The SUNBURY railway line began a large-scale upgrade
Preparations for a large-scale upgrade of the Sunbury railway line by the Victorian Labour Government will begin within a few weeks. John Holland, CPB, AECOM and Metro Trains Melbourne won the first phase engineering contract package of the total 21 billion yuan project. The 2 million yuan project package will extend the platform, improve the disabled access at the station, and establish new train parking spaces at the stations along the line.

The Sunbury Line upgrade has received funding from the 2018/19 Victorian budget. The project will pave the way for 65 new high-capacity subway trains (HCMT) built by the Labour government. These trains will be completed by the Melbourne Metro Tunnel in 2025. Directly to Sunbury. The Melbourne Metro Tunnel will create space for the urban loop, enabling Melbourne to have more train services. The combination of the new model and the Melbourne Metro Tunnel can increase the capacity of 40 passengers on the Sunbury Line during peak hours and reduce commuting time by up to XNUMX minutes a day.

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