Running around all year round

People who need to stay in hotels often

Must have a cognition


Everything in the hotel is not clean

One hotel per stay

It is normal to see other people’s hair on the bed sheet pillowcase

Occasionally see the blood and dirt that can't be washed away, it's no fuss

As long as it's not too much

Everyone can bear it

I have lived in such a hotel

The sheets and quilt are covered with fine hair

Dare not even sit

After calling customer service in the middle of the night to change the sheets

Still no change

But because it's too late

I can't go out and change a hotel

I can only take a rest

And then

The Internet also keeps breaking out of the hotel hygiene is outrageous

One of themEvaluation organization

After evaluating several hotels

Posted a video

"Five-star hotel, why don't you change the sheets"

This video instantly hit the circle of friends and caused an uproar

The production team of this video randomly selected

Several well-known five-star hotels

Check in a random room on the first day

Then quietly on the used bedspread, toilet, bathtub and other thingsPrinted a small mark

This mark needs to be exposed to ultraviolet light to be visible

After checking out the next day

They select a room through the mobile app

Stay in the same room again

Then found thoseThe small mark still exists

That is

The cleaner did not replace the duvet cover, wipe the toilet bowl, etc.

As soon as this evaluation video comes out

Everyone is also very angry

First, I feel that I have paid money but have not received the corresponding services

The second is that everyone has substituted for themselves, fearing that the hotels they have stayed in before are like this, which is very worrying.

And I didn't expect the hotel industry to have so many tricks!

And then relevant departments also intervened in the investigation

The hotel with solid evidence also accepted the corresponding punishment

But one thing happened recently in Australia

Although it also happened in the hotel

But it has nothing to do with hotel services

But there is an Australian girl

She made one in the hotelBreak the lower limitThing

Also complacently posted on the Internet intends to share "experience" with others

But he was scolded by netizens!

The woman originally wanted to share her "witty behavior" on her personal social account:

"Stayed in the hotel, but my aunt suddenly came