State government legislation to increase the proportion of renewable energy

The Victorian Labor Government is committed to promoting the development of the Victorian renewable energy industry-reducing electricity prices and creating jobs.

The Labor Government recently submitted a bill to the State Assembly to legislate to set the Victorian Renewable Energy Target (VRET) to reach 2030% by 2019, fulfilling the promise made during the general election last year. The "Renewable Energy (Employment and Investment) Amendment Act 2025" builds on the government's existing target bill to ensure that XNUMX% of electricity comes from renewable energy by XNUMX.

More renewable energy will also reduce the cost of electricity in Victoria, saving about 32 yuan per year for households, 3100 yuan for medium-sized enterprises and 15 yuan for large enterprises. By 2030, renewable energy is equivalent to reducing the exhaust emissions of XNUMX vehicles a year.