Mr. Times here regretfully informs everyone,

In the future, the cost of living will go up! !

Remember before, the two supermarket giants, Coles and Woolworths, were unscrupulous in order to compete for customers and increase sales!

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The price of milk and roast chicken is incredibly low!

But later, they gradually realized that such a low price would not work! The protests of dairy farmers and the condemnation of other supermarkets made these two supermarkets finally raise their prices to the market standard line!

Since then, 1 dollar of milk no longer exists, and a minimum of 10 dollars for roast chicken!

right now,These two supermarkets are even better for the brothers. They keep warm and raise the price!No longer will the "prices you lower, I lower" the fire of war!

Regarding price increases, the official statement of coles and woolworths is: we will pay more attention to quality, rather than blindly discount!

By reducing discounts, supermarkets hope to increase their turnover to increase profits.

IBISWorld’s latest market research shows that in the past two years, the prices of daily department stores have increased, and this trend will continue!

Tom Youl, a senior industry analyst at IBISWorld, mentioned in a statement that now supermarket advertisements are more biased towards enhancing the value of the core brand rather than promoting discounts.

But, do you raise the price when you say it? Isn't the first consequence that the customer passed away?

In this regard, coles and woolworths certainly have a solution!

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The essential purpose is to increase the loyalty of customers to the brand, so that people gradually get used to price increases, thereby increasing profits!

So, how much of the daily necessities of fruits, vegetables and fruits that people cannot live without have gone up?

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, they tracked goods and services, which is the Australian Consumer Price Index (CPI),It was up 2019% in the June 6 quarter alone!

Although the price of fruits and vegetables dropped by 2.8%, the total price of food and non-alcoholic beverages increased by 2.4% last year!

After years of low-price wars, both coles and woolworths realized thatDiscounts are a kind of drug, and the company can no longer maintain it.

In the past, supermarkets patronized and competed with other brands. The price did have an advantage, but the neglect of the brand and the quality of the goods was not conducive to the company's increase in profits.

Now, supermarkets will gradually rely on price wars and seek other levers to improve value and quality!

According to analysis, coles will increase sales by 40% within five years after focusing on its own brand!

Well, supermarkets have raised prices one after another, and their profits have risen, but what about consumers?The salary has not risen, and the cost of living has jumped high like a rocket!

There is really nothing to say!

The original text is taken from Dailymail