There was a tit-for-tat debate in the University of South Australia in Adelaide, Australia.

The female international student who lives on the banks of the Xiangjiang River shouted: Hong·Kon Stay Strong;

After being heard by a group of male students from the powerful motherland, they immediately took out authentic domestic artillery and launched a confrontation, the uniform cnm..., the girl's voice was suppressed at once.

Too powerful, too shocking.

Confucian classics related to Chuantong culture have the most definition of shame.

For example: one cannot be shameless. Shameless, shameless.

The reason why we are called human beings, besides eating, drinking and enjoying, we can also think, as well as shame. The purpose of learning is to go from being shameless to knowing shame, so as to get rid of shameless behavior and not to do anything against the conscience.

Shameless in your own country, go to study abroad, accept human transformation, if you still don’t have shame, you can no longer be called a human.

On both sides of the Xiangjiang River, the people living on both sides of the strait are of the same root. The fathers of the other bank are still today. The elders of this bank have only helped and have never bullied and oppressed. How can you hate the other bank?

Historically, the other side of the bank was the anti-feudal overthrow of the Manchurian Qing. During the Anti-Japanese War, the rear had made great contributions and sacrifices to the inland.

Not to mention, there was a shortage of food during the Great Yuejin Period. People here can survive by swimming over the sea. How many people have been saved on the other side?

In 91 and 98, they encountered the unprecedented floods, SARS, and the Wenchuan earthquake in 08. The accumulated donations from the other side exceeded 150 billion Hong Kong dollars.

Even if human beings have no sense of shame and remember the selfless and vigorous assistance from the other side over the past hundred years, they cannot be grateful, right? It is a beast to be ungrateful.

These students studying in Australia do not know what education their parents receive and are able to send them to study abroad.

Sending abroad does not require optical knowledge, but also learn how to behave. The lack of quality to spread shamelessness everywhere is not only shameful, but also despised by classmates. This behavior not only fails to win glory for the country, but also loses the face of the ancestors and the motherland.