In every youth born in the 90s,

There must be a Jay Chou.

From an inspirational idol to the king of pop music,

Jay Chou grew up with us,

But it seems that we have been so far away...


He became the "Australian son-in-law"!

How much Jay Chou likes Australia,

You can see how often he comes here:

With his wife and children

Come to Australia for a vacation, feed a swan,

New year, watching fireworks,

I came to Australia last month and made waves.

Stayed on the Gold Coast for more than a month,

He even brought his youngest son.

I saw my idol Jay Chou

Live near me every day,

Someone can't help asking:

"Did Jay Chou make his home in Australia?"

In fact, Weibao had previously reported that in 2017, Jay Chou bought a $511 million mansion on the Gold Coast under the name of his wife, Kun Ling.

Later, Jay Chou bought another mansion for Kunling in Mermaid Waters on the Gold Coast:

Almost every time he comes to Australia on vacation, Jay Chou will live here and feed the swans here.

Recently, Jay Chou, who frequently visits Australia, seems to have bought a new mansion in Surfing Paradise on the Gold Coast. He himself updated a picture of the interior of the mansion on Instagram, which was discovered by netizens who saw it...

Jay Chou’s Instagram photo looks like this:

The internal map of this mansion found by netizens looks like this:

The bar counter, the blue clock and the balcony are exactly the same structure,

Even the scenery outside the window is the same!

A careful netizen said-this,It may be Jay Chou's new luxury house!

And the internal configuration of the mansion makes people sigh: Poverty limits my imagination...

In addition to this exaggerated sea-view balcony, the living room of this mansion is also super-large:

You can play billiards in the living room,

There are also two indoor swimming pools, one large and one small, which is perfect for a family of four like Jay Chou.

Up to the second floor, it is even more luxurious.

There are 6 bedrooms on the second floor. The master bedroom is equipped with a large sea-view balcony. Every day you can see the sunshine on the water.

Plus, the bathroom is so big,

The other bedrooms are also very warm, spacious and bright.

There are also multi-bed rooms suitable for multiple people (perhaps big stars have this kind of demand)...

In addition, the second floor of the mansion is also equipped with a special audio-visual room, so you can enjoy blockbuster movies without leaving home.

The bird's-eye view of the mansion is also very impressive, and you can board the ship directly when you go out.

After reading these, is it a bit envious and jealous?

Friends who like the Gold Coast and Jay Chou are still hesitating?

If you have the money, you can be the neighbor of Jay Chou. If you don't have the money, you can go surfing together for a chance encounter!