Successfully finding a legal job after graduating in Australia is a dream for many international students.

However, after dozens of resumes fell into the ocean, many people had to bow their heads in front of the ruthless reality, and their mood fell to the bottom.

At this time, if you suddenly receive an interview notice, it will be a help! The flame of hope is ignited again!

But be careful!

The seemingly beautiful surprise may hide a despicable deception!

A few days ago, the Victorian police broke aThe Chinese boss "carried out rape in the name of recruitment"This vicious case has sounded a wake-up call for job seekers.

The cause of the incident was that at the end of June, someone called the emergency number.
Said a woman in a commercial building on Little Collins Street in Melbourne CBDFell into a coma, This matter immediately attracted the attention of the police.

The Victorian Police Sexual Abuse and Child Abuse Investigation Team conducted a series of investigations into this case, which revealed a series of shocking scams.
On Thursday, the police raided an office on Little Collins Street and arrestedChinese suspect Hu,
And charged him with13 counts of rapeAnd one crime against life and oneThe crime of feeding others drugs.
The 34-year-old Hu is the owner of an immigration and travel agency. He has repeatedlyPost a job offer on a Chinese website in the name of a travel agency.
Looking for employmentOffice assistant aged 19-25, And ask job applicants to attach photos to their resumes.
After attracting a job-seeking woman to the office, HuThey were given "supplemented" beverages, and they were injured.

More terrifying is
HuHas committed crimes since 3 years ago
According to reports, since March 2016, he has carried out such attacks in various offices and residences.
At present, Hu has been taken into custody by the police and will be tried in Melbourne Local Court on Friday.
The website of a Hu company was shut down last Sunday, leaving only a message saying "The company stopped trading at midnight on January 2019, 1."
The Victoria Police and the Australian Border Service that participated in the investigation declined to comment on the progress of the investigation.
However, the source said that Hu was under investigation by immigration officials and he was also accused of misleading clients on visa services.
Hu was arrested,
But there may be many"Hu some"
Still waiting for opportunities where we don’t know...
Taiwanese woman who came to Australia to seek a job was raped in only 4 days
Last October, a 29-year-old woman from Taiwan started looking for a job just four days after she arrived in Australia, and received an interview notice from a housekeeping company.
The interview was conducted in a suite in a Darwin hotel. The interviewer was 34-year-old married male Ruel Lizardo Baradas.
Seeing this, maybe everyone will have some doubts,Why should the interview be conducted in a hotel room.
I don't know if this woman ever had the slightest hesitation, but in the end, she went anyway.
Although it is a noodle housekeeping job, there seems to be a cutscene in the interview questions.
One of the questions that must be asked in the interview is probably "what can you do to convince me to hire you".
But one of the seemingly "movement" questions has become a question that the interviewer Ruel repeatedly emphasizes.
He asked this soft girl from Taiwan over and over again, "What can you do to convince me to hire you".
Later, Ruel saw on the woman’s resume that she had experience working as a masseuse and asked her toProvide massage services for testing.

After the so-called "test" was over, Ruel said, "It's time for me to massage you."
She reluctantly agreed.
Ruel asked the Taiwanese woman to turn over, took off her pants, and forcibly had sex with her twice.
After the incident, the Taiwanese girl took her employer to the court and sued him for raping her without her consent.
In the end, the man was sentenced to 5 years in prison.
The editor hereby reminds job seekers, especially women,
Collect company information in advance before the interview, pay attention to the safety of the interview location,
Don't drink food and drinks from strangers during the interview, and always be vigilant.

Article source: network comprehensive report