A diving boat in California,

Midnight sailingIgniteLTue!

The fireball flew up, igniting the entire ship...

The scene was full of flames,

Cries for help and cries resound in the night sky!

Only 5 of the captain and crew escaped!

33 tourists were trapped under the deck,

All killed!

Some were even burned alive!

The families of the victims wept in pain,

Sorrowful at the scene...

However, as more details came out,

The truth behind it makes people think about it...

The netizen was angry: "This is murder"!


The 17-year-old girl was killed in a fire...

Little girl Julia (pseudonym) looks forward to itComing 17th birthday.

Because this birthday is very special, the parents carefully prepared, ready to take her out to sea,

With the blue sea and blue sky,Have a lively birthday party on the dive boat.

Spend Julia’s first day of 17 years old...

In this way, Julia's family has a longing for this romantic journey,
On August 8, boardedConcept diving ship (Conception), Began a three-night sea trip,
It coincides with Labor Day in the United States, and there are 33 passengers on the diving boat.
Many are young couples traveling with children and sweet little couples.
Concept numberTicket price is $665Per person, about AUD 990 or RMB 4786,
Although the price is small and expensive, everyone is still full of expectations when thinking about the upcoming journey.
The Concept is 75 feet long and is divided into upper and lower levels.
The bright and tidy hall offers a panoramic view and delicious food.
The clean and warm sleeping environment makes everyone have dreams every night.
And the concept number is properly maintained and the performance is good. This trip seems to have no worries.
In this way, the concept number sailed towards Santa Cruz Island in laughter,
The 33 passengers don’t knowTerrible disaster is coming...


On Sunday night, Julia held her birthday party as scheduled,

Everyone was drinking and chatting, enjoying the last night of the perfect holiday,

However, these passengers will not think that this will be their last good memory in the world...

After the party ended, everyone returned to their beds to rest.

Gradually I fell asleep, and the cabin became quiet...

In the early hours of the morning, 17-year-old Julia suddenly smelled a choking smell of smoke, accompanied by waves of scorching heat.

She opened her eyes to see what happened, but found out in horror.

They are beingThe skyrocketing flame enveloped!

As far as you can seeBillowing smoke.

All you can hear is desperate crying for help and crying,

There is no more purgatory than this!

The growing sense of suffocation made Julia gradually out of breath.
Death seems to be here...
Maybe she had expected it at that time, it was just a nightmare, she was still on a happy journey after she woke up...
Maybe she had also hoped that there would be heroes falling from the sky to save everyone from fire and water...
However, the reality is so cruel, the fire is raging,
Wherever it goes, it turns to ashes...

Julia was in the flames, struggling helplessly,

I watched,

Tourists who smiled and wished themselves a happy birthday one second, the next secondRelentlessly swallowed by the fire...

At 3:30 am on Monday, the Coast Guard received a call to the police.
Organize manpower overnight,Rush to the rescue!
Helicopters are also dispatched to rescue!
Seeing the flames of the red half of the sky, the surrounding ships hurried to rescue people and put out the fire!

Bob and Shirley Hansen drove The Grape Escape to the scene,

At this time, the concept number has burned into a fireball, like a drop of blood and tears shed in a peaceful sea.

Writing my last chapter tragically...

And this raging fire made Bob and Shirley Hansen think they could survive,
Hold no hope...

In the vast night, by the red light of the fire,

Bob and Shirley suddenlySaw 5 survivors in ragged clothes!

They describe as embarrassed, some onlyWearing only a pair of underwear,There are peopleInjured legs!

Bob and Shirley didn't say a word, and immediately saved these people on board...


Only the captain and crew escaped. Netizens commented: This is a crime of murder!

The 5 people who fled to the boat were not tourists who fled in a hurry.

But5 crew members on board

Hansen recalled,

The crew after escapeVery frustrated.

One of the younger brother’s girlfriends alsoTrapped on the lower deck of the ship.

The two crew members also tried to row back to find the survivors, but they did not find...

After a day and night of rescue, it was confirmed that

34 people were trapped inside the ship,

All died!

Five crew members escaped by chance.

29 bodies have been found

Still5 unaccounted for.

Has been presumed dead.


As more and more details are exposed

The truth behind it is getting more creepy!

CrewWas asked to unlock

Rescue stranded tourists.

Then there is no more....

The Coast Guard announced a section of the captain’sAlarm recording.

In this chilling recording,

The captain said,

All the passengersTrapped under the deck.

Without any safety hatch!

Later, the guard operator said,

"they areLocked in a boatYet? "

"you canGo back to the ship to unlock?

Open the door and they can escape."

At the same time, the guard also inquired about the facilities inside the ship,
"Do you have any fire fighting equipment?
Fire extinguisher or something? "
But I didn’t hear the captain’s reply...
At this time most of the captain’s answers becameAmbiguous.
Just keep talking,
"I can't breathe...
I can't breathe..."
In addition, some insiders said that the cabin of the Concept was very narrow and not conducive to escape.

As soon as the recording is released,

Successfully escapedThe captain immediately fell into a whirlpool of public opinion!

Netizens pointed out that the crew is"Murderer"!


Netizen: This is Level XNUMXMurder(2nd Degree Murder), the authorities will file criminal charges and raise second-degree murder charges against the captain and crew! Because they have a responsibility to protect the safety of these people.

Netizen: Unforgivable!The captain should stay on the ship, the crew may have ran away without receiving orders, They should immediately pump sea water to extinguish the fire. They apparently never received fire control training!

Netizens:A ship has no escape cabin and poor fire-fighting facilities. How can it carry so many passengers?? Companies and other ships need to urgently inspect their safety facilities.

Netizen: The crew who escaped will last their livesLiving in a nightmare....

Netizen: In my opinion, the license and career of the captain of this ship will end with this incident!He will be arrested and charged with a minimum of manslaughter!

But someone also explained,

The crew quarters are in the wheelhouse, on the top of the ship.

The cabin and passenger cabin are under the deck,

There are at least two flights of stairs in the middle...

In the event of a fire, it is very likely that the stairs will be burnt.... the crew cannot reach the bottom to save people...


Thirty-four people passed away tragically, and 34 families suffered.

The harbor used to be peaceful and peaceful, but because of the serious fire accident of the diving boat,
Let people's hearts be clouded.
The families of the 34 victims could not imagine.
The disaster came without warning.
I thought it was a wonderful diving trip,
Unexpectedly, such a terrible catastrophe occurred!
People spontaneously gathered to the harbour and filled the harbour with flowers.
In addition to the families of the victims, many locals spontaneously felt the harbor,
Light a candle and pray silently for the dead.
Even former water sports team member James Miranda rushed to the port to pray for the victims.
Put flowers into the water.
Someone even wrote about the wrecked ship on the fence:
"We love you'concept number'"
"My heart is with the'concept numbers' and the people who love them"
Among the victims,
The 41-year-old passenger Kristy Finstad is a marine biologist and a senior diver.
After her brother Brett Harmeling had an accident,
A post on Facebook confirmed her identity.
"Please pray for my sister Christie!!
She is on a diving trip on this ship."
(Kristy Finstad on the left, her husband Dan Chua on the right)
It is reported that she and her husband Dan Chua planned the trip together,
But Dan Chua didn't take part in this trip in the end and escaped a hardship.
(Photo of Kristy Finstad and her husband)
A grieving mother, after confirming that her son was in the shipwreck,
When she left the sheriff's office with her husband,
Tears can no longer hold back crying.
It is said that a person with white hair gives a person with black hair a great compassion.
What happened to this mother is heartbreaking!

How to be safe when the boat catches fire?

Nowadays, taking a boat or taking a cruise is a new choice for many people.

To avoid a similar tragedy from happening again,

You must keep in mind the knowledge of fire fighting when you board a boat.

Once a fire occurs, it can save the lives of oneself and others to the greatest extent.

Today's Conclusion

Life is precious, and the fire is merciless.

I hope the dead rest in peace and the living are strong!

Before you travel, everyone

You must also understand all kinds of safety common sense,

Responsible for your own safety.

For this matter,

What are your views on this matter?

Welcome to leave a message and tell today!

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