Heard a story.There is a very loving couple who lives by setting up a stall.At noon, the man comes to deliver food to his wife.When the two were happily sitting on the steps to eat, a passing aunt glanced at them and said to the woman:"Big girl, you are so pitiful!Working hard to make money, your husband will give you such shabby things."Hearing this, the woman was holding the meal in her hand, her eyes filled with tears, and the man next to her had red eyes, and she was no longer in the mood to eat... There is also a sentence in "The Great Gatsby" words:In those years when I was young and had little experience, my father once gave me a piece of advice, and it still lingers in my heart to this day."Whenever you want to criticize others," he said to me, "you have to remember that not everyone in this world has the advantages you have."To encourage everyone.

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At 1 am, a post on Zhihu caught my attention.

The respondent is a graduate of 985 University who wants to find a job in another city.

For the first time away from home, his old mother stuffed him with a woven bag full of local products.

Home-grown corn, potatoes, homemade dried sweet potatoes, dried plums, sausages, old mother’s specialty dishes, dried plums, pickled radishes...

Taking such a big woven bag to fly on a plane is naturally very troublesome. Reluctantly, unable to bear the kindness of the old mother, she had to embarrassedly carry the woven bag and drag the suitcase into the airport.
Due to the heat in the airport, he took off his jacket, revealing the slightly worn thermal underwear inside.
While waiting for the elevator, two brightly dressed stewardess in front were chatting.
One of them glanced back at him and said: "Tickets are really cheap now, anyone can fly."
I can imagine how uncomfortable the 985 graduate who was humiliated by the stewardess on the spot would be.
Many people always intentionally or unconsciously show their superiority in words or actions and devalue others.
As everyone knows, one's own superficial and rude behavior will cause much harm to others.
The host Meng Fei said well:
"All the sense of superiority does not come from appearance, figure, knowledge, family, wealth, status, achievements and rights, it only comes from lack of knowledge and lack of compassion."
Take it seriously.

Some time ago, there was an 11-year-old girl who was insulted in the street for wearing a copycat Lolita skirt.
At that time, she was wearing a cute little red dress, shopping with friends in a good mood.
Two strange girls suddenly stopped her and said righteously: "You will be scolded when you come out through the cottage."
Seeing the little girl's dumbfounded look, the two girls spoke with a sense of superiority: "We all have genuine ones, and the genuine ones are very obvious and very different from the fake ones."
The little girl said nothing, and went straight away.
But the two girls reluctantly followed and humiliated them: "I am embarrassed to come out through the cottage!"
The little girl was a little angry: "What's up with you?"
The two girls laughed and insulted: "I am your mother!"
The girl said helplessly: "I don't know this is a genuine piracy, I bought it for the first time!"
But the two girls still did not let her go, and continued to play the role of "justice messenger", giving her a sense of superiority.
After the matter was fermented on the Internet, some netizens picked it up, and the two girls usually wore the clothes of the cottage themselves.
They are not the so-called high copyright awareness or full sense of justice, but seeing that little girls are bullied and want to find personal satisfaction and superiority.
An 11-year-old girl, wearing a skirt bought with her own money, was shopping happily with her friends.
As a result, being chased by two foul-smelling girls to make a video, and being ridiculed, everyone will be in a bad mood all day.
There is a saying that is very apt:Superiority is like underwear. You can have it, but you must never show it to others.
A truly mature person never needs to elevate himself by belittling others.

I met a girl from a poor family, from a small county town in the XNUMXth tier to go to a first-tier city for graduate school.
My father is a decorator and my mother is a packer in a porcelain factory. She is busy all year long and can only make a living, but also for her and her brother to study.
She knew her family's situation well, so she never dared to buy cosmetics or new clothes.
Once, three girls in the same bedroom discussed "Yang Shulin", "TF" and "Givenchy Lambskin" in full swing.
Having been immersed in reading, she couldn't help but ask them: "What is Yang Shulin?"
The other three girls looked at each other and smiled, and no one answered her, as if this was an extremely stupid question.
There seemed to be an invisible line between her and the other three local girls.
When she was watching a domestic drama in her dormitory, her roommate sneered at her taste; she occasionally spoke with an indelible dialect accent. The roommate would pinch her nose to learn her in a strange tone of yin and yang; she basked on the balcony For her clothes, the roommate will move them all aside, as if they are afraid of contaminating her poor sourness.
People with a sense of superiority do not know that in this world, some people are exhausted just to maintain their lives.
No one told them that some people live in tall buildings, some people are in deep ditch, and not everyone has their birth conditions.
Have seen such a timetable:
21:42, the aunt in the bathroom just got off work
At 22:00, the sanitation truck is still cleaning the garbage in the trash can
22:49, the takeaway boy is still delivering supper for those who work overtime all night
23:23, the gatekeeper of the community is still opening the door for the night shift
At 00:14, the drunk person who was drunk after get off work was sent home by a friend
02:26, ​​the porter has started to move goods to the car
03:45, the owner who sells breakfast is already busy preparing breakfast
At 04:30, the sanitation workers who awakened the city began to walk on the bleak streets
Yu Hua wrote in "To Live":"Nothing is happier than living, and nothing is more difficult than living."
Where you can't see, how many people gritted their teeth and stood till dawn.
So, who gives you a sense of superiority to laugh at those who live their lives with all their strength?

Cai Kangyong once talked about a childhood experience in the program.
That day, his mother took him to a rich friend's house to play mahjong.
When it was time for the meal, the host brought out the delicacies of the mountains and seas, abalone, fins and belly.
Cai Kangyong ate shark fin for the first time, and couldn't help but exclaimed, "It's so delicious, what is this?"
The host smiled slightly and said, "This is a fan." He also gave Cai Kangyong another bowl: "If you like, eat more."
After growing up, Cai Kangyong participated in many dinners.
Whenever some precious ingredients are served, the people who entertain the guests will often hype: "This is Kobe beef. When raising the cows, massage and music are required. It is very expensive, thousands of dollars!"
In contrast, Cai Kangyong understands the gentleness of the master at the table when he was a child.
A truly noble person will not show off his own glamour, let alone expose the embarrassment of others.
Wang Baoqiang also encountered an embarrassment when he first became famous in his early years.
He went to the awards ceremony, came out of the toilet, and met Andy Lau.
Wang Baoqiang used the sensor-type faucet for the first time and didn't know how to use it. He pressed it for a long time at a loss.
When he was embarrassed, Andy Lau naturally put his hand under the faucet, and calmly resolved the embarrassment for him.
The more educated people are, the more empathetic they will be, and they will be able to empathize and treat others with a normal heart.
You are showing off your superiority all the time, which will not let people really appreciate you, but will expose your shallowness.
In the adult world, how many people are left behind.
When you look away from your own superiority, look at the world and the sky of the universe.
You will find how trivial what you are showing off and complacent about.
May you and me, put away the excess sense of superiority, and be sympathetic to the difficulties of others.
A truly outstanding person never writes a sense of superiority on his face.
mutual encouragement.

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