Many Internet celebrities have taken turns on the hot search,
Attracted many big discussions among netizens who eat melon.
For example, it costs 5 million to get married
Please Simba of 42 stars,
For example, Qiao Biluo, whose girl becomes aunt in one second,
For example, if the picture is too strong
One million beauty blogger Er Linlin,
I want to be popular,
I want to make money every day, I want to respond to each other,
It seems to be the long-cherished wish of many people...
However, some people can stand on the cusp of the storm,
It doesn’t seem to be because of good business and strong ability,
But because of various fancy tricks...
Fancy brush lower limit:
The Chinese-style ugly appraisal is draining young people...

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Sitting on the side of Hangzhou's most lively Internet celebrity street, you will see a great reward for confusing behavior in the world.

Someone who walks well, suddenly compares a set of gorgeous gestures like online practice;

When there is a disagreement, he lowers his waist, splits, and turns somersaults,

Even twisted out a Latin dance;

There are people who suddenly change their faces and throw roses as if they are acting in a sex drama;

Turn around 365 degrees at any moment, spin and jump with your eyes closed;

Someone who snatched his girlfriend's mobile phone and hugged his girlfriend in circles like a domineering president;

The overbearing stop of his girlfriend, and the low-rise pants is a sudden lift;

With an evil smile, he put his girlfriend's head under his armpit and sang the song "Axillary Fragrance";

Some water is not good to drink, you must turn into a sprinkler.

On your left, a group of ancient style men and women are dancing and gesticulating "Orchid finger twists red dust like water";

On your right, a group of scrawny internet celebrities are dancing "Sexy Lady";

Behind you is a group of short video actors who pretend to be strangers after finishing the script: "Brother, can I tease you?"

You watched this magical scene dumbfounded, feeling how crazy this world can be for fire and traffic.


This is an era of ugly carnival. Internet celebrities are becoming more and more curious, showing more and more legs, and stretching their legs.

The embarrassing and confusing Internet celebrity street shooting frantically swept the screen, and various earth-flavored sand sculpture videos went viral.

The cookie-cutter plastic face is popular, and noisy brainwashing advertisements are scrolling on TV and office elevators.

Some people say that aesthetics and design have become the least important things in China, and everything is premised on fast selling, and naturally only the earthy flavor and cottage are left.

Take it seriously.


We have entered an era of universal appraisal of ugliness.

This is the red carpet of a domestic fashion week in a certain tier city, and a group of 36 online celebrities gathered.

They were dressed in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple clothes, and staged a flourishing world of demons dancing.

Their vigorous steps and confident smiles look like square dancers who are ready to give a big kick, and like micro-businessmen who like to raise the Harmony.

This is the interface of the most popular short video APP in China.

On the top, you can see the social shaking of the pot cover, small foot pants, and popular trendy male beanie shoes;

You can see the earthy short videos of car accidents, cancers, derailed minors, and ugly men and ugly girls;

You can see all kinds of eating raw octopus frogs, chewing big pig heads, eating mustard peppers, even drinking toilet water, eating alien insects...

They are very creative. Some people use a boat to load the cooked ramen. The broadcaster sits on the boat, puts his feet in the ramen, and eats the "foot-soaked ramen" bit by bit.

You can see all kinds of self-abuse groups: live drinking white wine, setting firecrackers into the crotch, jumping on ice, stewing yourself in an iron pot...

This is a small video about how to get coupons with local flavors frequently posted on Weibo.

It tends to have bizarre plots, terrible plots and terrible views.

For example, a girl was robbed of her boyfriend by her roommate because she could not dress up. After learning to get coupons to buy cosmetics, the ugly girl attacked and later became the stepmother of her ex-boyfriend;

For example, a girl used inferior cosmetics to ruin her face and talked to her boyfriend for an explanation. The boyfriend saw that the cabinet sister was pretty, and suddenly she was with the cabinet sister, and he punched and kicked his girlfriend...

This is the most popular plastic surgery template in China.

European-style big eyes, sharp chins that seem to stab people, towering mountain roots, and stiff apple muscles with hyaluronic acid.

In the era of traffic, countless people do not hesitate to sensationalize in order to gain attention, and countless people get pleasure from ugly and curiosity.

But as Jiang Xun said: "This pleasure can be refreshing in an instant, but after the end, it often produces feelings of loneliness and emptiness, and that emptiness will become a black hole to make up for."

Ask yourself, is this kind of deformed pleasure really what you are after?


Some time ago, Jay Chou experienced an embarrassment at his Paris concert.

In the usual song ordering session, the couple who were named asked Jay Chou to sing the internet celebrity song "Learning to Meow".

Jay Chou froze for a few seconds and said, "This is the first time I sang a song that is not my own at a concert."

He, who originally sang "The sky is waiting for mist and rain, and I am waiting for you", is now forced to sing "Let's meow meow meow meow meow together".

someone said:This is like forcing a nutritionist to eat "junk food", while eating it while boasting it is the best in the world.


Walking on the street and in KTV with friends, we were repeatedly bombarded by various shoddy internet celebrities:

"You know that I don't just like you";

"You said that your mouth is dumb, dumb dumb";

"If you didn't break into my life suddenly, how could I let the loneliness that I've been stubbornly stuck on"...

Short, fast, meaningless saliva songs are popular, and vulgar and boring lyrics are popular.

The musician Zheng Jun once commented on this phenomenon:

Of the songs on the charts, nine out of ten can’t be heard.

The credibility of all the rankings has collapsed, and you have no choice at all.

The dishes placed in front of you are disgusting. You have no choice but to eat this.

The popularity of ugly appraisal has made more and more people only listen to crude saliva songs and simple and crude lyrics and melody.

When our music is only left with short, flat, and crudely crafted brainwashing divine music;

When our TV series are only left with cutouts and molds, the fleshy little flowers who can only stare and pouting dominate the screen;

When our variety show is only left with plagiarism, malicious editing, and amplifying contradictions...

This is simply the greatest sadness of this era.


In the movie "Spirited Away" released a few days ago, the beauty of the poster designed by our teacher Huang Hai has been hotly searched abroad.

One sign means: "Life is long, no matter what hardships you experience, don't forget your original intention."

The other one reads: "Don't look back, keep moving forward."

The posters designed by Huang Hai always evoke people's yearning for beauty.

Just like the Chinese version of the "Thief Family" poster, under the open umbrella, it is life in a variety of ways;

The poster of "I'm Not the God of Medicine" has the texture of Dunhuang murals, living toward death, with profound meaning;

The posters of the "Golden Age" series have been forwarded millions of times, making the fate of a generation of literati in the Republic of China come to light...

Not only Huang Hai, China has no shortage of outstanding designers.

The cover of the international edition of "China Daily" designed by a senior student of Tsinghua Academy of Fine Arts has won an international award in the newspaper industry;

The Forbidden City series that apply the Chinese style to the extreme, such as the Forbidden City tape, the Forbidden City bookmark, and the Forbidden City make-up, are always sold out.

The beauty left by five thousand years of civilization is in rhyme, elegance, and a meaningful blank.

This is the aesthetic ability we should pursue and cultivate.

It is true that ugly appraisal can satisfy some people's curiosity and obtain short-term pleasure.

But the long-term review of ugliness has brought about a low limit that has no bottom line, an increasingly unsatisfied mentality of curiosity, and no more interest in beautiful things.

Aesthetician Zhang Shiying said: "There are four realms in life, the realm of desire, the realm of knowledge, the realm of morality, and the realm of aesthetics. Aesthetics is the highest realm."

In the age of entertainment to death, I hope you and I can still discover beauty, recognize beauty, and feel beauty.

With aesthetic ability, even the ordinary life can bloom.

mutual encouragement.

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