The old man who built the IKEA empire is gone

The IKEA Group’s statement called him,

"Mr. Kamprad

Is one of the greatest entrepreneurs of the 20th century. "

I started IKEA at the age of 17.

He is smart and very business savvy;

From selling matches to selling furniture,

His net worth is more than 400 billion;

Wang Jianlin and Ma Yun are both behind him...

But as a billionaire,

His biggest characteristic is stingy;

Like a bad old man with an empty wallet

He may be in this world

The poorest and weirdest rich man...

Whoever saw him for the first time,

If no one introduced this as the founder of IKEA,

Must have thought he was just,

The old man at the IKEA warehouse.


Because he doesn't have a single piece

Something that can show your identity!

He never wears expensive watches,

Hardly wear elegant suits;

He was still wearing a pair of shoes until the skin was worn out;

A pair of vintage glasses,

The employees never saw him change;

The clothes he wears,

They are basically bought at second-hand flea markets;

He says,

Supermarkets and hypermarkets are his favorite places to visit.

He doesn't like to go to a five-star restaurant;

Eat a work meal at the IKEA headquarters when you go to work;

Take out the bills from the wallet and buy a hot dog for 3 or 4 dollars,

He ate with relish;

If you run into him in a supermarket near his home,

He is mostly choosing discounted bread;

After work, drive his Volvo home;

It is an old Volvo that has been driving for 22 years;

Valued at US$2.2;

Colleagues persuaded him, "I am getting older,

It’s safe to change to a good car";

He didn't listen at all;

Furniture at home,

Most of them are recovered from their own hypermarkets;

Among them, there are many slow-moving goods that still cannot be sold;

If you want to buy candles on holidays,

He will definitely go to IKEA to buy it!


Show the work permit to get a preferential price for internal employees;

When working in the company,

He asked employees to write on both sides of paper;

If someone forgets to turn off the light after get off work,

He will definitely be scolded;

When it comes time to travel or travel,

Low-cost airline tickets are the first choice;

And economy class is the bottom line!

Never fly in business class;

Take the train only second-class carriages,

Whoever buys him a first-class seat, he will turn his face with whom;

When staying in a hotel, it is always economical and practical.

The presidential suite has nothing to do with him;

But even more exaggerated,

He placed the entire IKEA board of directors,

Moved from Sweden to Finland

Because Swedish taxes are too heavy! The tax amount is too high!

Looking at it this way,

Compared with other billionaires,

Kamprad really seems "poor"!

Not only no luxury cars, no famous watches, no luxury houses,

No mink coat, no private jet;

Every time I go out, I have to squeeze the subway, the bus,

Squeeze economy class; try to pay less tax;

As a billionaire

Live to this age,

And take money so important

Did it fail?

So, the money he made,

Where did all go?

It turned out that this stingy billionaire spent all his money on charity.

In the late 20s, Kamprad established the IKEA Charity Foundation in the Netherlands. From then on, all IKEA's commercial profits belonged to the IKEA Foundation. He started charity and spent a lot of money without hesitation. Now, the IKEA Charity Foundation has become the largest charity foundation in the world.

In 2013, IKEA, which has always been known for its model rooms, suddenly appeared an uncomfortable model room...

In this room of only 25m², the mud-covered walls are uneven, and the whole room looks dilapidated, even without a decent window...

IKEA’s iconic price tag is still hung on the outer wall of the model room. Only on this label, there is no price and no material;

Yes, only the name of this model room, "25m² Syria".

This is a complete reproduction of a Syrian refugee’s house.

Every week, 4 people walk into this model room, feel the heavy living environment of the refugees, pick up their phones one by one, and enter the conspicuous donation link on the price tag.

Such a model room for restoring the lives of refugees, such a seemingly simple fund-raising activity, eventually raised 2200 million euros for the Red Cross's work in Syria!

But this is not the first time IKEA has done charity.

In the same year, under the call of Kamprad, IKEA cooperated with the UN refugee agency to donate 5 IKEA mattresses to Syrian refugees.

Even designed a cabin for them to live in...

Compared with refugee tents, these huts have no squatters, and are replaced by decent "doors" and "door locks" looks more like a "home"...

In 2016, a batch of strange-looking plush toys appeared in IKEA's global flagship store...

And the prototypes of these toys are all made by children.

The children draw the toys in their hearts, and IKEA selects 10 of these paintings and makes them into dolls.

This is a charity event launched by IKEA, "Let's Play for Change"

These dolls, for every one sold, there will be 1 euro, which is donated for children's right to play and develop...Finally, at the call of IKEA, more than 1100 million US dollars were donated.

When IKEA released its annual report for the last fiscal year in 2014, the report showed that in 2013, the IKEA Foundation issued a total of 35 million yuan in subsidies to 9.06 help children in poor countries live...

UNICEF, UNHCR, Save the Children, crowdfunding organization KickStart...Under the leadership of Kamprad, the IKEA Foundation has cooperated with 31 international non-profit organizations, large and small in the world!

People say that he is a "miser", but he is not merciful at all! Throw in tens of millions, even hundreds of millions!

He even fired the barber who had cut his hair all the year round, just because the new barber only charged him 78 yuan each time, which was a few dollars cheaper than the previous one. The money he saves can be invested in charity...

In 2016, Kamprad allocated 30 billion yuan from the IKEA Foundation to help people most affected by climate change...

Countless poor people who are struggling on the line of food and clothing, and even on the line of death, are living happily and healthily because of the grandfather's health;

Now that the old man has passed away, these people have not even had time to say to him in person, "Thank you..."

Kamprad once said:

"If I start chasing a luxurious life, I will only let others follow suit. As a leader, setting an example is important."

Kamprad hopes that his influence is not limited to family members, IKEA staff and users of IKEA products. He hopes that everyone can combine the business motives of chasing profits with the eternal ideals of human society and make the world change. It's beautiful.

In 2013, 87-year-old Kamprad stepped down from the IKEA board of directors, but he is still IKEA's senior consultant and chief decision maker. When asked if he would retire, he said, I have too many things to do and I have no time to meet God.

Now 91-year-old Kamprad has worked his whole life and can finally rest well. But the precious spiritual wealth he left behind will never disappear. He dreams of creating a better life for many people, and our promise is to continue this dream.