Australian Prime Minister Morrison

Shouted the slogan "Safer Australia" during the campaign

He has always promised all Australians

The new government will use practical actions for Australians

Create a safer living environment

Just now, Australian green card holders (PR)

Became one of the targets of this slogan

A bill waiting to be reviewed by the Senate

The number of Australian PR visas that may be rejected and cancelled

Soaring 5 times, immigration to Australia will be more difficult

01What kind of bill amendment

Make Australian immigrants "shivering"?

In fact, the Australian government recently

Proposed a "strictest in history"

"Revised character test proposal"

The proposal requires a substantial increase

Australian immigration "character test difficulty"

If the proposal is passed, non-Australian citizens (including PR)

If committed a serious crime punishable by 2 years of imprisonment

Even if he was not actually sentenced to imprisonment

Even ordinary crime

It may also be refused or cancelled

"PR" visa

What makes immigrants more fearful is

The bill will have"Retroactive effect of law"

This means that after the amendment of the bill is passed

Even the crimes committed before may be prosecuted

This became the controversial area of ​​this bill

Immigration researcher and former Labour Party policy adviser

Henry Sherrell stated that

The amendment to this bill has attracted people’s attention

The most important point is here, it is very likely

Some PRs have been in Australia for a long time, although they have made mistakes

But they have already accepted the punishment of the law

I have paid the price for my mistakes

If the bill passes, it means these people

Will still be affected

If this bill change is passed

For Australia PR will be a major change

If this proposal is finally passed and implemented

Will cause thousands of unlikely

People who pose a threat to the community are forced to leave Australia

Against this argument

Many netizens said: Has everyone been sentenced to 2 years in prison?

Does his approach really harm the community?

More stringent character tests can really help

Keeping Australia's community safe

But many people also said

A stricter bill is a good thing

But if you go to the previous case

It might be a little inappropriate


Modification of the last character test

It happened to be the current Prime Minister Morrison

I did when I was Minister of Immigration

The government at the time cancelled about 4150 visas

The coalition government has always tried

Improve the difficulty of character testing

02Australia "Character Test"

What are you testing?

In fact, many people who obey the law

I don’t even understand what a character test is

In fact, to put it simply, Australian non-citizens

Including various visa groups such as PR

All need to meet Australia’s "character test"

The most important thing is to have no criminal record,

No threat to Australia, no violence

And will not be suspected of being linked to certain organizations, etc.

The following are the current "character test" regulations

(From NewStars Twisting Star Education Immigration)


Visa applications or holders under the following circumstances cannot pass the character test:

– Have a substantial criminal record.

"Substantial criminal"—"serious criminal record" mainly includes:

*Sentenced to death or life imprisonment

*Sentenced to jail for more than 12 months

*Sentenced to jail more than 2 times, the total time is more than 12 years and months

*Convicted of a mental illness crime and sent to the relevant detention center (that is, he did commit a crime but did not go to prison for some reason)

– Have tried to escape immigration detention, or committed a crime during/before and after immigration detention.

– There is reason to suspect that this person is a member of an organization or has any connection with the organization. (This type of organization refers to those that violate the criminal law).

– By referring to the person’s past and current criminal records or the person’s past or current behavior, it is found that this person does not have a "good character".

-When this person enters Australia, this person will pose a'threat' to the safety of the Australian people, that is, this person will participate in criminal offenses in Australia, sexually assault others, or participate in some violent actions harmful to social security.

Read the above rules

I believe that most people approve of this character test

After all, "these people" are likely to endanger the lives of ordinary people

Australia is Immigration Minister David Coleman said

Improving the character test is very important

Australia must tell the world clearly

Australian visas will only be issued to people of good character

Entering and staying in Australia is a privilege ("privilege")

Not a right ("right")

Those who break the law and fail to comply with Australian standards of conduct

I should expect to lose this privilege

Think about it carefully, this seems to be fine

03New Zealanders injured the most

Three serious crimes cannot be forgiven

According to "Newstar Education Immigration"

In 2018, Australia had 888 visas

It was cancelled because the character test failed

The top three crimes are:

Drug crimes, assaults, and child sex crimes

These are all crimes that Australia has cracked down on

As the largest group of immigrants in Australia

Among these cancelled visas, New Zealand nationality ranks first

Only 22 people of Chinese nationality were cancelled throughout the year

That is, even if the bill is finally passed

For us Chinese, the impact is not very big

In fact, the Australian visa

The biggest cancellation group is working holiday and student visa

This is also the type of visa that the two types of Chinese get the most

The main reason for the cancellation of the holding working holiday visa is

When renewing the second working holiday visa

Provided false work experience materials

Or the work experience materials provided cannot verify the authenticity

The student visa (subclass 500) is mainly due to

Did not pay tuition or attendance rate did not meet the minimum requirements of the school

Or maybe the grades did not meet the requirements

So don’t think you just don’t sin

No matter what kind of visa you are in Australia

Obey the law and do things in accordance with visa rules

To be able to enjoy the "privilege" of entering Australia smoothly

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