Don't negate the efforts of others at will, not everyone has the same luck as you.

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I don't know, since when, being poor has become an "original sin."
In the eyes of many elites, there is only one source of poverty, and that is laziness-too lazy to do things, too lazy to use brains.
In order to prove her idea, a female doctor undercover undercover, just want to see how the poor are willing to fall.
After dressing up in disguise, the female doctor became a divorced, unemployed, and cheap labor force.
For the impoverished life that is about to begin, the female doctor is extremely confident:
"As long as you are good enough and working hard enough, you can climb out of the bottom, and you won't always be on your feet and stretched like other people."
The female doctor's name is Barbara Eric. She is a university professor, best-selling author, and a true social elite.
However, when such a good person was at the bottom, things did not develop according to her expectations.
Whether it's a waiter, a cleaner or a salesman, even every job is the highest paid in the industry.
The female doctors were desperate to find, "If you are at the bottom, even if you are too busy to vomit blood, you still can't turn over."'
Yes, this is reality, a reality that is completely contrary to success.

The first thing undercover is to find a "place".
At the beginning, the female doctor was mentally prepared, knowing that the accommodation conditions would definitely be bad, but she didn't expect the house to really break through the bottom line of her cognition.
Even if the house does not have air conditioning, electric fans, or screen windows, the space is still very small, let alone cooking, there is no space for extra activities.
Even for such a broken house, the rent will cost $500, which almost accounts for the bulk of the expenses.
Looking at the neighbors around you, they seem to have long been numb to the poor living environment.
Two elders shared a single room, and the house was too small to fit a single high and low bed; a family of five people, crowded together, the elderly gave the bedroom to his son’s family, and he could only sleep in the living room. , There is no privacy at all...
My neighbor said that it’s better to have a place to live, better than living on the street.
Yes, it’s good to have a place to live, and there is no right to "choose" wherever it is.
Only when people have a fixed place can they have continuous upward motivation.
But these poor people, who pay almost half of their income to landlords, live in homes without hot water, endure the torment of heat waves in summer and the cold to the bone marrow in winter.
They don't dare to expect how warm their homes can be. They just want a place to sleep peacefully, without living on the streets, and having a place to stay is their "last dignity."

30 kilometers away from the accommodation, the female doctor found her first job as a waiter in a restaurant.
At 4:45 in the morning, the alarm bell urges people to get up again and again.
It's still pitch black all around, but on weekdays, there are still 3 hours left before I wake up.
But now, the female doctor had to forcibly drag her tired body.
For low-income people, time and energy are the most "not valuable" things. As long as they can save a little rent, they don't care about the pain of long commuting.
When the female doctor rushed all the way to the hotel, she was exhausted, but her busy day had just begun.
Because wages are calculated on an hourly basis, the manager is like an eagle, who will stare at every waiter for fear that they will be lazy.
As soon as you see that the work at hand is finished, you will immediately assign a new job to do it. You are not allowed to have any rest time.
From morning to night, the female doctor kept running between the kitchen and the lobby, and from time to time she had to deal with all kinds of picky customers.
The so-called rest every day is just to eat a meal and go to the toilet hastily.
The most terrible thing is that in order to let customers eat on time, the female doctor can only eat a hot dog bun in the afternoon when there are few people, and she is hungry several times to faint.
However, life does not "sympathize" with a poor person and let him get better because of hard work.
Even if you are busy like this, a female doctor can earn $19.44 a day. If you remove the 16.6 dollar from the rent, you will only have $2.84 left, which is enough to buy a sandwich in a convenience store.
In desperation, the female doctor can only find another part-time job.
This means that she has to work 14 hours a day to have a little more money on hand.
Every day from 8 am to 10 pm, the whole person has to go around like a spinning top.
Because of severe lack of sleep and severe overdraft of energy, the female doctor became addicted to smoking.
She followed the practice of her colleagues. Every time she lit the cigarette and placed it near the toilet, she secretly took a sip when she passed by.
To her, only those two seconds belonged to her, just like the oxygen she breathed in a drowning person, it seemed extremely precious.
After working as a waiter for a month and getting rid of the necessary expenses, the female doctor finally had only 22 dollars left in her pocket.
What can 22 dollars do? It's just five hamburgers, and even if you get sick, you don't have enough money for a checkup.
The work of a waiter has made female doctors who have always lived well discovered that there are really many "unfairness" in this world.
Some people are born with endless blessings, and some people can barely get food and bed to sleep if they allow themselves to work non-stop.

The second job of a female doctor is a cleaner.
Every day, the female doctor goes into and out of the high-end villa area, kneeling to wipe the floor in the contempt of the owner.
When brushing the toilet, even if you have to face disgusting stains, you must not change your face and clean it up carefully, because once it is found, the day's wages will be deducted.
Once, the female doctor went to an employer's house to clean as usual.
Coincidentally, this female doctor once went to the employer's school to give a speech.
When working, female doctoral students are afraid of being recognized by employers, especially when she keeps staring at herself.
At that time, the female doctor kept practicing in her heart, how to answer her questions at that time.
But the female doctor found that she was thinking too much. The employer didn't put her in his eyes at all, staring at her, just to make sure that she was kneeling and scrubbing the stains on the floor.
If the waiter in the restaurant feels physical fatigue, then being a cleaner is "oppression of dignity."
Although they rely on their hands to support themselves, no one looks down on them.
Employers look down on them and watch them sweating profusely. Not only will they not feel pity for a break, but they are also afraid that they will drink water in their rooms;
The boss looked down on them and always tried every means to make things difficult. The half-hour lunch time was clearly stated, and finally it was compressed to 15 minutes;
Even the sales assistants in convenience stores look down on them, frowning and shouting when they sell things...
Several times, the female doctor would feel humiliated, but she could only hide under the shower head in the rental house, howling.
She can't get angry, let alone complain, otherwise the day's work will be wasted.
The salary of cleaners is slightly higher. After removing the basic expenses, the female doctor saved $203 a month.
But the money to buy a coat requires a female doctor to do two jobs a day and work 7 days a week.
The job of a cleaner has made the proud female doctor discover that dignity is the most impractical thing in this world.
Because of the oppression of life, how many people would rather give up their dignity for a higher salary.
Just like Maslow's theory of needs, these poor people are still running for "livelihoods", so there is no time to think about life.

The last job of a female doctor was in a large supermarket chain.
"Such a big platform, there should be a little change!"
But reality slapped her back!
The larger the platform, the more detailed the work division of each person, which is completely a carrot and a pit, and it is harder to get promoted.
Every day, the female doctor only needs to do one thing-put the product code neatly.
The job is very simple, you don’t even need to use your brain, just repeat one action for ten hours.
This kind of long-term "mechanical" work has completely changed the female doctor's appearance. Her eyes are dull, her legs are swollen, and her brain is blank.
Not only her, but even the colleagues around her became insensitive.
Seeing the injured colleague, I didn't sympathize, but wondered why he didn't break his leg!
"I thought I was just selling my time, but the reality is that I really sell myself."
At the beginning, female doctors will also question why these people at the bottom do not want to improve their core competitiveness?
After all her enthusiasm was worn out by her work, the female doctor discovered that the so-called improvement of core competitiveness often means that she can't stand up and talk.
With ultra-low wages and huge cost of living, only part-time jobs after get off work can "barely live".Many people have finished part-time jobs and returned to their homes in the suburbs. It is already late at night.
The hollowed out body and energy have no way to support a study plan.
This is not because of the short-sightedness and lack of perseverance in the elite's mouth, but because time and energy are simply not allowed.
The work of the tally clerk has made the outstanding female doctors discover that their achievements are not just because of hard work.
Those poor people earning the lowest wages have no less effort than any elite, and their IQ and EQ are not low.
Just because there are no opportunities and not lucky enough, their lives are only repeated over and over again.
Many social elites are able to become outstanding.
Except for itselfIn addition to the factors, the most important thing is that there is a good opportunity and a good environment to grow.

The life of female doctors at the bottom is just a miniature.
Even though, she is doing the same job as the bottom people, earning the same salary, living in the same dilapidated house, and eating the same unnutritious meals.
But she still has many advantages that the poor do not.
For example, she had good medical care, a nutritious diet, and years of fitness habits, all of which allowed her to have a healthier body to withstand the injuries caused by heavy physical work.
The most important thing is that apart from food and housing, she has no additional expenses. Poverty is just an experience for her.
This prevents her from breaking down during the day-to-day work, and also allows her to maintain continuous enthusiasm and enthusiasm in her work.
And the people around her, those who struggle day and night at the poverty line, what poverty brings to them is never a fun experience, but more of struggle and pain.
Because of poverty, people have become "short-sighted" and have no long-term plans.
A male chef was deducted from his wages for a week in order to steal bread for dinner to save a few dollars.
Because of poverty, people who are wronged can only bite their teeth and swallow in their stomachs.
A waitress is often punched and kicked by her boyfriend. The reason she does not leave is not because of love and dependence, but just to save hundreds of dollars in rent.
Of course, the most terrifying thing is not these, but poverty will cause more serious poverty.
A construction worker had no money to take antibiotics because of his foot injury. As a result, the wound became increasingly infected and worsened. In the end, he couldn't even walk.
After not going to work for a few days, the boss fired him without hesitation. He also pretended to say: "It's important to stay healthy at home."
The problem that could be solved by one or two hundred in the end inevitably became a serious illness and had to spend more money and cause more losses.
This is reality, and it is not as simple as it is described by Chenggong.

Some people drive in luxury cars and live in luxury cars, while others are unclothed and can't afford to eat.
This is the real and cruel side of society.
If there is a choice, no one in the world wants to experience poverty, and no one wants to taste the suffering beyond death.
Not everyone has a choice in their own life, and they can live any life they want.
In this knowledge-based and professional-oriented society, without knowledge and skills, it is difficult for the poor to receive tickets to change their destiny and break the generational transmission of poverty.
This cannot be changed by being able to "endure hardship."
Of course, I hope that everyone has the opportunity to receive education and can block the intergenerational transmission of poverty by learning.
But not all poor people have the same opportunities. Some people have worked hard just to live.
For these people, we do not need to be harsh, because we have never experienced their lives and have no right to criticize.
In addition to high-level criticism, we can do a lot.
Big enough to give a child an opportunity to receive education, small enough to give them a kind smile.
Sometimes, we can have so much, but it's just a little better luck and less frustration.
As the classic line says:
"Whenever you want to criticize others, remember that not everyone in this world has the advantages you have.

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