates, and they are obviously higher than some of them no matter how bad they are.

Because it did not meet expectations. Their own expectations made them unacceptable.

They think that graduate students and PhDs should be a good bowl, at least they should contain large intestine

The result is difficult to swallow because the outside world is shit.

Everyone has a bowl in their heart, and the stuff they put in may be shit or large intestine.

If there is too much contrast between expectations and reality, shit happens

The bowl will break, and people will jump off the building

Manage your expectations and treat shit as your large intestine

I can feel much better after washing

Update: changed a review question

In addition, law students should be familiar with the case of the crime of "intentional destruction of property"

Even if you pee and defecate in someone else's bowl, the bowl can still be used, but it is considered "destroyed" because it has no use value psychologically.

Someone who knows the user:

The celebrity beauties are dancing on stage, and there is obviously a certain amount of shit in their intestines, even feces, this is an objective fact. But you see, everyone is not disgusting.

The audience and fans on the scene cheered, no matter the male or female ugly, they also have some shit. But people do not hate themselves, nor do they hate each other.

Let's think about the difference between shit in the bowl and shit in the large intestine...

The only difference: the shit in the bowl is pulled out.

In other words, in human consciousness, what is pulled out is called shit.

The ones that were not pulled out were hidden in the intestines, wrapped in the delicate and smooth bodies of handsome men and women, and then covered with a layer of delicate clothing. Only the butcher can touch the feces in the pig's large intestine, and we can't touch it with the diners and the chefs.

Although it exists objectively, but does not exist subjectively, then people do not think it exists.

Only by being pulled out, washed out of the lead, existed independently, and magnanimously exposed to the sun was given the status of shit.

In this way, although everyone deposits shit, the celebrity is still a celebrity, the fan is still a fan, and the large intestine is still the large intestine. It will not be disgusting because of the poop, which is equivalent to no poop.

The shit in the bowl is pulled out and then filled in, or directly pulled in. The smell, color, and shape are all available. That is the seriousness, like fake shit, which can leave a deep impression in your mind. brand.

Every time you see this bowl, your brain automatically recalls this memory: green? That was spinach. Have black melon seeds? That was eating watermelon. Have tomato skins? Because that stuff is not digestible. Have leeks? Dumplings for Chinese New Year! Naturally, you can't eat it after washing it.

Finally, there are actually those test sites that have been forgotten:

"The first nature of matter and the second nature of consciousness. Matter determines consciousness. Consciousness is the product of the development of the material world and the reflection of the human brain to objective things."-"Marxist Philosophy Principles"

Gao Zan's answer mentioned the "anchor effect", which I think is correct. But specific to this matter, it's a bit unsuitable.

Because calling this reference system requires people to have a clear awareness of the existence of shit.

While "bowl feces" and "intestinal feces" are bright and dark, people are mostly unconscious about the existence of the latter, and will not deliberately associate the celebrity's feces with the feces in the large intestine.

This is not people's deliberate avoidance, but the characteristics of "clear shit" and "dark shit":

Although they all exist objectively, one is too specific and the other is too abstract.

"Dark Shit" is so low-key that it has minimal impact on people's subjective consciousness, so it will not be placed in the frame of reference.

In real life, we can use the "dark shit effect" to package historical figures and create the so-called "perfect humans" and "perfect humans through the ages". Or hide a person you don’t want to be known by the masses, and then cover up a piece of history...

Some people say this is idealism...

Please note that human consciousness is completely affected by the specific substance of shit.

Shit is more abstract and has little effect on consciousness. Being more specific will have a deeper impact on consciousness.

This is matter determines consciousness.

Someone who knows the user:

First: anchoring effect.

Everything is relative,

Good or bad depends on the frame of reference (anchor value),

Better than the reference frame is better,

Not as good as the reference frame is bad.

Humans will continue to summarize the attributes of things based on experience,

Abstracted into "cognitive anchors",

Used as a reference when comparing things or observing the changes of this thing,

And everything works at the bottom of the subconscious,

It's so quiet that you can't notice it.

Since the anchor value of the bowl is clean,

Then pretending to be dirty is dirty;

And the anchor value of the large intestine is to hold shit,

Then it is clean after washing.

In absolute terms,

A clean bowl and a clean large intestine

Very clean,

But due to the anchoring effect,

The two feel very different psychologically:

A better than cognitive anchor,

One is inferior to the cognitive anchor.

Second: historical view

To deeply understand the anchoring effect,

It is necessary to explain the historical outlook.

For example, swallowing the sputum directly does not make you sick,

But if you vomit it and swallow it, it makes you sick?

Why are the potty and large intestine filled with excrement every day, but after washing it, one is easy to accept and the other is difficult to accept?

Is such that,

The mechanism by which people create "cognitive anchors" is very complicated.

Instead of processing specific things at a single moment in isolation and mechanically,

It’s very historical,

Like shit,

Shit in the production process of the body,

Shit that has been generated,

Shit taken from outside,

Although they are all shit, they are all called shit,

But because of being in a different historical process,

The connotation of being identified is completely different,

Put it together to discuss,

The concept has been changed from the beginning.


The concept of history ≠ history does not refer to the connotation of things at different moments on the time axis, but the connotation in different historical processes.

Shit produced in the body,

And the shit that has been created,

The anchoring is different.

But the shit created today

And the shit created tomorrow,

The anchoring is the same.

In other words, the key point of the historical process of human shit is the moment it leaves the asshole.

znp zzf:

1. Substitution: You can change to a bowl that hasn't been filled with shit, but you can't find a large intestine that hasn't filled it with shit. As long as you want to eat the large intestine, you have to accept that it has been filled with shit, and the bowl is not a necessary condition.

2. Visual effects: The large intestine filled with feces and bloody and smelly heat and the bowl filled with feces are brought in front of you and said to cook for a while and pretend to be eaten for you. Many people can't accept it. We actually only touch the processed part of many foods. If we process ourselves from start to finish, our appetite is hard to say. I went through the small intestine all day and finally ate it. I always felt that the fishy smell was faint, and the more it looked like human intestines, it all fell over in the end, and I obviously washed it cleaner than the street. The nausea of ​​a large bowl of raw intestines always lingers in my mind, and since then I still give the job back to mom. I'm really unfilial. Many small food processing workshops are also disgusting after reading the processing rooms. Users only contact the beautiful finished pictures of Meituan Ele. They will subconsciously think that the entire raw materials and processing process are so clean and beautiful.

3. You eat the large intestine but not the bowl.

Martin. Success:

The former is a good man making mistakes, the latter is a prodigal turning back.

The good man makes mistakes, the set will fall, and the prodigal son turns back, full of charm.

So I always advise big guys, in this bright world, the bottom line of life must not be set too high. The higher the bottom line, the greater the potential for collapse. Once you make a mistake, your previous achievements will be ruined and will never be washed away.

It's like the bowl that has only contained shit once, and it has been clean 99.9637% of its life. Just because of the shit once, there is no chance to make a good bowl again.