The generation of immigrants living in Australia, due to cultural differences and language differences, often produces all kinds of inconveniences and all kinds of things that can be wrong.

And because everyone has received the imperceptible "Western way of being polite" education of political correctness, many Chinese friends in Australia will always put "sorry" on their lips.

Sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, it looks the same to Chinese friends, so everyone is okay, whether it’s the wrong word in English, stepping on the other’s foot, accidentally inserting someone’s team, or wanting to borrow "Pass", they are full of "I am sorry".

In fact, you may not know that this habit is very bad. For example, if you use the wrong word in English, or you don't understand what the other person is saying, you start sorry. In these cases, you can use pardon / excuse me Use language like this to remind the other party, don't use sorry.


This is because, in English, I am sorry and Excuse me both mean sorry, but I am sorry with a heavy tone, Which means admitting that you have made mistakes or mistakes; if you speak out easily for the sake of politeness, you will often be caught by the other party; you will be held accountable for what is not actually yours. At that time, only the dumb ate coptis, because I was sorry (in fact, I didn't think there was any problem in my heart), but I had actually admitted that I was wrong.

Many locals in Australia are not fuel-efficient lamps. After years of accumulation of good inner self-feelings, they have an inexplicable sense of superiority to the Chinese community, and they often make mistakes. In their own circumstances, they are still affected by this superiority. If the Chinese friends say “I am sorry” in a stalemate, you may change from being reasonable to being unreasonable, because people around you feel that “you are If you say I am sorry, then you represent yourself100%Full responsibility! "

Especially remember that when there is a traffic accident on the street, get off the car and check whether there are injured people on both sides, but do not get off the car and just "SORRY", you said this word, the responsibility is all yours.....

To determine that the cause of the accident is a matter of the police, dial 000 to call the police over and explain the details of the traffic accident, but don't say Sorry!

So, it’s okay to talk about civilization and politeness, but you must be polite and courteous under the premise of understanding the cultural background; don’t give some groups a chance to take advantage of our poor language. Let’s start today. Continue to maintain a polite demeanor, but change your habit of being sorry to words like pardon / excuse me, remember!

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