Just now, the national media was refreshing a message:A serious car accident in a Chinese tourist bus abroad has killed 14 people and injured dozens of others.
The Chinese Embassy in the Lao People’s Democratic Republic also issued an urgent document:
On the afternoon of August 8, a local tourist bus in Laos carrying 19 Chinese tourists suffered a serious car accident on the way from Vientiane to Luang Prabang, causing many casualties.
The Chinese Embassy in Laos and the Consulate General in Luang Prabang immediately activated the emergency mechanism to urgently coordinate the Lao military, police and medical forces to carry out the rescue. Consul General Li Zhigong has led an emergency team to the scene to coordinate rescue work. Some Chinese-funded enterprises and consulates and consulates assisted volunteers to deliver drinking water and food to the site nearby.
As the accident occurred in the mountainous area and traffic and communication are inconvenient, the work of rescue and transport of the wounded is still underway. The cause of the accident and the specific number of casualties have yet to be confirmed. The embassy and consulate in Laos will follow up and release the relevant situation.
Laos is in the rainy season and the mountain road conditions are poor. The Chinese Embassy and Consulate in Laos reminds Chinese citizens in Laos to pay attention to traffic safety, reduce traffic in mountainous areas, check vehicle conditions and drive carefully before traveling. In case of an accident, please seek help from the local police and medical institutions, and contact the Chinese Embassy in Laos.
The major official media and public accounts also began to forward this news:
The accident occurred 40 kilometers away from Luang Prabang. The cause of the accident was suspected to be a brake failure.
The road was slippery in the rain, and the bus rolled into the ravine and fell dozens of meters.
According to statistics, there were 43 Chinese citizens on the bus, of which 14 were confirmed dead, 2 were missing, and the rest were seriously injured.
Because it rolled over tens of meters on the hillside, the body was severely damaged during the impact, some passengers were thrown out of the car, and some were trapped in the car.
The scene is miserable.
When rescuers arrived at the scene, they provided simple emergency treatment and immediately arranged for the injured to be sent to the hospital for first aid.
Take a look at the timeline of rescue:
At 8:20 on August 00th, I received feedback: At least 22 people have been killed in the car accident and some people are still missing. The search is still continuing. Staff from embassies and consulates and local Chinese-funded institutions also participated in the rescue. It is understood that the tour group came to Laos by chartered flight from Changzhou, and most of the tourists came from Nanjing, Jiangsu.
At 8:20 on August 00th, CCTV reporters got in touch with employees of Chinese-funded enterprises who were on the scene to rescue. At present, the remains of 23 victims have been found at the scene, 14 of the injured have been sent to Luang Prabang Hospital for treatment, and 30 others are still missing. The rescue team is searching.
At present, the remains of some victims are under the body of the car. The emergency rescue command team of the front embassy in Laos has dispatched cranes and other equipment on the nearby China-Laos Railway China Power Construction Unit to prepare to lift the accident vehicle.
The team that suffered a car accident in Laos this time was a total of 43 tourists collected by its Jiangningmen store. Most of them are from Jiangning, mostly in their 50s to 60s, mainly couples traveling.
As of the early morning of the 20th, among 44 Chinese citizens, 8 were found dead, 29 were sent to hospital for treatment, 1 was missing, and 6 were trapped. Rescue work is still ongoing.

Many netizens sent their blessings on Weibo.
But some people in the comments began to mock:
For example, this one is greedy for petty and cheap and suffers big losses...
And this, the tour fee is cheap...
The most disgusting thing is this: deserve it, it's just right to die.
14 Chinese citizens lost their lives overseas, and Keyboard Man still doesn't know that he has a virtue... even insulting the dead to vent his emotions... Compare the Chinese red that has emerged in the world, compare those patriotic Chinese, and look at the keyboard man's face.
The same Chinese, why is the gap so big?
Of course, the world of Keyboard Man may not be understood by ordinary people, and we should pay more attention to security issues.
You should pay more attention to your personal safety when you travel overseas. Especially when the vehicle is driving on rugged mountain roads, you must understand the way to save yourself!
In this accident, 1 person is still missing and 6 people are trapped. It is hoped that the rescue can proceed smoothly, the missing can be found as soon as possible, the trapped passengers can escape smoothly, and there will be no more casualties.