Not long ago, Zuckerberg's wife Priscilla Chen participated in an interview with "Good Morning America".

Picture from "Good Morning America"
In the show, she wore capable short hair and dressed in a red dress, chatting with the host.

Picture from "Good Morning America"

When to talk about why自己When so passionate about medical charity,Priscilla ChenReplied chokedly: "Many people have helped me and opened the door for me, so I have to fightExhaustWork hard and work hard and open the door for them, otherwise I would have failed these people."

Picture from "Good Morning America"

This is not the first time Priscilla Chen shed tears in front of the camera. She was interviewed by CNN last year.Remember yourselfStudyHer experience at Harvard, she said emotionally:

"At Harvard, it was really not easy. When I first arrived at Harvard, I felt that I was a failure, and I felt that I didn't belong there."

Priscilla Chen is a typical representative of the American dream. She is not beautiful. She was born in a humble background. She has experienced the difficulties and difficulties of life since she was a child.

Their parents came to the U.S. as refugees. They had never studied at university and could not speak English. They worked as an accountant and a waiter in a restaurant, but even though life was difficult, they had a creed in their hearts, that is: Education can lead to a better future.

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So, the couple who crossed the ocean did everything for their daughterPriscilla Chen reading.Priscilla Chen obviously did not live up to their expectations. She was desperately studying and finally received Harvard's acceptance letter in 2004.In this way, she became the first generation of college students in the family.

After getting married with the young billionaire Zuckerberg,Priscilla ChenShe did not choose to be a "rich wife" at home. She continued to use warmth and kindness, insisting on her charity, and continuing to provide medical and educational services to poor children and their families.

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From the grassroots girl to the rich wife, Priscilla Chen seems to be full of magic. In fact, there are 8 little things you have to know in her life, which are enough to reflect her unique personality and different destiny trajectory.

As a top student at Harvard, she was raised by a grandma who can't speak English

Before becoming a good helper to Zha, Priscilla was already aA Harvard student who is proficient in Cantonese, English and Spanish.However, Priscilla was not born in the scholarly family, but in a refugee area in the United States.Brought up by a grandma who can't speak a word of English.

Priscilla is the eldest daughter of the family and a younger sister who is 8 years younger than her

In the 80s, Priscilla's parents resolutely got on the boat to the United States in pursuit of a better life.When they first arrived, the whole family was labeled "refugees" and "smugglers." Priscilla's early life was almost spent in poverty and discrimination.In order to support his family, his father woke up and worked 18 hours in the restaurant every day; his mother had two odd jobs and had no time to look after the children at home.

Grandma is Priscilla's first life mentor

In this case, Priscilla and her sister can only become "left-behind children", brought up by a grandmother who does not speak English at all.Although grandma doesn't understand English and has no higher education, she is a simple and optimistic sensible person.She couldn't teach her granddaughter in terms of knowledge and skills, but tried to instill in Priscilla the principles of life and teach her "self-reliance, self-confidence, and self-reliance."According to Priscilla’s middle school teacher Peter Swanson, “Grandma is Priscilla’s emotional support and has a huge impact on her life.”

I had the idea of ​​going to Harvard when I was 13

It may be because of "children from poor families take care of their homes early", or because of grandma's insightful teaching in terms of outlook on life and values, Priscilla has been more independent and independent than children of the same age, and her academic performance is also in the class. Has always been among the best,He was voted as a "class genius" by his classmates.

Priscilla in middle school was selected as one of the "class geniuses"

When Priscilla was 13 years old, she once cameIn front of her science teacher and tennis coach Peter Swanson, she asked, "Teacher, what should I do to get admitted to Harvard?" Peter Swanson was shocked. He said that he had been teaching for many years and had never Never thought that a 13-year-old girl would ask such a question. Looking at Priscilla's clear eyes, Peter gave his own advice:"You can participate in the tennis team, and Harvard will favor children with comprehensive development of moral, intellectual, physical and beautiful."

The desire to be admitted to Harvard has been buried in Priscilla's heart since she was 13

In fact, sports is not Priscilla's strong point, but she still followed the advice of her teacher, joined the tennis team, and won the grand prize after training hard. When she finally got admitted to Harvard, she trot all the way to the teacher and said to him with a smile:"Look! I really got admitted to Harvard!" Before leaving, Priscilla gave Peter awayA meal voucher for the father’s restaurant, teachers are welcome to come as a guest at any time.

PriscillaThe impression of Xiaozha was not good at first

Priscilla was admitted to Harvard, not only fulfilled her childhood dreams, but also met Xiaozha, "the true emperor".

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They met in the Harvard dormitory. At that time, Xiao Zha's friends threw him a party. At that time, Xiao Zha, who had always been "unusual", was likely to be expelled from the school.
Xiao ZhaI fell in love with Priscilla at first sight, young and vigorous at the partyXiao ZhaCorrectPriscilla says : "Let's date tomorrow, because I may be expelled from school soon."However, they actually started dating after a week, at the very beginning,PriscillaCorrectXiao ZhaHis impression is not good. I think he doesn’t like to learn, but after watching movies together, the two of them communicated deeply.PriscillaSlowly fell in love with this outgoing and optimistic boy in front of me.
Looking back now, Priscilla still finds it very interesting:"He is a sensitive, thoughtful and interesting person. The strange thing is that I seem to discover his characteristics faster than everyone else, and I am attracted to him faster."

The "Love Code" that must be strictly enforced

In smalltieBuild Facebook and go to Silicon Valley to work hardThe start-up period is also the period when the two are in love. Although Priscilla knows littletieVery busy, but still formulated a strict "love rules."In Priscilla's view, no matter how busy work is, one needs time to manage love.

Priscilla tells us that beautiful love needs to be managed

Priscilla’s love code clearly states:"Two people must go on a date once a week", "Being alone is guaranteed at least 100 minutes", but the above does not include the time spent together at Zuckerberg's home, nor does it include interaction on Facebook.On weekends, the two would go boating on the lake together and cook a delicious meal for each other. Priscilla's mature love concept makes smalltieFalling for it, also during the initial development of Facebook, further consolidated the two simple campus romance.

She personally rejected the offer from her lover

As Facebook gets bigger and bigger, smallertieThe career has gradually stabilized. Seeing that Priscilla is about to graduate soon, littletieHe personally sent an invitation to his lover. He hopes that Priscilla can become a partner of Facebook and jointly run this promising business.However, what Xiaozha didn't expect was that Priscilla refused him personally.

Being independent is also one of Priscilla’s personality charms

Priscilla explained to the puzzling little Zha that she had been living at the bottom of poverty since she was a child. It was through education that changed her destiny.Now I am successful in my studies, and moreI hope to have an independent career, and especially hope to do something for the lower-class people living in poverty.
In 2013, Priscilla graduated from the University of California School of Medicine, and founded a non-profit private school for low-income families, teaching free courses for children and seeing a doctor for their family members.Seeing his girlfriend so kind and independent, Xiao Zha couldn't help but sprinkle a handful of dog food on Facebook, boasting that his girlfriend is his "proud".

Xiao Zha publicly praised Priscilla on Facebook:

"I'm so proud of you, Doctor Chen"

Married to a billionaire, but didn’t even have a diamond ring

On May 2012, 5, the day after Facebook went public, the two finally ended their nine-year love run and entered the palace of marriage.At this time, Xiao Zha was already worth more than XNUMX million yuan, but his wedding with Priscilla was a little shabby.

The wedding of the billionaire was held in his backyard

On the wedding day, Priscilla wore a simple lace wedding dress and walked step by step to the groom she was destined for. Although there are less than a hundred guests at the wedding, although the food at the wedding is not luxurious at all,Although she only wore a ruby ​​ring designed by Xiao Zha, she didn't even have a decent diamond ring.But Priscilla is still happy and content. Because at this time, she really married love.

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Miscarried three times before welcoming the first child

In July 2015, Xiao Zha disclosed the good news that his wife was pregnant. At the same time, he also revealed to the outside world for the first time,Priscilla has actually suffered three unexplained miscarriages.The first time, without any warning, the fetus in Priscilla stopped his heartbeat; the second time, in the ninth week of Priscilla’s pregnancy, he suffered a fetus again; the third time was in 2014 At the beginning of the year, Priscilla suffered a fetal stop again.
The successive blows broke Priscilla and Xiaozha's heart, but they did not give up. When Priscilla finally ushered in her fourth pregnancy and carefully spent the first three months like a curse, the doctor told her that the development of the fetus was very healthy and stable.It was Priscilla's persistence that made her finally realize her dream of being a mother.

Priscilla's family of 4

Enthusiastic for charity, not just by donation

Xiaozha and Priscilla are not only influential figures in the wealth world, but also in the charity world.They used to rely on their influence in the field of charity,Ranked at the top of the annual charity rankings of the American "Charity Chronicle", and both appeared on the cover of American "Time" magazine, becoming the "two" of the 100 most influential people in the world.

The couple topped the cover of Time magazine

May be influenced by his wife, after marriageXiao ZhaHas also become a "charity madman"——Donate if you don't agree.
Can't the school hardware in New Jersey keep up? donate!
Is Silicon Valley Community Foundation Short of Money? donate!
Top scientists have no money for research? donate!
Too happy that the eldest daughter was born? donate!

For charity fundraisers

Xiaozha and his wife are probably a clear stream of charity

Priscilla’s empathy for the poor and empathy for suffering, during the couple’s commitment to charityPlayed a very critical and decisive role.When she saw on the Internet that the families of lost children were in despair and suffering, she joined Xiaozha to launch a campaign on Facebook.Operation "Amber Alert", Using the power of the Internet to help find missing children;When she found out that she always encountered sick children who could not wait for a suitable organ and died in her work, she launched it on her Facebook pageOrgan donation registration tool.
For Priscilla,Charity and public welfare do not only mean a large amount of donations, but also a sense of responsibility and active participation. Starting from the small things around, let the existing resources play the best role, so as to benefit the people in need.

Operation "Amber Alert" to help find missing children

After marrying Zuckerberg,PriscillaI have encountered many doubts and ridicules.
Known as a sentiment analysis expertAyawawa,Even say likePriscillaSuch a shameless girl can only rely on academic qualifications to find a target. But as everyone knows, not all men in the world are so shallow that they only look at the appearance and figure of women.
There are some girls, although their families are poor and ordinary-looking, they rely on their wisdom and perseverance,Firmly grasped his own happiness and life,And use your kindness to give back to those in need.
Priscilla's special growth experience has shaped her optimism and strong empathy, and it is this personality trait that has attracted Zuckerberg. Priscilla has a wonderful and romantic life like a movie, and teaches all women a vivid lesson: even if fate has given you the worst hand, as long as you don’t give up on yourself, stay hardworking, tough, and kind,"Bad card"You can also play good cards.

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