The benefits of Australia is the last piece of paradise on earth today, which was originally very suitable for Chinese life!

However, in recent years, fraud cases against the Chinese community have emerged one after another, with many deceived!Even if you are not deceived, it will be annoying!

Many scams,Even the old scam, Is constantly repeating itself, and there are many victims with high IQ. Whether you are deceived or not has little to do with the IQ of the victim, and it has a lot to do with whether you are familiar with these scam routines!

Therefore, this article lists the characteristics of various scams. Please spread this article widely so that more people can realize the characteristics of these scams.

such as,There have been media reports before, 2018At around 7pm on Monday, July 2, the father of Ruo Yun, a Chinese student from Australia who was thousands of miles away, received a phone call that made him terrified. The number is exactly what his daughter has been using in Melbourne: "Your daughter now In my hand, give me 1 Australian dollars! Otherwise I will ruin her!", as a result,A 19-year-old Chinese Melbourne female student bound her hands and feet, recorded her voice for help, and handed over the WeChat password by herself... This intricate Melbourne student kidnapping case involved a well-planned transnational brainwashing scam. The scammers were mean and "smart". Lie the girl step by step to fall.

Similar cases.Canberra again in 2019The Australian National University repeats itself. This time the deceived is also a Chinese female student. The scammer first called her, threatened her to stay in a hotel, cut off contact with her family and the outside world, and then called her family in China, saying She was kidnapped and asked her family to pay a ransom. As a result, her family even mortgaged the property and collected hundreds of thousands of Australian dollars in ransom for the crooks!

We exceptCall on Australian police to step up crackdown, I also hope that through this article, I will analyze the characteristics of various scams, help you understand these scams, and tell you what to usesolution!

XNUMX. Phone fraud

Telephone fraud is the most victimized type of fraud. Scammers use the names of institutions that Chinese may use, such as "Chinese Embassy", "DHL", etc., to fabricate various caller IDs and call Chinese to scam!

The editor received the news from many Chinese friends, saying thatPhone scam. The friends around the editor who live in Australia for a long time have basically receivedAustralia"Consulate", "DHL Express" and other common agencies called staffFraudScam phone! The ratio is as high as 100%! In the Australian capital Canberra alone, the number of such cases of deception in 2018 was as high as XNUMX million Australian dollars, because many people were defrauded and did not report to the police due to face problems. The actual amount of deception was even higher!

The characteristics of this type of fraudulent call are:

(1) Warn you not to do certain things,Especially to warn you not to tell your family or the police;

(2) Ask you to provide more personal information or money;

(3) Threatening you and being arrested or deported if you do not cooperate;

(4) It is required to communicate through WeChat and Whatsapp communication software that is difficult for Australian police to obtain evidence;

(5) Asking you to leave home or stay in a hotel;

(6) Will transfer your call to other departments, or ask you to call other departments yourself

(7) Relevant departments impersonating the Chinese government, such as the Public Security Bureau, etc. (In fact, it is impossible for any government department in China to directly call the Chinese in Australia. Even if there are any problems, according to the law, they must go through the local Australian police. get on)

These scammers are smart. The phone calls they make can be displayed as the phone numbers of the Chinese embassy, ​​consulate, DHL and other commonly used institutions, and the displayed numbers can be changed at any time. The victims simply cannot block this by setting a blacklist. Class number, Even knowing that it is a scam call can be troublesome.

Now there are many such phone fraud techniques, the more commonly used is "Software disguise the source number", we analyze its technical principles below and provide countermeasures:

As ordinary telephone users, we can't see how such software can skip various restrictions to modify numbers.So what is the technical principle behind it?

Normal caller ID is actually a service business that can be provided by modern telecommunication switching networks. The exchange transmits the data in the special format of the incoming call number provided by the user, and the user terminal uses a terminal that meets the requirements of the data decoding format to receive and display.

In other words, the caller ID is not necessarily displayed by the calling number. After the switch sends out the first ringing signal, a data packet containing the information of the calling party is attached. This data packet contains the dialer's phone number, date, time, name and other information.

The caller number display (mobile phone, landline, etc.) starts to receive this when awakened by each ringing signaldata pack, The information is obtained through the decoding chip, formatted and displayed on the screen to formCaller ID.

And the so-calledNumber change software, mainly through VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), fabricates this data packet to include any phone number it wants to display on the other party's phone.

In short, VoIP is the digitization of analog voice signals, which are transmitted in real time on the IP data network in the form of data packets:

Therefore, scammers (black industry, referred to as "black production") can borrow VoIP to make a gateway, sandwich it between the calling party and the operator's gateway, use their own gateway to modify the calling number at will, and then send the modification result to the operator In the gateway system :

The entire operation process is as follows:

  1. First, preset a VoIP software on the smartphone or computer, and the software points to a preset gateway. (Black industry will use its own platform, which has an interface with operators, or with some foreign IP operators)

  2. And the gateway allows and receives the designated calling number sent by the client, and passes this number to the gateway to which the called number belongs.

  3. After the setting is completed, it is equivalent to accessing the platform of the number change software. When you dial, the black platform can help to simulate any number call.

Knowing its technical principles, let's talk about the countermeasures, it is better, the main methods are:

  1. It is best to hang up as soon as you hear this kind of call! Never follow its prompts for any operation;

  2. If you are worried that it is really the phone number of a certain organization you are looking forward to, you can hang up and call back, because this kind of fraudulent call is a fake number. If you hang up the call and call back, it will most likely be empty I can’t get through with my phone number; at least after I call back, the person who answered your call won’t remember, or even made such a call to you. If you get through, just ask directly what organization is here, and you must wait for the other party to answer first, don't answer the other party's question first. According to the content of the question answered by the other party, the true and false can basically be known.

  3. Government regulatory agencies should require telecom network companies to strictly control these access gateways! Heavy penalties are imposed on the access gateway that sends false data packets! (Australia's regulatory legislation on telephone communications needs to be improved. For existing legal provisions, please see this: )。

    In addition, the police can investigate and deal with fraudulent calls, whether it is based on the source of the real calling number or the bank account number used by the fraudster, as long as sufficient police force is invested!

    XNUMX. WeChat fraud.

With the development of the Internet and smart phones, WeChat has become the most widely used network communication tool at this stage.WeChat fraud, then there is no national border. For overseas Chinese, in addition to phone fraud, the most frequently encountered is WeChat fraud!

The most common is to use WeChat's "people nearby" function to search for Chinese women living abroad, and to draw in relationships through chat (including setting up handsome avatars, booing cold and asking warmth from time to time, and making photos of male sex appeal, etc.) to persuade each other Invest and defraud huge amounts of money.

Such as this case:

On October 2017, 10, an Australian female Chinese, Mr. Fang, reported to the Chongchuan Branch of Nantong Public Security Bureau, saying that she had been defrauded of more than 11 million. Because the woman was originally from Nantong and part of the money involved was remitted from a bank in Nantong, the police quickly opened the case for investigation, and arrested the suspects Chen Mowu, Chen Mojun, Li Moyue and others a month later .

After investigation, in July 2016, Chen Mouwu opened a fraud den in a rental house in Longyan City, Fujian Province.Make friends online through WeChat and connect with overseas Chinese female victims, And then defrauded the other party's money in the name of investing in casinos. The suspects Li Mouyue, Chen Moujun, Chen Mouqi, and Chen Mouqiang joined in afterwards.

In daily management, Chen Mouwu contributed funds as the den owner, Chen Moujun was responsible for the daily expenses of the den staff and kept and distributed the mobile phones, phone cards and other items used by the den staff for crimes. Li Mouyue and others were responsible for the specific implementation of fraud. Chen Mouwu agreed with them that for every successful fraud, he would divide the money according to a certain percentage.

In order to commit fraud, Chen Mouwu bought a mobile phone andMacau's mobile phone card and internet card. In order to be realistic, they alsoForgedMacau casinofile, Packaging Li Mouyue and others as "Macau Casino Staff".

Then theyLocate the location of WeChat to a certain country, open WeChat "Nearby People" to search for female Chinese living abroad. Once he gained the trust of the other party, he began to commit fraud. Fang was stuck in the "deep hole" of equity acquisition and tax payment.

In June 2017, Fang, who has lived in Australia for many years, met Cheng who claimed to be the account manager of a casino in Macau through WeChat "people nearby". After the two got acquainted, Cheng told him that his company wanted to open a new casino and he could buy shares, but because of insufficient money, he had to give up.

When Fang heard this, he took the initiative to lend him money. After some evasions, Cheng asked Fang to remit money to the mainland on the grounds that “inland financial supervision must first go to the company’s account in the mainland”. bank. From the rear, a relative in Nantong paid 60 yuan to the account provided by Cheng.
Later Cheng said that his colleague had 200 million patacas of shares that he wanted to transfer, and persuaded Fang to "eat it" so that he could provide a guarantee. Fang readily agreed. Soon, Fang received a phone call from a financial officer of a casino company in Macau to review the information. A few days later, Fang received a set of shareholding materials with official seals from Cheng, and sent 170 million yuan (about 200 million patacas) to Cheng.

Since then, Fang paid more than 500 million yuan to Cheng for the acquisition of equity and tax payment. When the time agreed by both parties approached, Cheng suddenly lost contact. At this time, Fang realized that he might have been cheated.

After investigation, Cheng was exactly Li Moyue in the fraud gang.All scams areChen Mouwu and othersRehearsed.The purpose is "fishing". According to Chen Mouwu's account, after the fraud was successful, he contacted the staff of the withdrawal team arranged by the matter, distributed the stolen money to multiple lower-level accounts through the bank card prepared in advance, and agreed with the withdrawal staff on the cash back ratio of the withdrawal.

analysis:The fraud criminal gang has a clear target, and the main target group is the Chinese women who have immigrated overseas. They use the characteristics of Chinese women's narrow social circle, little knowledge of domestic and external information, more emotional and emotional, rich family wealth, etc., layered design, Eventually the fraud succeeded.

This case is not a case, there are othersUse Hong Kong bank accounts to forge Hong Kong documents, fabricate Hong Kong horse betting, Mark Six lottery and other inside information, conduct fraud, etc., and scammers will also scare or use information confidentiality requirements when defrauding, to trick victims into not telling others, including themselves the closest person.

Among these WeChat scams, the WeChat account will be deleted after the WeChat scam is successful, and only the Chinese police have the authority to obtain the WeChat account and content.It is impossible for the Australian police to track down fraudsters based on WeChat account information and login records.And the bank account is also in places outside Australia such as Hong Kong or China,thereforeThe probability of relying on the Australian police to solve the case is close to 0.

Only when the amount of money is very large, or the victim has strong public power in mainland China, can the police in mainland China rely on the WeChat account information, WeChat login location, number of logins, other communication content of the WeChat account, and bank account Wait to solve the case!

In addition, there are high-tech activities under the banner of "Australian Dollar for RMB".WeChat fraudEven if the scammer used the Australian bank account to defraud, if the amount is not very large, the police will not be able to invest resources to solve the case.

Prevention method:

In the virtual world, do not disclose too much personal information to strangers easily when the information is not understood or is asymmetric.Once the other party makes an economic request, be very vigilant.

WeChat is a communication method that the Australian police cannot track or identify the other party.So don't rely on WeChat communication to determine the identity of the other party! The Australian police basically have nothing to do with WeChat fraud!

In the event of fraud, you must promptly seek help from the local judicial authority or report the case through domestic relatives and friends to try to recover economic losses.

XNUMX. Frauds such as emails, QR codes, and network links

Through the content of fake emails,In the QR code SMS link, implant a Trojan horse fraud, and then you can get the username and password of your mobile phone or computer, and even control your mobile phone or computer completely!


Don't swipe the "code" when you see it, be careful of QR code scanning fraud;

Don't click on unfamiliar and suspicious SMS links;

Do not click on unfamiliar URLs at will, and do not install the client easily;

Final Thoughts

Many victims are embarrassed to report or speak out if the amount is not huge. In fact, the victim is deceived and has little to do with the victim's IQ, because the scammer's process has been practiced many times. Not to mention living overseas, relatively simple Chinese, even Huawei R&D men who have lived and worked in Shenzhen for many years and should have a high IQ.从2014年12月21日至2015年2月1日期间, Was deceived in just 40 days1127 million!

Therefore, as a victim, regardless of the amount of fraud, you should report to the police. If there are more people reporting the crime, the police will have pressure to solve the case.

At the same time, these fraud cases are basically transnational, so they are handled by the Federal Police! (The responsible team is AFP's International Operations team, one of the senior police officersDetective Senior Constable, named Mathew Tonge

We can also use various media to call on the Australian Parliament to strengthen legislation in this area, and urge the Federal Police to invest more resources to deal with these fraud cases against the Chinese community!

The above content is edited by the editor based on Herald Sun, ABC News, The Canberra Times and other online media