President Gu Guoming of ICBC Shanghai is a great man!
As early as June 6th, this man was organized to investigate, and then today, a blockbuster news was posted on the Internet. This man confessed:
"I used to selflessly take care of 32 female subordinates!"
Oh, that’s not right. I saw that the relevant revelations used "dates", so there is a high probability that more than 32 people. After all, President Gu has everything to do with every day. If he forgot the name of the female subordinate after drinking, wouldn’t it? Is it much larger than 32 people?
It was almost into the autumn, and I seemed to have seen the spectacular scene of green hats fluttering on the heads of male family members of ICBC. This President Gu is so considerate and can’t help but admire him. The unspoken rule is two. Love each other, you said that your lousy old man has gone in, why do you bother and talk nonsense, ruining 32 happy families of you and mine?
Hey, if you come out, you will have to pay it back sooner or later, but it's a pity that these 32 female subordinates who have been selflessly taken care of, I am afraid I am ashamed of seeing people at this moment!
Of course, many people’s first feeling is anger when they see such news. Why can you ruin up to 32 female subordinates? Unexpectedly, when the netizens saw President Gu Guoming’s handsome appearance and sturdy figure, they were amazed. It seems that leaders not only need to be mixed, but the key is to have a good body, so they understand why the 32 women The subordinates were so willingly by the unspoken rules: After all, these days, everyone tacitly took what they needed!
At the same time, some people are embarrassed by these 32 female subordinates, thinking that President Gu is too unrepresentative. At any rate, one night husband and wife Bai Yeen, you just went in for less than a month with the front foot, but the back foot turned out to confess. The name of the female subordinates is simply unbearable. Don't play it like this: After the feelings are under your unspoken rules, you have to ask for credit for the "innocence" of these 32 female subordinates in order to get a lighter sentence? Hey, this wise man of Xing Chang has a lot of thoughts, don't he think about it, if these male family members who were cuckolded by her, there are so few who just deal with his case, isn't he too late to regret?
It's nothing more. After all, this is only a rumor, and after all, it is only 32 female subordinates: those who have something to find out that this president Gu had been in the high position of vice president as early as 17 years ago, so on average there are less than two per year. What kind of supernatural power is this? It also seems to be embarrassing for President Gu. With such power, he only selflessly takes care of 2 female subordinates. How can the other female subordinates feel embarrassed? Those who have the ability but cannot work harder, don't they ruin the huge signature of the president of Shanghai ICBC? How can the other leaders of ICBC be so emotional!
Hey, if President Gu is allowed to work for two more years, how many female subordinates will be flattered, how many families have green hats, and such considerate leaders, these female subordinates and male family members, How can we not be grateful to Dade?
At this point, I don’t know what to say or do: hidden rules are everywhere, but this kind of invisible thing has always been a slap in the face, and this is the most distressing place. !
Tonight, countless male family members of female employees of Shanghai ICBC are destined to sleepless...

Gu Guoming's fall was very sudden. On May 5th, he also participated in the launch ceremony of natural rubber varieties and targeted listing functions as the president of ICBC Shanghai Branch.

In order to confess and be lenient, the good guy Gu Guoming took the initiative to confess about 32 female subordinates by his own unspoken rules.

However, Gu Guoming voluntarily confessed to his own unspoken rules about the female subordinates, and was diligently scolded by Fudan University EMBA alumni association directors and agricultural workers.

Shi Liqin thinks this man is too unnatural,Anyway, one night husband and wife Bai Yeen, Less than a month after you went in with your front foot, you even confessed the name of the female subordinate on your back foot. This is simply a bridge.

How will these 32 female colleagues of ICBC Shanghai Branch meet people in the future?

Subsequently, the alumni group of the University of Finance and Economics broke the news that some photos of the suspected 32 beauties were leaked:

President Gu made a total of 32 female subordinates. He took the initiative to confess. He really worked tirelessly, relying on his greasy but not greasy body to silently support 32 green hats, and solved the deepest level for 32 apricot life discordant families. For the conflict between husband and wife, he also offered promotion and salary increase to family members to reduce the burden on the family. It is really a model in the financial industry and a model for helping others to do well in the world.

Why did he take the initiative to confess to the unspoken rules of 32 female subordinates?

Great people show off, they know how to use specific numbers. If you deal with numbers for a long time, you will have occupational diseases. One is one, two is two, and they are more rigorous.

I can probably understand President Gu, this is his face for 17 years.

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