Victorian government smiling dentist fleet serving public schools

The free dentist fleet launched by the Victorian Labor Government is about to start serving public school students.

包括Box Hill North小学在内的学校将成爲本月首批微笑牙医车队访问的学校之一。本学期内车队将访问二十二所学校,到2022年时访问全维州学校。州政府承诺爲所有州公立学校的中小学生提供免费牙科服务,州2019/20年预算划拨了3亿2190万元用于免费牙科保健计划。

The team of smiling dentists will provide free examinations and treatments, including tooth cleaning, fluoride applications, fillings and other non-cosmetic care to ensure that Victorian children have healthy teeth. This government measure ensures the health and happiness of children, saves family dental expenses, and saves parents from going to the emergency department of the hospital for their children's dental problems. The Labor Party government’s landmark free dental care program will reduce the family’s dental expenses, with an estimated annual quota of 400 yuan per child. It will also reduce XNUMX treatments per year in the adult public dental system, reducing waiting time.

After being fully launched, the Smile Dental Team will provide approximately XNUMX inspections and dental treatments each year.